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Why dream of a lot of snakes woman

Why dream of a lot of snakes woman?

In Hinduism, snakes are treated with respect, they are considered the personification of wisdom. In Russia, the snake has the opposite symbolism and is regarded as negative in life.

The snake personifies deceit and gossip, anger and hatred. It is especially dangerous to see snakes in a dream for women.

Consider the interpretation: why do many snakes dream of a woman?

Why dream of a lot of snakes woman

Total value

Snake ball in a dream, women are interpreted from the negative side: there are many detractors and gossips around you. Envy of all stripes took to the warpath and try to sting more painfully.

Sleep warns: you have to be extremely careful in talking, do not trust anyone.

Snarl also warns about the betrayal of a loved one. If the reptiles crawled into the house, then the danger is very close. Someone close to me is angry or wants to stab in the back.

Also, the snake in the house can warn: in your absence, there may be trouble with relatives.

To figure out whether betrayal or misfortune awaits you, you need to remember snake size. Usually, small snakes warn of disagreements in the house, and large specimens warn of trouble.

Bad interpretation has a dream with snakes for a girl in love: someone hisses behind your back and trying to cause harm. For a married woman, the snarl of a snake means the active actions of a rival: be alert.

If you saw a reptile in the sun, it means they have burned someone mean in their chest. Review your contacts: are there any suspicious individuals?

If the snake curled up and sleeps, it means that the enemies are waiting for the right moment to strike you. Take care of your safety: they want to hurt you.

If you saw a reptile with several heads, you await a monstrous lie from the enemies.

It turns out that the color of snakes in a dream also matters. Different reptiles may dream:

Green Reptiles — a sign of spiritual perfection and healing. You will be able to free yourself from old habits and principles (or the subconscious mind reminds you that this needs to be done).

If green snakes are wrapped around the body, then old habits prevent you from moving forward: you need to get rid of them immediately.

Yellow reptiles talk about serious changes in life. If you were in a quarrel with a friend, make peace.

If you have been haunted by failure, everything will change soon. However, many yellow snakes warn of acquaintance with insidious insincere people: be careful when meeting, do not trust new people.

Black reptiles warn of danger. The more reptiles, the more danger lurks you.

Also note the size of snakes: small reptiles show non-dangerous situations. The larger the snake, the more cautious you need to behave.

Why dream of a lot of snakes woman

Snake action in a dream

Why dream of a snake bite? The bite of snakes, scorpions and spiders does not bode well.

This means that you cannot avoid danger: circumstances will be stronger than you. However, you should remember how your dream ended.

If the snake bit you, wait for treachery and malice from the side of the inner circle. Someone will cause you moral damage: insult, humiliation and vile deceit.

If you are accidentally bitten by a snake — to small alarms that will end safely.

If you are in a dream deal with a reptile, it means that you will be able to notice the danger in time and avoid complications. Deal with the snake in a dream — to win over detractors and enemies.

Catch the snake in a dream — get the support of an important person. This is a very good sign.

The larger the reptile, the more authoritative will be the assistance from the patron.

If reptiles wrap your rings and strangle, then evil envious people will damage your reputation and will be able to harm. However, it is worth turning into a reptile tamer in a dream, as the interpretation changes — you will overcome your enemies without harming yourself.

Skinning Snake in a dream is interpreted from the positive side: you will meet a wise person who will open your eyes to many secret things. Also, a positive interpretation has a dream where you brew a snake skin potion: this is for good health.

A dream is an unconscious exit to the astral dimension. In a dream, you can not just watch the events, but also take an active part in them.

If you see a dream with an aggressive attack of spiders and reptiles (trying to bite you), start a fight with them. You can crush spiders, destroy snakes, or just hide from them. If you manage to do this, evil evils pass by.

The main thing is not to be afraid of snakes in a dream, but to try to defeat or catch them.

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