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Why dream of a lot of flies?

Why dream of a lot of flies?

The fly is one of the most unpleasant insects that cause negative emotions. And in a dream the plot with a large number of flies leaves an unpleasant after-awakening sediment.

Why dream of a lot of flies? Consider all the details of this dream.

Why dream of a lot of flies?

General interpretation

Seeing annoying insects in a dream means a dull and dull course of a dreamer’s life: it’s time to change something. If the flies stick and bite the dreamer, it symbolizes the coming trouble.

Moreover, the events will be beyond the control of the dreamer, and it will be difficult to cope with them. See a lot of dead flies — to the hassle: you have to be very nervous because of some event.

Flies also symbolize an unpleasant person in a close environment, which causes a lot of trouble.

The seen plot changes its interpretation in accordance with the features of the picture:

  • where the flies were located;
  • what size were the insects;
  • what color were the backs of insects;
  • what events occurred in a dream.

If you remember seeing flies on the window, that means you have many enemies in life. Flies in the house — to the troubles, and even fire.

To see insects crawling on food — to fright, on the ceiling — to the betrayal of a loved one, on the hair — to poor health.

The more insects you saw, the more intense the relationship with the close environment. Many flies in a dream — the sleeper is surrounded by gossip, conjecture and rumors.

Huge flies — a symbol of bad thoughts, influence on the dreamer of dark forces (Beelzebub — the prince of flies). You need to reconsider your life: are you on the right path?

It does not hurt to visit the temple, to confess, to pray to the saints.

See insects swarming — you will annoy unpleasant people. Try to get rid of them.

Flies fell in honey — you are surrounded by flatterers who should not be trusted.

The color of flies in a dream

  • Flies of black color warn to deterioration of relations with colleagues.
  • Insects with green backs foreshadow a lot of unpleasant troubles and fuss, sadness and annoyance; a green fly on a hand — to the loss of something valuable.

Actions with flies

  • Catch insects in a dream — you will become an object of gossip.
  • Many sticky flies in a flycatcher — you will cope with troubles, but the residue on the soul will remain.
  • Poison insects in a dream — it’s time to get rid of the annoying environment, to part with worthless people.
  • Trying to kill a swarm of flies in a dream — you will manage to cope with troubles, but it is necessary to make efforts.
  • Dropping flies off your beloved clothes — to the inevitable cooling of relations and separation.
  • You can not fight off the attacking insects in a dream — expect the attack of slanderers and detractors in life, the problems will be stronger than you.

Why dream of a lot of flies?

Interpretation of dream books

Modern interpreter treats the appearance of flies in a dream as an approaching hassle. If the dreamer managed to nail the insects, in reality he will successfully cope with the problems.

Also, sleep can be a precursor of an infectious disease, so it is worth taking care of health. If there are no health problems, you will soon enter into a series of petty annoying conflicts with the environment.

Universal Dream warns: you should change your thoughts, bring a fresh stream into your stagnant life. Pay attention to your surroundings: among close friends there are gossips, slanderers and envious.

The larger the size of insects, the more difficult it will be for you to cope with the situation. The situation will be complicated if the insect has bitten you or you can not drive it away.

Flies stuck to clothes, climb into your mouth — circumstances will take you by surprise.

Miller thinks that the flycatcher in a dream symbolizes the gossiping gossip. A large number of insects in the flycatcher — you will cope with the situation, but the echoes of unpleasant events will remind of themselves for a long time.

For a girl, this story predicts problems in life and relationships.

Freud considers: flies in a dream symbolize children. To beat and drive flies — to have negative feelings towards children.

Buzzing insects — the inability to cope with a series of problems, the elimination of anger on children.

Dreams warn and advise to pay attention to existing obstacles or dangers. Remember that you can always come out of the most difficult situation with honor if you are not afraid to deal with difficulties.

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