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Why dream of a lot of fish: interpretation of the dream

A lot of fish in a dream is a sign auspicious in most dream books, which promises good luck in business and foreshadows positive changes. For a more accurate interpretation, it is important to recall the details of night vision.

Flying fish personifies spiritual growth and discovery in front of the sleeping new horizons. In his life, there will soon be a favorable period for the realization of all our plans.

The predatory aquatic inhabitant is a warning to the subconscious that there is a mercenary and unprincipled person in the circle of acquaintances of a dreamer who is ready to do anything for his own benefit. Poisonous fish indicates that frivolous behavior should be avoided and a sense of responsibility should be developed.

If a woman dreams of a lot of fish, which causes her pleasant emotions with its unusual shape or bright color, then this is a good sign. Nayawa, she is expected to meet with close people and interesting acquaintances.

Catching a lot of fish is for money. Alternative interpretation: to major changes in life associated with a significant event for a sleeping person.

A bright young girl is waiting for a young girl who saw a lot of fish in her dream.

A big shoal of fish in a man living in clear water predicts favorable changes in the financial sphere. In the near future, his business will work out successfully.

It is possible to receive a premium, promotion through the career ladder or the conclusion of a profitable contract with partners

Small fishes promise easy profits, for which a young person will not have to make great efforts.

Why dream of a lot of fish: interpretation of the dream

A lot of live fish, which splashing in clean water — the personification of harmony in the family, material well-being and career prospects.

The interpretation of the dream, depending on the habitat of the fish:

A placeInterpretation
AquariumTo pleasant surprises that will genuinely delight the sleeper. It can be a gift from a loved one, a romantic date or long-awaited news from a friend. Such a dream indicates how important it is to appreciate fleeting moments of happiness and cherish them.
OceanYou will have to face problems that will take a lot of time and effort to solve.
SeaSwim with the sea dwellers — the personification of life, full of interesting events and fun adventures
RiverFortune favors the dreamer — if he takes advantage of his chance, his life will change for the better
Living quartersFinancial problems will arise, so for some time you will have to learn how to save money and give up large expenses.

Why dream of a lot of fish: interpretation of the dream

To see fish dishes in the kingdom of Morpheus — to new opportunities and perspectives. The dreamer must listen to his reason and intuition, so as not to miss the chance.

The table gives the interpretation of the details of the dream:

Fish cooking methodInterpretation
DriedThe sleeper will take part in a fun party or a family party. Pleasant pastime in the company of close people will help him to relax and escape from work and domestic problems
SmokedThere will be an opportunity to move up the career ladder. If the dreamer demonstrates his professionalism and earns the respect of influential people, then a bright future awaits him.
SaltyForerunner of successful resolution of problems. If there were a lot of fish, the dream book promises a series of joyful events and meetings
FriedFried fish promises pregnancy to a married girl, and confrontation with a strong adversary promises a man. The bones in the dish indicate that obstacles will arise on the way to the desired goal.
BakedOld affairs or people from the past will soon remind of themselves. It’s useless to resist, so you can be remembered

Why dream of a lot of fish: interpretation of the dream

If a woman dreams of fishing, then in the near future luck will smile at her, and a favorable period will come in her life, she will be able to cope with all difficulties and establish harmonious relations with others. The girl a good catch promises pregnancy.

With the birth of the baby, the sleeping life will change, motherhood will reveal new facets of her personality.

A man dreams of fishing as a reflection of the emotional or physical exertion he experiences. Sleep means a person needs rest.

  • Sitting with a fishing rod on the shore of a clean pond, in which a lot of fish swims, is a success. On the contrary, muddy water indicates that the plan cannot be realized.
  • Fish in the nets — the harbinger of quick profits. If the nets were torn, then the dreamer will have a reason for grief.
  • Trying to catch constantly escaping fish is a sign that the sleeper will be pursued by failures for a long time.
  • Winter fishing reflects the dreamer’s desire for change, he is tired of the usual course of life.

In some dream books the image of fishing is the personification of the upcoming troubles. A person is waiting for a series of important events, in preparation for which he will have to show such qualities as responsibility and attentiveness.

Hand fishing is an auspicious sign. The dreamer will overcome all obstacles in his path, he prepared the laurels of the winner.

Catching big fish and being able to hold it in your hands — to the successful completion of all undertakings and gaining public recognition.

Type of fish caught in the dream:

  • Pike is a harbinger of an unexpected meeting with an old acquaintance. Communication will take place in a friendly and warm atmosphere.
  • Skat indicates that the dreamer will spend his vacation near the sea.
  • Trout personifies material well-being and financial independence, which can be achieved through hard daily work.
  • Salmon — to health problems. Possible muscle pain, frequent headaches and confusion.
  • The carp reflects the strengths of the dreamer’s character, thanks to which he successfully copes with all the difficulties in his path.

Many seers, esoteric and psychoanalysts gave their own interpretation of what many fish dream about.

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