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Why dream of a lot of fish — interpretation of the dream?

What dreams of a lot of fish in the dream book

Read this article to find out what dreams of a lot of fish. Interpretations of dream books will help you understand how to behave in the future, know yourself and understand the past.

Thanks to dreams, we receive signals from the subconscious mind, which we definitely need to listen to.

Family Dream

Fish symbolizes coldness and indifference. Such a dream can tell about the qualities of your personality, warn about imminent danger, or predict illness.

Why dream of a lot of fish - interpretation of the dream?

  1. Gnawed fish skeleton dream unfortunately. You will be greatly disappointed in a loved one who has ceased to meet your expectations. It will take time to put up with it and make the right decision.
  2. Catching fish is a sign that you often work a lot, but do not get enough rewards for your work. Because of this, you feel that you are treated with immense ingratitude, and this makes you suffer more and more.
  3. See fishermen with rods — to the disease, which will be completely unexpected for you. For some time you will need to take more care of yourself, because of what you find yourself divorced from your usual life and work.
  4. Watching the float of your fishing rod quietly swaying on the water — your cherished wish will soon be fulfilled, moreover, in an unusual way. There will be a feeling that a real miracle happened.
  5. To catch a huge fish — to the conclusion of a profitable marriage, not by love, but by calculation. But after a while, you and your spouse can truly love each other. And a fake marriage will turn into a real one.
  6. See a lot of fish in their networks — you expect a lot of trouble because of the children who commit misconduct. You will have to take responsibility for their actions, because of which family relationships will deteriorate for a long time.
  7. Fishing with nets or nets is a sign that you risk too often in the hope of getting a big jackpot. But at the same time, you forget that real success comes only to those who work hard for the sake of well-being.
  8. Colorful and bright fish — a warning of the danger that you can incur because of negligence. You should also beware of a close friend. He will be a traitor and substitute at the most inopportune moment.
  9. Red fish — you have to experience strong experiences due to the fact that your innermost secret will be revealed. In the past, you trusted an unfamiliar person, revealing your secret, which is why you suffer.
  10. If the fish slipped out of your hands, it means that there is a very cunning and slippery person in your environment, ready to do anything for the sake of receiving personal gain. He can deceive and substitute in an important situation, because of what you will suffer heavy losses.
  11. A lot of dead fish — luck will turn away from you, and for a long time you will not be able to fulfill the desires you have been dreaming about for a long time. You will have to be patient and wait for the coming of a more favorable period of your life.
  12. Watch fish that splash fun in the water — get a valuable gift or good news that will make you very happy. But after a while, it turns out that what happened did not bring you happiness.

Esoteric dream book

Feed the aquarium fish in a dream — to reconciliation with the old enemy, with whom you have caused each other a lot of harm. You can talk and forget about the old grievances.

It is possible that in the future and make friends.

What dreams of a lot of fish - interpretation of the dream

  1. See the fish in your own bed — be careful on the road. If in the near future we were going on a trip, it would be better to refuse from it altogether, in order not to get into big trouble.
  2. If a pregnant girl dreams about how she gave birth to a fish, then her baby will be born very weak. For his health will have to fight, otherwise he will not live long.
  3. A rotten fish dreams of failures in matters that will happen because of your fault. Because of your own carelessness, you often miss profitable opportunities and do not notice problems that only get worse over time.
  4. Fishing gear is a sign that intrigues are being woven against you. In order not to fall into the insidious trap set by the enemies, try not to share your plans with anyone and less to confide with unfamiliar people.
  5. Oily fish is a sign of illness that will overwhelm your body. It will be some kind of swelling or severe inflammation. The illness has already begun to emerge, so try to be examined by a doctor in the near future in order to have time to cure the disease quickly.
  6. Fishermen with fishing rods — you should not trust friends and rely on them. You are surrounded by weak people who, in a dangerous situation, will not come to the rescue, but will be frightened, leaving you alone with problems.

Dream Miller

A lot of big fish in clean and clear water — to great luck in an important business. You will get a result that you never dreamed of.

From now on, luck is on your side, so go for it.

Why dream of a lot of fish - interpretation of the dream?

  1. Fish, belly-up — a sign of unwarranted hopes and expectations. The goals you are aiming for cannot be achieved as quickly as you want. Perhaps you need something completely different, which is why fate sends failures.
  2. See a lot of fish during spawning — get a lucrative proposal with which you can achieve a high level of material well-being. Do not be afraid to act, even if you have to take the risk, and look boldly into the future.
  3. The river teeming with fish — in your life from this moment came on an extremely favorable period. Fate will continually present gifts in the form of good opportunities, useful people and love.

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  • Fish is a symbol of many meanings, therefore there is no universal interpretation of such a dream. It can be both favorable and not so.
  • Read all predictions to find a suitable forecast. And try to remember all the details of the dream to analyze it correctly.
  • Try to listen to the advice and recommendations of dream books. This will help avoid failures in the event of an adverse prediction.

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