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Why dream of a lot of dogs in the dream books of Freud and Miller

Many dogs had a dream — a detailed interpretation of the image

In many nations of the world, a dog is a symbol of loyalty, vigilance and protection. Since ancient times, these animals have served man. Rarely dream books give negative interpretations of dreams involving dogs.

But why dream of a lot of dogs? This question is worth understanding.

To see a lot of dogs in a dream — a general transcript

To give a more accurate interpretation of such an image, it is necessary to recall all the details of the dream plot: interactions with dogs, breeds, sizes, and also need to recall your emotions before and after awakening.

Why dream of a lot of dogs in the dream books of Freud and Miller

Pack of dogs

The dog in many dream books symbolizes the loyalty of friends and relatives. But if you see in your nightly dreams how a pack of dogs is aggressive, it means that in real life you will have to face betrayal and deception of everyone you once trusted.

Perhaps the close ones will side with your enemies and enemies.

Different dogs

Dreamed of dogs of different sizes and colors. Such a dream does not foretell the dreamer anything wrong.

On the contrary, in the near future you will be invited to a noisy event, where you can get acquainted with many interesting people.

Large dogs

If you see a flock of large breed dogs in your nightly dreams, it means that you will meet people from the highest social class. If the dogs did not behave aggressively towards you, then these people will help you very much in the future.

But when dogs bark and attack you, then these people can betray you at the most inopportune moment.

Dogs at the pet store

Dreamed that you came to the pet store, which is overwhelmed by dogs of different breeds and sizes. So in reality, you have to make several difficult choices that will affect your future fate.

The lenders are confident that the very first solution that comes to your head will be the most correct.

Puppies and mom

If you have seen a lot of puppies in their nightly dreams that suck their mom, then in real life, you are in for some minor troubles. To cope with them will not be difficult.

Also, your children can bring frivolous efforts to the house.

Dog fighting

Fight or war is always an unfavorable sign in a dream. And if a fight occurs between animals? Dream books claim that such a vision warns extreme sports fans that trouble may happen to them, so you should think your head a few times before deciding on an ill-considered step.

Also, car owners can grasp the trouble, if you make even the smallest mistake. All troubles can be avoided if you maintain extreme caution.

The image is enhanced, if you saw a dead animal being carried out of the arena.

Other images

  • Dogs on the training ground. This image suggests that you will be able to overcome all life difficulties on the path of life without large losses. Also, all new businesses and projects will be successfully completed;
  • Labradors and poodles in a dream banner new acquaintances. If the dreamer is lonely, it means that he will soon begin a love relationship that will have great prospects for the future. The image is strengthened, if the dogs were friendly, or they were able to play with them;
  • Dog exhibition in a dream — to speak in front of a large audience in reality. The success of this event also depends on the details of the dream. If there was a complete mess at the exhibition, then your performance will not be crowned with success. But if you are better prepared, failure can be avoided. It also does not hurt to read a couple of books on oratory;
  • See how on the street one dog broke away from the pack and help her in some way. Such a dream marks the dreamer that in the near future you will be noticed by the authorities. This will affect the future career of the dreamer for the better;
  • A pack of dogs chasing cats. You will encounter a conflict between your colleagues. If you stick to the neutral side, you can avoid many troubles and problems;
  • A Mongrel, which hides food from its «relatives». By your actions and words you will soon ruin your authority, and also lose many loyal comrades. Hyperclavors recommend changing their attitude towards the people with whom you communicate. This will help to avoid unnecessary conflicts. A dream has the same meaning when a dog buries something in the ground while other dogs do not see it;
  • But wounded or dead dogs — a very unfavorable sign. This image suggests that your dreams do not come true. Also, such a dream warns of the danger that may overtake you or your loved ones. One must be extremely careful not to let this trouble happen;
  • To feed the homeless pack of dogs — to improve the financial situation in the family. Also dream books claim that your many years of work and efforts will soon be generously rewarded.
  • Dog ironing. This image indicates that you are respected by your surroundings, and you also have a very trusting relationship with your children;
  • To bury dogs is a misfortune that can happen to a best friend.

Why dream of a lot of dogs in the dream books of Freud and Miller

The treatment of the image of the well-known snatcher

Famous psychologists and clairvoyants give many interpretations to the plots of dreams with the participation of animals. What do some of them write about this story?

Dream Miller

Dead or wounded dogs are an unfavorable symbol. You cannot make your plans come true, no matter how hard you try. Perhaps you will succeed in a completely different field of activity.

This image is enhanced if you find dogs on the threshold of your home.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

Many small dogs say that you lack the attention of the opposite sex. You may not have been in a relationship for a long time. And if you have already found your partner, then you are not getting all that you wanted from the relationship.

This can also be a sexual problem. Such a love affair will not exist for a long time if you cannot reach a compromise.

Why dream of a lot of dogs in the dream books of Freud and Miller

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