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Why dream of a little gray mouse?

Why dream of a little gray mouse?

Rodents are always associated with bustle, ridiculous situations and minor troubles that they bring to life. Rodents are also carriers of dangerous infections.

And what is the dream of a little gray mouse in night dreams? Consider the possible interpretation of the dream book.

Why dream of a little gray mouse?

General interpretation of dreams about mice

A dream with a gray rodent in the plot warns about the presence of a hidden enemy or foe. A disguised foe, though not inflicting much harm, can cause many minor annoyances. The dreamer can be in a ridiculous situation, to get out of which without loss of face will be problematic.

Women mouse predict gossip and gossip.

The more you saw mice in a dream, the more fuss and minor troubles to go through. A more accurate interpretation will depend on different details:

  • live mice or dead;
  • kill or catch mice in a dream;
  • what the mice did in the dream.

If the dreamer managed to catch the mouse, he expects a successful marriage and passionate feelings. A pregnant dreamer mouse dreams to the birth of a girl. Kill a mouse in a dream — to sadness and trouble.

Set a mousetrap — to slander and gossip around the dreamer. Eating a rodent in a dream is a danger.

Crush a lot of mice with their feet — to defeat the enemies. If the mice could not be crushed, the enemies will prevail over you.

If the cat catches a mouse, Dreamer expects deceit and evil gossip. If the mouse gnaws something in the house, it foreshadows illness and a decrease in vitality.

Mouse girls dream of trouble and anxiety, if the mouse was on clothes — to a major scandal. If the little mouse is in your pocket, you should be careful and be alert — the enemy started something against you, you can also expect fraud of rogues.

See a rodent in a mousetrap or catch it successfully — to an unexpected gift, profit, or successful acquisition. Dreamed a sleeping mouse?

This dream promises a respite from conflict and misunderstanding. You can breathe freely: your enemies will not be able to harm anything.

Mouse scurrying around the house warns of a conflict with children and husband. At your house restless, hurry to improve relations with home.

Dead mouse foreshadows financial difficulties that will last quite a long time. Sleep warns to reduce costs, to spend money only on necessary.

Now is not the time to share secrets and plans for the future, even with close friends, any personal information can provoke envy and condemnation.

Brutally murdered the animal warns of an enemy who wishes you dead.

Why dream of a little gray mouse?

Dream interpretation

  • Dream Miller warns not to trust anyone, even the closest acquaintances. An envier appeared among them, desiring you in secret to evil. Also, do not believe empty promises, assurances of sincerity of relations and flattering speeches. Beat mice in a dream — to fight against enemies. Runaway rodents foreshadow a period of calm in the fight, but not a victory over enemies.
  • Dream interpretation Tsvetkova believes that soon you will be separated from a loved one, as well as muttered hidden enemies. You can not be gullible and careless, it’s time to concentrate all efforts to prevent the unpleasant outcome of events.
  • Dream interpretation Hasse treats the plot in a negative aspect. The dreamer should prepare for hard times and trials. To hear a squeak of mice in a dream — to a robbery.
  • Dream of the White magician warns of danger. Do not make new acquaintances with doubtful people. If you managed to catch a little mouse, it promises a nice gift or profit.
  • French dream book warns of a conflict with loved ones, and an esoteric dream book — about an awkward situation in which the dreamer will fall into a short time because of his indiscretion.

You should be extremely careful all day after the dream. Avoid communication and meeting with unpleasant people, do not go on open contact with strangers, do not disclose your plans to anyone.

Caution will help avoid small unpleasant conflicts, will deprive the enemies of a chance to spoil you.

If the rodent did not cause negative emotions in a dream, then the trouble will be small and insignificant. It will all end in a fuss and bustle.

If emotions were unpleasant, you should be careful in communicating with people, not giving a chance to dishonest people to draw you into conflict.

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