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Why dream of a kiss with a guy: interpretation of the dream book

A kiss with a man seen in a dream does not always indicate the likelihood of a relationship with him. Most often, such images have a warning character and give the girl the opportunity to be ready for the upcoming events and trials.

But in some cases, such dreams can be a good sign, the main thing is to correctly interpret the information presented by the subconscious. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to such details as the personality of the dreamed man, the nature of the kiss, and even your own emotions from the plot.

Depending on the person with whom the kiss occurred, you can make an initial prediction. If a girl begins to kiss a beautiful young man, then in reality her relationship will be strong and filled with positive emotions.

The kiss received from a sick person should alert the young lady. In the near future, she will experience strong frustration with relationships with people.

To compile a more detailed interpretation, dream books draw attention to the nature of the relationship between a man and a woman:

Person who likesIf a girl in a dream receives many kisses from a man whom she sympathizes with in reality, this symbolizes her dissatisfaction with her own personal life. It is possible that she should be more attentive to others, since among them may be the future elect
BelovedKissing with your beloved is a warning sign. There is a high likelihood of a tiff with a partner; it is the guy who can initiate a conflict.
FormerThe dreamed touches of the lips of the former young man point to the remaining understatement in past relationships. Both partners are probably still sympathetic to each other.
FamiliarA kiss with just a familiar man is treated as dissatisfaction with his personal life. Dreamer is not enough attention from the guys
FriendIf the action happened to a friend, then it is possible that the girl has a hidden sympathy for him. Mutual feelings may arise between people.
EnemyA kiss with an enemy is not a bad symbol. In real life, the girl will meet people who will become faithful friends in the future.
ClassmateThe touch of the lips of a classmate signals the dormant about the lack of attention and care from relatives or the lack of romance in the current relationship
Girlfriend boyfriendIf a girl in a dream was kissing her friend’s boyfriend, then she should be vigilant. A major quarrel with a friend is possible, the cause of which will be a mutual misunderstanding between the girls and the inability to listen to each other.
Alien guyA kiss from another man promises a quick love, but it will be fleeting. For a married woman, a similar plot means a passion on the side with which she risks to destroy her marriage.
StrangerWhen kissing with an unfamiliar boyfriend in the plot of the dream, in real life the girl will have to face a lot of changes that can affect her place of residence, work and relationships. In monetary matters, she should be more alert.

Negative is the image of a kiss with the dead. Such a dream foreshadows a difficult life period, the result of which can be depression.

To cope alone with the surging troubles will be extremely difficult.

Why dream of a kiss with a guy: interpretation of the dream book

The place of the kiss is a significant aspect of dream interpretation. The most common options are:

A placeDecryption
On the lipsA kiss on the lips is always treated as a herald of change. But what they will be: positive or negative — is unknown
In the corner of the lipsIf the kiss is directed to the corners of the lips, then positive emotions seize the girl. In the near future she will receive a gift
On your cheekThe touch of the lips to the cheek indicates that the sleeping person feels obliged to the dreamed man. This feeling does not give her peace, although the usual words of gratitude will be enough
In the neckA neck kiss is a symbol of impending danger. But if a girl feels confident in a dream, then the risk will be justified and she will be able to benefit from this situation. If he received from his beloved, then the wedding will be asleep soon
Into the noseTouching the lips to the nose is considered as a symbol of the sincere feelings that the dreamer feels for her chosen one. The girl is really in love with him and wishes him only happiness
In handA kiss in the hand has a cautionary value. Sleeping at risk of being in the power of fraudsters, because of which will suffer her material well-being. But she also needs to fear the betrayal of a loved one.
In the backThis dream warns that you should not adapt to the opinions of others. The dreamer needs to be firm in the working sphere and defend her point of view to avoid new commitments.

Why dream of a kiss with a guy: interpretation of the dream book

Important for the interpretation of sleep is what was a kiss. If a girl dreamed of a fleeting, short kiss with her own boyfriend or even her husband, then she should analyze her relationship.

Perhaps the couple does not have enough tenderness and passion. This will help in time to detect negative trends that can lead a couple to break.

Dream books offer to consider other possible subjects:

GentleThe gentle touch of the lips indicates increased attention from men in a short time. These events will favorably affect the girl’s self-esteem.
PassionateA passionate kiss is a warning. Sleeping in real life awaiting unpleasant events, most likely it will be a conflict with a loved one
With tongueKissing a tongue means excessive reverie. Too often plunging into fantasy, the dreamer ultimately risks being disappointed because of false hopes

For girls in a relationship, such a dream promises a quarrel, betrayal, or even separation. It is possible that the chosen one is wrong

SweetDreams, in which the sleeping long-awaited kiss awakens a dream, are a reflection of her subconscious desiresUnpleasantUnpleasant sensations from touching someone’s lips often become a signal of a possible disease. Should pay more attention to your health.

Favorable symbol is a sudden kiss. He promises the dreamer a pleasant surprise, a gift or good news in the family.

Why dream of a kiss with a guy: interpretation of the dream book

Details of the interpretation allows to obtain a decryption of the images, taking into account the day of the week in which they dream:

Day of the weekValue
Monday to TuesdayImages of a kiss on this day most often signal betrayal or lies. If a girl is in a relationship with a man who has dreamed, then betrayal is possible on his part. If not, then his relationship is not serious and nothing will come of it.
From Tuesday to WednesdayAt this time, uninformative images are being dreamed up that almost never come true. Therefore, the dream of a dream on this day promises nothing, most likely, it is a reflection of the subconscious desires
Wednesday to ThursdayDreams, which appeared in this time period, most often become a reflection of experiences about past relationships. But sometimes a kiss received from a guy can promise his friendly support in reality.
Thursday to FridayDreams on Friday very often come true and are interpreted directly. The dreamed kiss promises its execution and in reality
Friday to SaturdayThe vision on the night from Friday to Saturday for the most part is a projection of subconscious fears. The girl is worried about the relationship with a man with whom she happened to kiss in a dream
Saturday to SundayThe guy who appeared in this image will soon meet sleeping awake. Perhaps the dreamer should even prepare for a date and a kiss in reality.
Sunday to MondaySleep on the night from Sunday to Monday displays reality. Therefore, a dream kiss can be a prediction of future relationships with the person seen

Popular dream books will help in compiling a more detailed prediction. Having come across several different interpretations of the same variant of sleep, it is preferable to give one of them, which is more suited to the life situation of the dreamer.

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