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Why dream of a kiss with a guy?

Why dream of a kiss with a guy?

The mystery of dreams always has a logical basis. The subconscious conveys important information to the dreamer about his life and future events.

Why dream of a kiss with a guy? Understanding the meaning of a dream will depend on many details.

Why dream of a kiss with a guy?

General interpretation

A kiss is not always a joyous event if an unknown or unpleasant person touches you. Also, a kiss is subconsciously perceived as treason.

If in a dream you are kissing with a stranger a man, this plot can foreshadow treason — either yours or your chosen one.

Treatment of sleep will depend on the following details:

  • who kissed you — beloved, stranger or familiar person;
  • whom you kissed — yours or someone else’s man;
  • what feelings did you have when kissing;
  • married dreamer or lonely.

Bad interpretation has kiss in the dark — it foreshadows rash acts on your part, which can lead to big troubles. A kiss without an answer promises disappointment in life and relationships with a loved one.

If the guy does not respond to your kiss, it is a sign of insult or early separation.

A harbinger of separation is considered to be a dream in which your boyfriend is kissing another girl. If the other girl kisses your boyfriend, then you are not sure of your feelings for him.

You need to trust your chosen one more.

An unpleasant and disturbing residue in the soul leaves a dream with kiss the dead person. Such a plot foreshadows an unpleasant period in life, as well as the onset of depression.

Sometimes the kiss of the deceased can give impetus to thoughts of suicide. Consult a psychologist.

Kiss on the neck He spells an early wedding for a girl if a loved one kisses her in a dream. A kiss in the eyes — a sign of disclosure of secrets.

A kiss on the forehead speaks of the coldness of the feelings of the young man.

If you dream about your boyfriend

For a married girl kiss with her husband in a dream foreshadows family well-being and harmonious relationships. This dream is a continuation of the real married life in the world of dreams.

Kiss with ex boyfriend foreshadows a chance to restore the relationship. In the world of dreams, people’s souls can “meet”, that is, interact with each other on a subconscious level.

The appearance of a former loved one in a dream speaks of his desire to meet with you.

However, the dream with the kiss of the former gentleman has a different interpretation. If a you do not want to renew the relationship, then this dream shows that you are ready to meet with a new chosen one of the heart.

Kiss with a loved one most dream books treats the imminent separation. Moreover, the separation will be the fault of the dreamer because of her betrayal of the guy.

If dreaming another

This dream can indicate your subconscious desire to meet with this man. It means that your loved one is not paying enough attention to you.

If you have a favorite, but dreams kiss with another man / boyfriend, — It speaks of the unreliability of your feelings for your chosen one.

If you are single, a dream with a kiss foreshadows a quick acquaintance with a pleasant man. However, if the girl herself kisses a stranger, gossip goes around her.

Do not confide with friends.

If you dream of kissing a handsome guy, which you have not seen in reality, it foreshadows a good relationship with the second half.

If you were kissed by an ugly or ugly unfamiliar man, disappointments in love and intimacy will soon be comprehended. You may be disappointed not only by your beloved, but also simply by a familiar person.

Girlfriend boyfriend kisses do not foreshadow good events. There is a lot of hypocrisy around you, and also acquaintance with a crafty man is possible.

Be careful.

Kiss with a nasty man foreshadows bad events: either you will meet with Alfonso, or your new acquaintance will have a dark past.

Why dream of a kiss with a guy?

Interpretation of dream books

Dream Miller interprets a secret kiss in the dark as obscenity: the girl is on the verge of dissolute life. If the dreamer was kissing a friend of her boyfriend, then soon she would fall out with her.

Harassing a loved one to her friend also foreshadows a quarrel with her: she will accuse you of indecent misconduct.

Dream Hassa interprets a secret kiss in the dark or total darkness as a warning about dissolute life. The girl has many fans, but there is no chosen one of the heart.

Esoteric dream book interprets a kiss with a guy as a symbol of a gentle relationship of trust with his beloved. And it does not matter, he kissed her in a dream or another man.

Dream interpretation of the twentieth century considers this story in changeable symbolism: a kiss promises a meeting for people separated by fate and separation for lovers. However, separation does not mean a break in relations: it will be temporary and forced.

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