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Why dream of a kiss with a girl: interpretation of the dream?

Kiss is an ambiguous symbol in the esoteric, foreshadowing both joyful and sad events. If you dream of a kiss with a girl, when interpreting a dream, it is important to take into account the feelings of the sleeper.

Unpleasant emotions during a kiss — a sign that a person suffers from distrust and indifference from loved ones. Kissing an attractive girl and not feeling reciprocity — to distrust.

If the dreamer and his lover smiled while kissing and experienced sincere happiness while in each other’s arms, the dream book indicates tenderness, harmony and trust prevailing in the sleeper’s family.

The interpretation of the dream depends on the sex and marital status of the sleeper:

  • Guy. A kiss with a beautiful girl who gave pleasure is an auspicious sign. Will come true the most daring dreams of the dreamer. But before that, he will have to make efforts for their successful implementation. The result of efforts will be strengthening of authority at work, improving relations with relatives and achieving financial independence.
  • Girl. A kiss with the fair sex signals future conflicts and quarrels. Dream Interpretation warns sleeping from participation in gossip and against communication with false, hypocritical people. If the dreamer does not want to be at the center of the scandal and destroy her reputation, she should avoid bad companies.
  • Adult man. For a mature man, a kiss with a young girl is a warning of deception, of which he may be a victim. Dreamer betrayed by a loved one who enjoys his complete confidence. If the girl herself kisses a married man, persistently showing him her desire, in reality he will have health problems. If he starts treatment right away, the disease will subside.
  • Woman. A woman kiss on the lips with a girl foreshadows receiving news, the nature of which depends on the emotions sleeping in a dream. If she liked the kiss, the message will be joyful. To experience discomfort and mild disgust in a dream is a sign that the information obtained will upset the dreamer.

Why dream of a kiss with a girl: interpretation of the dream?

The interpretation of a dream depends largely on who the sleeper was kissing:

To win the heart of the chosen one, the dreamer must act decisively. The girl will show interest in the fan, if convinced of the seriousness and sincerity of his intentions.

Evidence of a dreamer’s self-doubt that prevents one from realizing one’s life and achieving one’s goals. The sleeper must work on himself to get rid of this quality in his character.

A romance may arise between young people if the dreamer takes the initiative and gets the attention of the chosen one.

PersonalityInterpretation of sleep
  • If the person seen in a dream has long died, the dream reflects the tendency of the sleeping person to self-deception. He consoles himself with unrealistic hopes and ignores real problems that need to be solved.
  • If a famous person himself kisses a dreamer, this is an auspicious sign: in reality, you can earn the respect of your bosses and move up the career ladder.
  • Foreshadowing profits, for the preservation and enhancement of which the dreamer will have to rationally manage finances.
  • A kiss with an unfamiliar girl in the dark is a reflection of the frivolous attitude of the sleeper towards work, family and personal life. He must learn to treat his responsibilities responsibly, otherwise conflicts with his inner circle are inevitable.
Former sweetheart
  • A dream points to problems present in a pair of a dreamer with his lover. A man should pay more attention to his beloved and more often show interest in her feelings and desires.
  • If the dream is seen by a person who has no soul mate, the dream book indicates that he often thinks about the past, instead of living in the present. A passionate kiss on the lips — a sign that he is not yet ready for a new relationship
  • A kiss in the light of day is the personification of the dreamer’s sincere love for his girlfriend. His intentions are honest and noble. He dreams of marriage with his beloved and creating a strong happy family, which in the future will definitely be able to do.
  • Embrace in the dark is a reflection of hidden desires that the dreamer is afraid to express because of the fear of being misunderstood or brought before his girlfriend in an unfavorable light.
Girl who likes
  • If a girl sees a dream, in reality she has a lot of fans and admirers seeking to achieve her position.
  • A dream book for a man indicates that he does not pay enough attention to work and takes his responsibilities lightly

Why dream of a kiss with a girl: interpretation of the dream?

Separately, you should consider a dream in which the sleeper was kissing the deceased person.

In most dream books tactile contact with the deceased is an unfavorable sign, foreshadowing problems in different spheres of life.

If the deceased kisses the dreamer on the lips or in the corners of the lips, misfortunes await him in reality. According to the psychological dream book, such a dream indicates that the sleeper will get into a difficult situation and face the need to make a quick decision.

To feel the desire to touch the lips of a dead girl is a sign that the dreamer will lose control of his emotions and throw out his negative energy on others. Dream interpretation recommends that the sleeper understand his feelings and relieve the accumulated emotional stress.

Possible emotions of the dreamer:

  • Feeling inspired during a kiss is a sign that the sleeper is under the protection of higher powers.
  • Feel the panic and fear — be careful and beware of enemies and detractors.
  • The terrible sensations experienced by the dreamer in a dream are the foreboding of losses.

Why dream of a kiss with a girl: interpretation of the dream?

If the sleeper has witnessed the kiss of two girls, in reality he will have to go through a serious test that he will withstand with dignity.

Watching the passionate kiss of a couple in love is a reflection of the dreamer’s passivity. Because of his inaction, he cannot build his own life, but only observes the happiness of others.

If he wants positive change in his destiny, he should proceed with decisive action.

For a married woman, a dream in which her husband kisses a stranger indicates that she is too gullible, which is something that people from her surroundings willingly use. An alternative interpretation indicates a lack of trust in the marriage between a husband and wife.

Unless they learn to openly share with each other their secret desires, thoughts, and anxieties, the marriage will not be happy.

Below are the interpretation of the dream in authoritative dream books.

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