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Why dream of a horse woman and a man in the dream?

What a horse dreams to a woman and a man — interpretation by different dream-books

In most legends and fairy tales, the horse appears to be a form of courage, wisdom and freedom. In addition, hard work is always associated with animals.

If a horse dreams, the interpretation of what he sees depends on many things, including his suit, behavior, age and even the number of individuals. In different dream books one can find many interpretations of the character of a dreaming horse, sometimes contradictory.

Why dream of a horse woman and a man in the dream?

Why dream of a horse by Miller

This interpreter of dreams about horses recalls very often. He identifies different meanings depending on whether the dreamer is a man or a woman. Of great importance is the appearance of the animal:

  • A healthy, graceful horse promises success and prosperity.
  • White horse color — pleasant communication with people (friendly, loving, business).
  • Black — useless work, the futility of the forces expended, the pettiness of the goal.
  • Kauraya — easy changes for the worse, which, if desired, you can fight and cope.
  • Pegaya — fast benefit from the intended business is expected, a person will receive satisfaction from his work.

These values ​​apply generally to all. However, there are interpretations of dreams with a horse for both women and men, separately.

The value of dreams with horses for women

Why dream of a horse woman and a man in the dream?

If the dream belongs to a girl, then in most interpretations he promises marriage or a meeting and acquaintance with the future husband. There are, however, certain moments that must be considered when deciphering a similar dream.

  • White horse — betrothed somewhere nearby.
  • The horse stands in the dwelling of people — happy times will come to the house.
  • To feed the animal with an apple — some secret wish will come true.
  • Ask feed to several foals — to win a significant victory or to settle the old conflict.

According to the dream book Meneghetti

If a guy had a dream with a horse, then a date with a very erotic lady awaits him. In the case when the animal itself goes to the person, it means that soon there will be a very tempting communication.

If in a dream a horse is connected in some way with a reservoir, then this does not bode well. Ride a horse across the river or pond — to the sad events associated with sadness and tears. Perhaps, memories of insults of the past will emerge, which can affect the state of mind of the dreamer.

If the banks of the river are not visible, then the depression will be long and painful.

Gypsy dream book

For the one who sees a horse in a dream for the first time, the interpretation is as follows: a fan will appear, but he will not give his beloved happiness. For a girl to give a horse a romantic dream, the desire to pay attention to her.

The whole image is the forerunner of her wedding.

Riding a young man riding a raven — to victory, success. Ride on the cart yourself — to the disease.

To see someone in a cart or carriage — to the news of the death of a loved one or friend.

Interpretation of Grandma Vanga

If a girl is riding a white horse on horseback — she is loved by men and is very popular. If a man has such a dream, then the obstinate person is destined to fall in love with him, albeit a beauty.

  • To ride a horse — to joy.
  • Catching a runner is a real loss in life.
  • To go a step next to your beloved is to lose his confidence.
  • Racing on the top three — a long time to pay for a moment of pleasure.

Dame horse dreams of changing priorities in his personal life. Especially if he is a black sheep.

There will be a respected admirer in all respects, but she will have to try very hard for him to take her seriously.

If for the unmarried Mustang rushes across the field, then soon there will be engagement. A stallion who sped off into the distance is a symbol of fear of sexual intimacy.

Sit in the saddle of a small horse — it will take a very long time and stupidly bother with various small matters.

  • A horse with a phaeton, chaise, carriage or cart is a symbol that the family is not okay, and one spouse feels slighted. It’s time to review your family relationships.
  • The death of a horse — it’s time to abandon the old ties, they have become obsolete and will not bring joy.

The value of sleeping with a horse for men

Why dream of a horse woman and a man in the dream?

Some clairvoyants interpret dreams with a horse according to its actions and health.

  • A well-groomed, sleek horse indicates that the dreamer is healthy, he will always have a great mood.
  • A horse with a foal promises the appearance of a baby, especially if the foal is light, then the appearance of a son is expected.
  • A horse suffering from thirst and drinking water for a long time and greedily is a symbol of the upcoming disease.
  • The horse falling on its feet is a threat to the dreamer; there may be problems with the locomotor system.
  • A stumbling, falling, horse with trembling legs is a bad sign. You need to check your health, as serious sores on the way.
  • Sick horse warns a man about the upcoming hard work, which can not be postponed even due to illness.
  • The corpse of a horse in a dream promises a man exhaustion and the need for urgent rest.

Interpretation on Tsvetkov

This dream book provides several positive and negative explanations of the horse’s symbolism in terms of the dreamer’s work activities. Here are some of them:

  • the horse in the harness carries things — to the loss of his place;
  • a horse in a carriage — ungrateful work and problems;
  • the bite of an angry stallion — moving up the career ladder, is a particularly auspicious sign when biting the hand;
  • feeding from the palm is a very favorable deal;
  • horse with horseshoes — success in the life of the dreamer.

Why dream of a horse woman and a man in the dream?

The interpretation of sleep is made dependent on what the dreamer himself is doing.

  • Going with a horse for a walk is a load of past years.
  • Scratching a horse mane — search and find the right way out.
  • Saddle the animal — to control what is happening around.
  • Choosing a saddle, looking at it — there is a desire to stand at the head of a business.
  • To kill a mare — to understand the reality of the annoying circumstances.
  • Wound — lack of money.
  • To lose a horse, someone stole — a strong person will help in the work.


Dreams with a horse are not uncommon. They should be interpreted only when its main images are clearly reproduced in memory. In this case, it is desirable to have an idea:

  • what the horse did;
  • her condition, color, health;
  • what the dreamer himself was doing when he saw himself beside the animal;
  • how many horses were there

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