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Why dream of a horse: interpretation of the dream

Why dream of a horse: the interpretation of the image of various dream books

To dream a horse is an auspicious symbol that foreshadows a person’s success, luck in business, well-being and contentment with his position. Also, the image seen in night dreams may have negative values. To compile the most accurate and specific interpretation, it is necessary to pay attention to even the smallest details: color, condition and other characteristics of the animal, reaction and behavior, own actions, terrain, situation, plot.

There are various interpretations of the dream of horses, eaten according to popular dream books.

The meaning of a dream can vary according to the gender of the sleeper.

If a horse dreamed of a young girl or an adult woman, then she would soon have relations with all family members. Old grievances will be forgotten, conflicts will be settled, relatives will find a common language in all disagreements.

It is not necessary to stir up the past, remembering a long-forgotten situation, if a person is not able to correct them. The chance of a warm, close, trusting relationship with loved ones is very high, you should not be stubborn, provoke, angry, even if emotions take over.

For a man, dreaming about a horse has a very different interpretation. Such an image, seen in night dreams, foreshadows hard work, diligence and diligence.

You will be able to succeed in business, move up the career ladder, win the competition or find a new promising job. A person will be generously rewarded by fate for his hard work.

Why dream of a horse: interpretation of the dream

Initially, you should try to remember what the horse that you dreamed was, how it looked. Options may be as follows:

Appearance and other characteristicsInterpretation
Beautiful, well-groomed, healthy and activeTo success in business, joy, contentment, good financial wealth
Sick, wounded, bloodyTo the fact that a person can lose something important, if not rethink their actions and behavior
Dead dyingTo great losses and deprivations
Mad, angry, aggressiveTo the conflict with someone from acquaintances, girlfriends, friends, relatives
Wild, not domesticatedTo new emotions, a stormy romance with the opposite sex, a renewal of past feelings
Dirty, unkempt, with tangled mane or hairTo bad luck, empty troubles and grief
WetTo the fact that the dreamer or dreamer will soon be in a ridiculous, shameful situation
Emaciated, very thinTo problems with money, poverty, misery
Full, overweightTo the fact that a person is wrong, irrationally dispose of his financial assets
Pregnant or with a small foalFor the birth of a child, replenishment in the family (perhaps, not at home, but in someone from close people)
Disproportionately largeTo the emergence of a huge incentive to achieve the desired goals
Small, miniature (pony)In addition, the person will start to try in the details to make his work better, he will be respected for it
BaldTo a ridiculous situation, a stupid situation
Plush, toy, decorative (or monument)By self-deception and lying to others, trying to look better than it actually is
YoungBy the tides of energy, the emergence of power and new ideas
The oldTo the wise, logical and intelligent act by the dreamer or the dreamer

It is also necessary to take into account the number of dreamed animals:

  • One horse or horse — to joyful happiness, well-being, financial prosperity, joy.
  • Two — to find a reliable friend, girlfriend.
  • Top three — the fact that a person commits an act that characterizes him as a strong and self-sufficient person.
  • Herd, herd of stallions — To team work or meeting people truly passionate about their profession.
  • Lots of little foals or ponies — to pleasant household chores, caring for their households.

If a mare had a very long, fluffy coat or mane, the girl or man was too obsessed with how they looked in the eyes of the people around them.

No less important is the color of the horse in the dream:

  • Black — to fatigue, a favorite activity will cease to be fun.
  • White — Fortunately, success, well-being and joy.
  • Gray — to meet with a believer.
  • Redhead, brown (brown) — to care.
  • Mottled, spotted — to the hassle, a large number of cases.
  • White with black stripes (like zebra) — to an unpleasant event.

If you had a dream of a horse of some unusual, non-typical color (green, yellow, pink, blue, etc.) — to the unexpected. The work of a person who has had a dream will lead to some new perspectives. Whether they will be interesting to a woman or a man is unknown in advance.

But in any case it will turn life upside down.

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