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Why dream of a horse in a dream?

Why dream of a horse in a dream?

Most dream books find this image positive for the dreamer. However, the accuracy of interpretation will depend on many nuances.

Why does a horse dream in a dream? Consider in detail the value of the horse in different dreams.

Why dream of a horse in a dream?

Popular interpretation

A beautiful horse in a dream is a symbol of good luck in life, overcoming obstacles of any complexity. The image of a graceful horse represents power and strength, courage and courage.

What scenes can be seen in a dream with a horse in the lead role?

  • to see a lonely horse;
  • see a herd of horses;
  • graze horses in the meadow;
  • horse color;
  • the size of the animal;
  • ride a horse;
  • animal attack.

See the lonely beautiful stallion in a dream — to sensual pleasures, romance in love, beauty of relationships. The beautiful horse symbolizes high vitality, high self-esteem and success in love.

Herd of horses symbolizes the power of energy. If the herd is quietly grazing in the meadow, it means that your energy is not enough to accomplish your plans.

The right time has not come, do not rush things.

Herd rushing through a meadow or road — you are waiting for events that are literally confused. You cannot control the situation.

A rushing herd of horses may express strong emotions experienced on the eve of events that have occurred.

If a stallion sees woman, this heralds the appearance of a man in her life. The character of the stallion will tell about the character of the new boyfriend — obstinate, docile, uncontrollable, gentle, tame.

See pony in a dream — you lack patience. Moderate ambition, temper ardor.

However, a pony in a dream of an insecure person symbolizes a lack of self-esteem. Do not be afraid to express your feelings, share your thoughts.

Be bright, ignite others with enthusiasm — and fate will smile at you.

Unnatural huge horse symbolizes the priority of feelings over the mind. Dreamers lead emotions through life, because of which he is unable to adequately perceive the events taking place.

Take control of emotions, otherwise you can make a lot of stupid mistakes: then you will regret your deed.

Emotionally closed people, the image of a giant horse advises to think about their lives: are there many happy moments in it? If you consciously repress emotions, it can lead to stress and depression.

Allow emotional waves to spill out, do not restrain them in yourself by force. Do not repress feelings.

Why dream of a horse in a dream?

Horse color

Why dream White horse? The white horse in the mythology of the Celts is called the Unicorn.

If you happen to see a Unicorn in a dream, it symbolizes spiritual enlightenment and the transition to a new spiritual level.

In everyday life, a white stallion or mare denotes success in undertakings and a white stripe in life. The white horse symbolizes the fulfillment of desires, and the horse with wings — the patronage of heaven.

Faith is not important here: the supreme forces patronize the dreamer.

Why dream black horse? This image can express the awakening of animal instincts and the image of death. The black horse is a symbol of uncontrollability of a situation, a fatal combination of circumstances.

If you saw a rider on a black horse, it portends bad news. Impulsive natures should hold the passion to themselves: they will not bring to the good.

Horse red suit expresses unrealized carnal passion. The fire of desires burns the dreamer from within, does not give rest.

Otherwise, a red horse may be a symbol of ever-dissatisfied desire: a person tends to the unattainable and suffers from his dreams.

Horse gold suit in a dream symbolizes creative work. It is time for the successful implementation of the plans, a successful start of the business or project.

All that you have conceived, will come true. Not without difficulty, of course.

Horse blue suit or purple color symbolizes the spiritual growth of the dreamer. This image shows the priority of intuition over the mind, the ability to penetrate consciousness into the secrets of being and to see the inaccessible to the eyes.

The blue horse indicates the esoteric direction in life. However, this image recommends that people with an unstable psyche should pay attention to their nervous system, an ascetic lifestyle can lead to a nervous breakdown.

Horse gray suit expresses despondency and boredom. However, wool with a silver shimmer is a symbol of a successful start of business: the dreamer has enough energy and knowledge to start a conceived project.

Do not give in to doubts and despondency: you will succeed.

Why dream of a horse in a dream?

Running horses

Horses rush along the road — the dreamer is experiencing a surge of strength to accomplish his plans. However, excess energy must be learned to manage, to keep in check.

The herd is fleeing — wait with decisions, now is not the time to send energy to the implementation of the plan.

The herd is heading towards the goal. — Feel free to get down to business, you will succeed. Perhaps the dreamer is waiting for an invitation to a new job — agree, but do not spray your strength.

Keep emotions under control.

Ride a horse and ride it — you have full control of your life, control the situation. Keep moving in the intended direction, good luck is waiting for you on the right track.

  • Ride on a horse through the forest — to self-development, self-knowledge.
  • Ride along city streets — to successful self-realization in the social field.
  • Riding on a horse — to mastering their feelings and submission to their mind.

Horse attack in a dream? It is a symbol of unfulfilled desires.

Horse riders

The rider in the dream is the image of the messenger of fate. If the rider dreamed of a woman, it foreshadows the appearance in her life of an important man, with whom a strong marriage is possible.

  • See the rider on a black horse — wait for the bad news.
  • See the rider on a white horse — to good news.
  • To see the rider on a pale horse — the news of death.
  • The horse rushes without a rider — to an unexpected turn of events.

Grab a running horse — to master the life situation. Ride a rebellious horse — to take control of an uncontrollable situation, to move up the career ladder.

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