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Why dream of a gun

What dreams of a dream-gun

Read what the dream of a gun in this article. I prepared only the best predictions of dream books, which I myself use.

Remember that dreams always have signs that help you know yourself and know the future.

Dreams in alphabetical order

This dream book contains universal predictions that fit almost everyone. Therefore, the study of your own dreams is better to start with him.

Why dream of a gun

  1. If you pull the trigger, but the shot does not occur — a misfire happens, then in reality you will drastically change your opinion about a person from your inner circle.
  2. If you didn’t just see a gun, but played Russian roulette, then in reality you prefer to communicate with adventurous people, love risk and don’t tolerate boredom.
  3. If you dream about how you load a gun, then soon you will have some unpleasant news. They will tell about some danger that threatens your children.
  4. If you killed a man with a pistol, then a grand scandal with a loved one awaits. This conflict has been brewing for a long time, but it is in the near future that it will reach its peak. Problems in your relationship have accumulated like a snowball. This is an indication that you should solve them as soon as possible.
  5. Mauser promises financial well-being. After a long period of savings, you can finally breathe freely and afford to buy what you have long dreamed of.
  6. The revolver from which the close person is trying to kill you is to parting with the chosen one. He will show himself from a very bad side, and you no longer wish to see him.
  7. Colt dreams as a warning. The case that you have conceived will end in complete failure due to circumstances beyond your control. Perhaps you need to do something to get a different result.
  8. Souvenir revolver also dreams of conflicts. They can be avoided, but you do not want to do this, because you need an emotional discharge.
  9. Antique pistol, from which it is impossible to shoot — to the great danger that threatens you. Try to be more attentive, otherwise the result will be very sad for you and your family.
  10. Nagant dreams as a symbol of loyalty. Your lover does not notice anyone but you. You can completely trust him. So stop being jealous and make scandals because of your own distrust.
  11. Walter promises love adventures in the near future. You will enter into a dizzying novel, which will give a lot of different emotions. It will not last long, but will leave only good memories behind.
  12. A huge gun in human growth dreams of big financial problems. You may lose your job or business due to insuperable circumstances, which is useless to resist.
  13. Browning promises a period of great luck, which you have long lacked. A white stripe will begin in your life, full of happiness and love.

Dream Miller

In the interpretations of the psychologist Gustav Miller, one can find not only predictions of the future. They also help to understand their emotions, desires and internal state.

Why dream of a gun

Here are his interpretations:

  1. A pistol is a bad sign. You have long been living in the power of negative emotions, attracting only negative events into your life. If you want to get out of the series of troubles, you need to change your thinking and focus only on the positive.
  2. If in a dream you were confidently holding a gun belonging to you, then in reality you always control the situation. You are confident, clearly know what you want from life. This is an excellent approach that helps you always get what you want in the shortest possible way.
  3. If you have heard a shot, but have not seen a weapon, in reality defeat enemies, detractors and competitors. Good luck on your side.
  4. If you shot and felt a powerful return to the shoulder, then you are able to achieve a lot in life, but do not realize your potential yet. You need to believe in yourself and develop your talents, then all your desires will be easily fulfilled.

Astrological dream book

Interpretations from this book are based on knowledge of the stars. They are famous for almost mathematical precision, so they are suitable for people rational, accustomed to think logically.

Why dream of a gun

  1. Watching someone shoot at a training ground means that in reality you have a strong dislike for someone. You should beware of him, because he is able to bring big problems into your life.
  2. Shoot yourself — to trouble in the family. Problems begin because of lack of money. You will constantly quarrel with your spouse. If time does not take the situation into their own hands, the case can even go as far as parting.
  3. If they shot at you, but missed, then someone from your inner circle will offend you. Try to forgive this person because he does not want you to be evil. And offensively expressed only because of straightness.
  4. The white pistol indicates that you have committed an act in the past that you will regret very soon. Try to draw the right conclusions from the current situation.
  5. Buying a gun — you suppress the negative sides of your personality, trying to please people and be good for everyone. but sooner or later this mask will have to be removed, to show your true face.

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  • Although the pistol is a symbol and sinister, predictions can be good. The main thing is to remember exactly how the weapon was. This will shed light on the near future.
  • To choose the most accurate prediction, rely on your intuition. Choose interpretations with which your heart will agree. Do not try to reason logically.
  • Often, revolvers and pistols are symbols of relationships with loved ones. They can also dream of, pointing to any events in the financial sphere of your life.

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