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Why dream of a funeral wreath?

Why dream of a funeral wreath?

After seeing the plot in the soul of the dreamer, there is an unpleasant aftertaste, disturbing thoughts in my head do not give rest. And what do esoterics and interpreters of dream books think about this? The dream should be interpreted taking into account the particularities of the development of the dream plot, the setting and the emotional state of a sleeping person.

Why dream of a funeral wreath?

Why dream of a funeral wreath?

General interpretation

A funeral wreath in a dream does not always promise misfortunes and death, although it may have a direct interpretation. For example, a wreath in a dream may portend the burial of a dear person.

  • However if the wreath was intended for the dreamer himself, it promises good health. If you were in a lengthy tiff with someone, funeral attributes may indicate a quick reconciliation.
  • A bad omen has a dream in which the dreamer bought a wreath: it foreshadows ruin and financial losses, as well as the possible death of the blood of a person.
  • If another person bought the wreath, it is a mortal warning to the dreamer. But do not forget: this is only a warning to be careful.
  • Pregnant women Do not be afraid of such a dream: it foreshadows the appearance of twins. Bear a wreath with the participation in the funeral procession — to success in achieving the planned.
  • What means a dream in which the dreamer weaves a wreath with his own hands? This is a good sign of achieving the planned plans, as well as successfully overcoming existing problems.

The value of plants in a wreath

  • needles — to the disease and nervous stress;
  • artificial flowers — danger on the road when traveling;
  • Natural flowers — for girls for the wedding, for men — for profit;
  • wreath of flowers in the house — to change the place of residence;
  • wreath of artificial flowers in the house — to separation from relatives;
  • Red roses — to passionate love, yellow — to separation, whites — to well-being.

Where was the wreath?

  • on the coffin of an unknown person — to travel and change;
  • at your doorstep — danger from enemies;
  • on the bed — to adultery;
  • on the kitchen — gossip is spreading about you;
  • on his head — to life trials and difficulties;
  • in a fresh grave — a major problem will disappear by itself;
  • on his own grave — to spiritual rebirth.
  • see a wreath on the door of his apartment — warning of danger, approaching trouble. If you are planning to buy / sell real estate, it is better not to. Wait for the right moment to make a deal. Is the wreath nailed to the door? To implement the plans will have to overcome many obstacles.
  • if you saw wreaths on the road and took them in hand, the dream foreshadows a tiff with your beloved and a speedy separation. If you just looked at the funeral paraphernalia lying on the ground, the dream does not foreshadow negative events in life.
  • good interpretation has a dream in which they saw laurel wreath on the coffin lid. This story foreshadows a triumphant victory over the circumstances, the rise of the dreamer on the social ladder.

Why dream of a funeral wreath?

Interpretation of popular dream books

Ancient Slavic The dream book sees in this story a link with the ancestors and the family, their support and help. At a difficult moment in his life, the dreamer will not be left alone with the problems, but will acquire the invisible help of the race.

To strengthen ties with the homeland, it is necessary to commemorate the ancestors on the days designated for these purposes, to visit the graves and look after them.

Dream Miller interprets the vision of funeral flowers in the church as a manifestation of sadness and depression. Fresh flowers — to the memories of the past and nostalgia for the past, but artificial flowers warn of danger.

To see a small mourning wreath on one’s own head — to serious health problems.

Esoteric and spiritually enlightened people see in this symbol the connection of the physical and subtle-material world: the dreamer is ready to receive information from the other world.

That is, the funeral object has no negative symbolism. Perhaps the subconscious indicates the way to the beginning of the spiritual development of man.

From a religious point of view, the funeral paraphernalia reminds of the eternity of the soul and its connection with God — the dreamer should think about this.

If you recently attended a funeral, a dream with a mourning wreath is an echo of the events experienced and has no interpretation. Therefore, worry about someone’s new death should not be.

Your emotional body was overwhelmed with impressions that are looking for a way out. Put candles for the rest of the soul of the buried person and pray.

Often, the funeral symbolism of parting with the past. You must let go of past memories that prevent you from perceiving real life.

You should part with a person whose society does not benefit and just takes time. What else should you give up?

This is every dreamer decides for himself.

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