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Why dream of a fire in a strange house: interpretation of the dream book

The fire of someone else’s house: the interpretation of the image of various dream books

To dream of a fire of another’s house is an ambiguous symbol that can have both positive and negative values. Flame symbolizes heightened emotionality, susceptibility, experiences.

To compile the most specific, accurate and truthful interpretation of a dream, it is recommended to take into account even the smallest details of the image seen in night dreams: whose house was burning, what the dreamer did, how the plot developed, etc.

The meaning of a dream about a fire varies slightly depending on the sex of a sleeping person:

  • For a woman, such a dream means charm, falling in love with a man, or renewing passion, old feelings in an already existing romantic relationship. Very soon, the girl will experience a lot of positive emotions from communicating with her soulmate. If the dreamer is pregnant — such an image portends heavy, including emotionally, childbirth, as well as the support of close people, relatives, spouse.
  • For a man, a dream of fire is a harbinger of a new romance or the establishment of old romantic relationships. He will be very inspired, happy and willing to spend more time with his lover. It is difficult to say in advance how long this relationship will last, but there can be a lot of quarrels and disagreements over trifles in a couple.

If a child has dreamed a fire, then he is under tremendous stress, he is very worried about something, he is worried.

Why dream of a fire in a strange house: interpretation of the dream book

The key value in the compilation of interpretation is the one whose house or apartment burned in a fire. Options may be as follows:

Home ownershipInterpretation
Parents, senior relativesSomeone from close will give instructions and impose their opinion that will cause irritation and resentment from the dreamer
Girlfriend sister brotherFor intra-family conflicts on trifles
Colleague, Head, HeadTo abuse, disagreements on work issues
The second half, spouseTo quarrel, passionate reconciliation and accompanying mutual storm of emotions
Former young man or girlTo memories of past relationships
Now the deceased acquaintanceTo boredom, longing, memories, nostalgia
Unknown personTo concern for an unfamiliar person

If you dreamed that an abandoned house caught fire, it foreshadows empty experiences. A person worries too much about trifles, which is why his mood often changes.

It is necessary to rethink our current problems, to understand ourselves, to stop remembering our old mistakes and bad deeds, which have long been impossible to influence the outcome of which.

Why dream of a fire in a strange house: interpretation of the dream book

It is also necessary to take into account the small details of the dream — own actions and further development of the plot:

Watch the fireTo the sight of anyone’s conflict
See that residents managed to save their homes from fire in timeTo a quarrel that will end in reconciliation
Burn someone’s house, apartmentTo irritation, envy, aggression, evil wishes to a certain friend
To help extinguish, carry out things affectedTo help a person in a difficult life situation
Carry out the corpses of people or find victims in the houseTo the loss of a friend, the end of communication with someone, a strong quarrel
Save the survivorsThe person will tell his relatives many nasty things, and later he will repent and ask for forgiveness from them.
Detect or endure dead animalsTo strong confusion, grief, tears
Walk through the ashes or look for something in itTo attempts to resurrect a relationship that has long been dead, with relatives, friends, a man or a girl
Stand on the spot where someone else’s house burned to the coalsTo unpleasant memories
Call firefighters or see a passing fire truckConcerns for your future and your family’s future
Suffer from fire while visiting someoneTo the dangers and failures

If you dreamed that there was a fire, but there was no smell of burning and there was no smoke, this is a sign of dizzying success and attendant success in all undertakings. If there was smoke and the smell of burning, but there was no fire — to unwarranted expectations.

To see a fire on TV in the form of a plot in a film or news — to the emergence of a feeling of empathy, empathy for someone. Soon, someone from the people around will get into trouble or even disaster, and the dreamer will be deeply concerned about the position of this friend.

Why dream of a fire in a strange house: interpretation of the dream book

There are other interpretations of the image seen in night dreams. Some well-known dream books interpret it a little differently from the generally accepted meaning:

Dream interpretationInterpretation
FreudSymbol of passion, new erotic fantasies, strong sexual desire
MillerGood luck, good luck in all things, solving old problems, good mood
NostradamusFear of change, fatigue, severe stress, emotional burnout
MayanFate will give a person a gift that will make his life better.
LongoIndignation of others and conflicts with relatives, family members, close friends or girlfriends
TsvetkovaThe proximity of many unexpected events that turn life upside down

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