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Why dream of a dream of dream books: Miller, Vanga, Nostradamus

I dreamed a fire: we interpret Miller’s dream, Vanga

Dreams filled with unusual, bright and sometimes frightening events usually remain in the memory of a person for a long time. Why dream of a fire in our nightly dreams?

Such an event causes a person to frighten, rapid heartbeat and a lot of unpleasant emotions, although the dream book interprets the dream in different ways.

Why dream of a dream of dream books: Miller, Vanga, Nostradamus

General interpretation of sleep with fire

Bright flames in dreams are considered to be a sign of strong feelings that want to escape. It is possible that emotions are raging inside you that you are afraid of or don’t want to admit even to yourself. It is necessary to understand your inner world in order to find spiritual harmony and peace.

A fire in a dream also symbolizes the absence of family quarrels and diseases in the future.

If in a dream you saw a strong fire, which is getting brighter and brighter, it reminds you of forgotten deeds that you did not bring to completion. It can be connected both with a professional field, and with a personal life. You probably did not fulfill this promise and hurt someone.

It is necessary to complete these undertakings so that bad energy does not interfere with success in future affairs.

If in a dream you had to extinguish a fire, then in the future you will see new projects at work. They should be taken seriously and attentively, because in the end you will be able to achieve a good promotion in the service and material rewards.

Also, extinguishing a fire can signify problems in the family that will soon die out.

To see a growing fire — to the possible minor losses. These losses will be associated with thefts, so you should protect expensive things and be wary of suspicious individuals in your life.

A fire in the apartment predicts a soon pleasant news or a pleasant long journey. This trip will be able to give you acquaintances with people who will later play a significant role in your professional affairs.

Why dream of a fire in the forest? Such a dream warns you of the dangers of unforeseen expenses and the bad effects of borrowing money. Subsequently, it will be very difficult for you to pay off debts, so it is worth thinking about such a step well.

Also, a forest fire can warn of a possible major theft from home. Certain steps should be taken to save your finances.

Why dream of a dream of dream books: Miller, Vanga, Nostradamus

A fire at the neighbors in a dream symbolizes conversations of colleagues behind your back. However, these gossip are not destined for a long life, so you can feel confident in the work environment.

If in a dream you clearly saw the smoke from a fire, then in the future you are expected to have minor conflicts with relatives or easily tolerated colds.

To extinguish a fire with water in a dream — to tears in the future. Such emotions can be caused by both joyful events and resentment towards loved ones.

If you did not feel fear in a dream when fighting with the elements, then only pleasant events await you.

If a fire in a dream covered a wooden building, then soon a certain secret will open in your life that could influence your fate. Perhaps you will learn about warm feelings for your own person, or the desire of relatives to invest in your endeavors.

A fire at work in night dreams symbolizes unfinished business in reality. It’s time to decide on active actions, otherwise the questions will remain unresolved forever.

If in a dream you yourself made a fire, then you should not make important decisions in life, since they will certainly be wrong.

Fire car in a dream — to the acquisition of expensive things. It is also a sign of unforeseen income that will help to fulfill your long-held dream.

See the fire in the church — to the good news that will radically change your life. Perhaps in the near future you will find a marriage proposal or a wedding.

If the colored tongues of fire clearly differed in the flame — soon there will be a replenishment in your family.

Interpretation of sleep with the fire of various dream books

According to Tsvetkov’s dream book

This dream book interprets a fire in a dream as a symbol of joy. However, if the house was swept by a fire, then in life you are expected to have a negative, destruction, a threat to health.

According to the XXI century dream book

Interpretation of a dream with fire according to the dream book:

  • the fire that engulfed the house — to unexpected happiness;
  • a fire inside the house — to quarrels and hatred in the family;
  • watch the fire in the crowd — to slander and gossip;
  • from a fire a lot of smoke — to losses and troubles;
  • extinguish a fire with water — to resolve conflicts in the family;
  • a fire that has engulfed many houses — to great happiness.

Why dream of a dream of dream books: Miller, Vanga, Nostradamus

According to Miller’s dream book

Miller believed that to see a fire in a dream without human sacrifice — to happy changes in life, good deals and prosperity. Also, a dream with a fire can symbolize a storm of emotions inside you that you are afraid to show to others.

According to dreamo Longo

This dream book gives the following values ​​of dreams with fire:

  • escape from fire — a symbol of your vulnerability and sensitivity, which hinders you in dealing with other people;
  • to see fire extinguishing — to the infliction of pain by your relatives by your incontinence and conflict. It is necessary to change your behavior in order not to lose people dear to your heart;
  • death of people in a fire — to participate in dubious enterprises.

According to the dream Wang

The great prophetess interpreted dreams with fire as a symbol of deterioration in all walks of life and a harbinger of hunger. If, apart from a fire in a dream, there was a lot of acrid smoke, then in reality someone dissolves dirty gossip about you.

According to the dream book Hasse

Dream interpretation positions dreams with fire, as a good and positive sign. If you looked directly at the fire in your sleep, then soon you will expect joyful changes.

If there was a lot of thick smoke from the fire, then in the future good news will come to the house. Also, a dream can predict the appearance of a very influential patron in your life.

According to the Nostradamus dream book

Dream interpretation offers the following interpretation of dreams with fire:

  • fire — a symbol of carnal desires, passion;
  • extinguish a fire — violent excitement in life that will not be easy to stop;
  • to commit arson — to problems and insecurity in life;
  • rescuing a person from a fire is a symbol of the tragic end of a long-standing event that you could not forget;
  • fire in the room — to change from the partner, which will bring a lot of disappointment and pain;
  • to see the fire provoked by lightning — to see you soon with the main person in your life.

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