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Why dream of a divorce from her husband?

Why dream of a divorce from her husband? Values ​​of dream books

Why dream of a divorce from her husband? There are several points of view on this matter. Some authors (mainly psychologists and psychotherapists) believe that a dream with a divorce process reflects the subconscious fear of parting.

Other authors believe that a divorce is a symbol of future events that will soon happen and affect your life.

Why dream of a divorce from her husband?

Tip: wake up, immediately describe the plot of the dream in detail on paper. In the future, it will help to create the most accurate interpretation that will be true.

Specify the smallest details.

Opinion psychotherapists

Often the subconscious through dreams sends us certain signals. The dreamed divorce means that you are afraid of parting with your chosen one and are fixated on this thought. It is important that from scratch such dreams do not dream.

So, you have suspicions of adultery, or you think that the second half of you has fallen out of love. Therefore, anticipate a speedy divorce, projecting your fear in a dream.

Why dream of a divorce from her husband?

It is necessary to analyze the relationship, to determine what is causing the fear. Then the reason to eliminate, then everything will be fine, and the divorce process will cease to appear in nightmares.

If everything is fine in your family, you are sure of your husband / wife, you should refer to the interpretations of popular and classic dream books to determine what the divorce is about.

See also the reason for the quarrel with her husband, in the video:

Interpretations of popular dream books

We collected the best and most plausible predictions. Remember the dream in detail and try to explain, based on these predictions:

  • In the dream book, Dennis Lin, it is stated that a divorce in a dream indicates that in real life you are behaving incorrectly. Your spontaneous actions and thoughtless actions can lead to large family quarrels. If you don’t stop behaving like this, the case can end with a real divorce process
  • If a divorce in a dream dreams of a man, he himself intends to leave his wife, but so far he doubts the loyalty of his decision. He is tormented by fears, doubts, uncertainty. Try to give relationships a second chance, do not make rash actions.
  • If a divorce from a husband dreamed of a woman, it is time for her to sort out her inner experiences. This is the case when the heart is one, and in thoughts it is quite another. Perhaps the wife thinks that she has fallen out of love with her husband. Or, on the contrary, she loves him too much, but realizes that he is completely unsuitable for living together

In any case, the dreaming divorce is a reason to review and analyze personal relationships. Try to improve them or, if there is no hope of preserving the family, give up.

And if everything is good in family life, do not give this dream too much importance.

Why dream of a divorce from her husband?

Who is the initiator?

The interpretation of sleep will also depend on who in the realm of Morpheus said decisively: “Divorce!” And initiated a divorce. Remember:

  • The husband decided to divorce. This means that in real life there are a lot of hidden insults and complaints in your relationship, there are serious problems with mutual communication. A dream is a signal. It’s time to change something, to find a common language with a spouse and try to improve relations, harmonize them. Look for common interests, invent family traditions.
  • Miller, the author of a popular dream book, believed that a divorce was dreaming because one of the spouses had enormous discontent with someone close. In disgrace, the husband / wife is not necessarily, it can be an old friend, a relative or a child. Most likely, communication will cease soon, for you do not want to continue to tolerate unworthy behavior.
  • If a divorce dreamed of a young girl, she needs to be on the lookout. Perhaps her lover will soon be a traitor. Especially dangerous is a dream with a divorce on the eve of the upcoming wedding. It means that some detractors will make tremendous efforts to destroy your union.
  • If a woman dreams that she divorces on her own initiative with her husband, she needs to pay attention to her inner circle. Among close friends there is a person who envies your success, he will try to destroy your happiness. Take care of your family from evil tongues and insidious actions
  • In the dream book Hasse indicates that if the decision to divorce in a dream was a joint, in real life you will experience a tremendous sense of guilt. Soon you will make a certain act, for which it will be very shameful. In addition, you will overtake a serious punishment. Be careful not to commit unworthy actions.
  • Mysterious Vanga believed that a divorce in the realm of Morpheus — a reason to think about whether you appreciate enough loved ones, always fair to them

The divorce process in a dream does not always mean something. Sometimes such a dream indicates that you need to cope with fears, be loyal to your chosen one and less suspect him of all mortal sins.

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