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Why dream of a divorce from a husband or wife: dream book, the interpretation of sleep

Why dream of a divorce from her husband, wife: interpretation of dream books

A dream of divorce is interpreted by popular dream books ambiguously. But most of them agree that this story foreshadows future changes in relations with the second half.

A more accurate interpretation of sleep can be given, given the gender and marital status of the dreamer. Some interpreters consider such a dream a reflection of the inner experiences of the sleeper, who is afraid of losing a loved one.

Loff argues that a divorce that fell in a dream means dissatisfaction with the sleeping relationship with the spouse. He doubts the loyalty of a partner and dissatisfied with family life. A more accurate interpretation can be given, taking into account the gender and marital status of the dreamer:

  • Married woman. Divorce from her husband in a dream suggests that she expects a change in relations with the second half. This is a signal that you need to try to win over the spouse’s location and cause faded feelings in him. In this case, harmony reigns in the family.
  • Unmarried lady. If a dream like this has been seen by an unmarried girl, she should take a closer look at her fiancé. His treason will serve as a reason for breaking the union. A torn wedding will be a blow to the dreamer, and she will avoid a new relationship for quite a long time.
  • Married man. If the husband dreams that he is divorcing his wife, then this is a symbol of a critical attitude to the actions of his wife. According to another interpretation, the dreamer will have to work hard to provide for his family, but in the end it will affect his health.

Why dream of a divorce from a husband or wife: dream book, the interpretation of sleep

Clairvoyant Vanga believed that filing a divorce in a dream was a symbol of the dreamer’s fear of destroying relationships with loved ones and the doubts that plagued him. The soothsayer argued that one should not attach much importance to dreams with a similar plot.

They only suggest to the person at the subconscious level that the time has come to pay attention to the loved ones.

If, however, a divorce, accompanied by shouting and cursing, is dreamed up, the dreamer in this way tries to realize the opportunity to speak, which he does not have in real life. He should review his behavior in society and learn how to convey to people his own opinion, otherwise it will affect his mental health.

Why dream of a divorce from a husband or wife: dream book, the interpretation of sleep

The well-known psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud believed that the interpretation of a divorce dream depends on the personality of the dreamer. For a mild emotional person who is prone to falling into situations involving an increased risk to life and health, this dream means a desire for sexual contact.

The sleeper wants to enter into an intimate relationship with a strong personality with charisma, to get satisfaction from violent sex.

If a person has a strong character and is emotionally stable, then such a dream indicates childhood injuries that left an imprint on adulthood.

Repeating dreams of divorce are a sign that a person was unable to realize his dream, or he was tormented by an internal conflict that remained unresolved, but he carefully hides his depressed state.

Why dream of a divorce from a husband or wife: dream book, the interpretation of sleep

The dream of divorce in the interpreter of the Wanderer is positive. The dream predicts good changes in life and great luck.

Dreamers expect pleasant surprises and sudden meetings.

Seeing a divorce from the side, when both spouses are unfamiliar to the dreamer, means that soon he will have a new look at the relationship with his soulmate. The sleeper will open in her those talents and abilities that were previously unaware of.

If a dream like this had occurred to a married girl, she was not sure of herself or suspected her husband of treason.

The scandal with her husband, in which the couple show a desire to file for divorce, means that in reality there will be empty talk. The dreamer will have to make promises that she cannot fulfill.

Denise Lynn believes that the dream of divorce is a reflection of reality in the dreamer’s subconscious. In the life of the sleeper there is a person with whom he wants to break off the relationship.

In order to understand what a dream like this was and to interpret it correctly, one should ask whether there is a reason for a divorce or the reason for such a plot in a dream is the fear of losing the second half. Only having understood the reasons, it is possible to understand how to proceed.

The dissolution of the marriage also indicates that the dreamer has doubts about his own actions, because his mind says one thing, and he feels the other with his heart.

Interpretation of the dream of divorce in different dream books:

Dream interpretationTreatment
MillerThe dream of divorce symbolizes the relationship of the dreamer with a close environment — relatives and friends. The vision warns the sleeper that efforts should be made to create harmony in the family. For a girl, sleep promises a lonely life because of the betrayal of her beloved
HasseIn reality, the dreamer will accuse himself of some act that can be punished
EsotericDivorce is a symbol of the fact that in the near future will face unpleasant proceedings with friends or work colleagues
EnglishDivorcing a wife or husband in a dream means that there is no reason to doubt the partner. The couple retained feelings for each other, and there is no reason for jealousy, much less divorce.
OrientalPredicts changes in life, and for a woman can mean that she will be lonely for many years.
Russian folkSleep indicates a desire for cardinal life changes. The dreamer wants to solve all problems at once, but feels fear and insecurity.
ModernIf a woman sees a divorce from her husband — this means that she will be able to overcome the difficulties, putting maximum effort and cope with them alone. A dream indicates that you have to rely solely on yourself.

A Jewish dream book argues that a dream of divorce is a dream if the dreamer committed an unseemly act towards the spouse or spouse. According to another version, the dream is a symbol of cardinal changes, both negative and positive.

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