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Why dream of a child in her arms: interpretation of dream books

A dream in which a man had a chance to hold a child in his arms has many interpretations. The value of such night dreams largely depends on the appearance of the dreaming baby, his sex and behavior.

The interpreters pay special attention to the actions of the dreamer himself.

Often, a baby seen in a dream is a symbol of grandiose plans and new ideas that are emerging in the mind of a sleeper. However, for their implementation will have to make some effort.

In order to make a complete picture of the prediction, every memorized detail of a dream should be considered. Will help in this exciting lesson popular dream books.

The appearance and sex of a child who appeared to a person in a dream are of paramount importance for deciphering the information that he presented. In some cases, the sleeper can remember even the weight of the infant on his hands. Each version of the nightly images of the dream books give a certain interpretation:

DescriptionDream interpretation
Small childKeep the little baby — to small obstacles on the way to the goals. They will not bring serious trouble, but some efforts will still have to be made
Big babyIf you are dreaming of a rather large child, it will take a lot more power than it was originally intended to overcome the interferences in the way. Sleep is a warning: a person should prepare in advance for future adversity
Very heavyTo take the baby in your arms and feel its heavy weight means for the sleeper that in the near future there will be a difficult problem to solve. But if the sleep master can hold the baby who has dreamed, the probability of a successful outcome is high
Healthy and beautifulIf the baby is healthy and has an attractive appearance, the dream is considered a positive sign, predicting many joyful events in reality
SickTo hold a sick child in his arms — to serious hardships and difficulties in life. In no case should not give up during this period. Out of the situation without much loss will help perseverance and fortitude. Also, such a plot is able to warn about the deterioration of the dreamer’s health
BoyThe dreamed male infant foreshadows the one who is sleeping, soon to be confronted with problems that he has avoided for a long time. Sometimes a dream like this is a dream for people fussing in vain and wasting their energy on useless things.
GirlTo dream a little girl — to forced contact with unpleasant people. Sometimes the baby, which the sleeper held in her arms, indicates a lack of communication with relatives. Perhaps the dreamer paid too little attention to close people. It can trigger conflicts in the future.
DeadDespite the darkness of such a dream, it has no negative connotations. Dead baby promises to get rid of the problems tormenting the soul of man in real life
AlienTo hold someone else’s child in your arms means that the sleeper is inclined to put other people’s problems on his own shoulders. Because of this habit, the dreamer risks becoming a victim of manipulation by others

Of particular interest is the dream, in which the child in the arms of another person dreams. Such dreams are able to predict the sex of the infant to the future mother.

If the baby is held by a man, a son will be born, but if a woman — a daughter should be expected.

Why dream of a child in her arms: interpretation of dream books

The value of night images depends on the reaction of the dreamer and his behavior in relation to the dreamed baby. Interpreters offer the following explanations:

CarryCarrying a baby in your arms means that the sleeper will cause a lot of trouble to close people. If at the same time a person dreams that he gives the child to the mother who gave birth to him, who is a familiar dreamer in real life, this lady will provide significant support in solving problems
SwayOn the way the sleeper will appear certain obstacles. If the child quickly calms down, the difficulties encountered will be fairly easily overcome. Otherwise, the person should prepare for serious trouble.
FeedTo feed an infant is a positive sign that promises that the money invested in a business will pay off, and all the sacrifices made will not be in vain.
SpeakTalking with a baby in a dream is a bad omen: in real life the dreamer is waiting for a serious illness

Why dream of a child in her arms: interpretation of dream books

If the person managed to remember how the baby behaved, the dream books will help to correctly interpret the dreamed story:

Child’s actionValue
AsleepA sleeping child personifies the experiences of the past and dreams that were not allowed to happen. Should relax and forget about past failures
SmilesTo hold a smiling baby in your arms is a good sign, promising good news and a successful movement towards a dream, provided you are active and self-confident
CryingA crying child predicts intrigue and insidious intent on the part of old enemies. If a person has managed to calm the baby, he will be able to cope with detractors
DescribedMost dream books consider such a plot a sign of incredible luck. The sleeper should expect large profits.
Crap one’s pantsA negative sign is considered to keep a battered baby. An event will soon happen that put the dreamer in an awkward position and entail trouble.

Why dream of a child in her arms: interpretation of dream books

The interpretation of sleep also depends on the gender of the dreamer. For men, dream books are considered the following most frequent storylines:

  • Keep the infant sleeping — the need for more cautious behavior at work. Among colleagues there is a person who is waiting for a convenient moment to commit meanness towards the sleeper.
  • Several babies in the arms of men — negative sign. Now is not the right time for radical action. Making serious decisions during this period is likely to result in significant monetary losses.
  • Carry little boy — a symbol that predicts the great help of a faithful friend in a difficult situation.
  • Little girl in her arms promises men unprecedented success in creative endeavors. It is important not to miss this favorable period.

For a single young guy, a dream in which he carries a child in his arms indicates his subconscious fear of fatherhood and marriage. For a mature, childless man, this image, on the contrary, means his readiness for the appearance of offspring.

The values ​​of night dreams with the participation of the infant for women may have different interpretations. Ladies should pay attention to the following options for the development of the plot:

  • Dreaming to keep a sleeping baby — to pleasant experiences and nostalgia. Perhaps the girl will meet old friends, communication with whom will make her experience only positive emotions.
  • Carry on the hands of another child means subconscious desire and psychological readiness for their own offspring.
  • Feed baby — the work, in which a huge amount of strength and energy was invested, will finally bear fruit.
  • To nurse a child, which the woman gave birth in a dream, means pleasant events in the short term.
  • See your husband with a baby in her arms — In the near future, the girl is expecting a pregnancy and the birth of a son.

For a pregnant woman, seeing a newborn is a positive symbol. She is waiting for easy and fast delivery, and recovery after them will happen pretty quickly.

Famous interpreters offer their understanding of the dream they have seen about newborn children:

The famous psychoanalyst linked the dreaming baby with the sexual sphere of a sleeper’s life:

  • An infant in her arms personifies a person’s desire for harmony in sexual relations with the second half.
  • If the dreamer is in a quarrel with his sexual partner, these night visions indicate the need to take the first step towards smoothing the conflict.

The Bulgarian soothsayer saw the following signs in the form of a baby:

  • To keep the crying baby and try to calm him down — to the unexpected news that will take a person by surprise.
  • If the dreamer takes a child in his arms at his request, in real life, the sleeper must prepare for the birth of his own children.
  • For a man to wear a baby — auspicious symbol, promising a successful and final disposal of old problems

According to this source, to keep the baby in your arms is a warning sign, promising important events and quick changes:

  • If the child looked painful and weak, then the share of the sleeper will fall out of life, with which he will have to cope on his own.
  • To rock a small child to brilliant ideas and grandiose plans. Thanks to his ideas, the dreamer will gain universal respect and get the opportunity to get rich, but his relatives will be dissatisfied with his decisions.
  • To hold in the hands of another child means that among relatives or close people there are people who enjoy the kindness of a sleeper for personal gain. Should carefully look at the behavior of others

In most cases, the dream book attributes positive symbolism to the image of the newborn:

  • If the child is described, then in reality the dreamer will be invited to the celebration.
  • To hold a sleeping boy in your arms is an auspicious sign that foreshadows a person to successfully move up the career ladder.
  • The sleeping girl promises the dreamer pleasant chores in real life, the appearance of which is associated with some important event.
  • In the event that it was not possible to determine the sex of a sleeping child in a dream, various obstacles await the dreamer on the path to the cherished goal.

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