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Why dream of a calf: interpretation of the dream?

The calf in a dream is a multi-valued symbol. A plump bull who is trying to lick the dreamer’s hand promises an improvement in his material condition. An emaciated and emaciated animal dreams of illness or trouble.

Unjustified risk should be avoided and dubious offers from unfamiliar people should be ignored. The lack of independence and the inability to take responsibility for their lives are indicated by the image of a frail calf, who does not step away from the cow.

If a woman in a dream has independently driven small calves into the barn, then thanks to the shown patience and perseverance she will manage to create a strong pair with a worthy chosen one. To see the birth of calves in the barn — fortunately.

To shelter an animal in a house or apartment is a reflection of the dreamer’s need for a patron who will guide his actions and assist him in a time of difficulty.

A calf in a cemetery dreams of business problems. An alternative interpretation indicates that the sleeper regrets acts committed by him in the past.

To see a headless calf is a sign that in reality you should pay more attention to the state of your health. Heavy loads adversely affect the state of health, which can later provoke emotional burnout and problems with the nervous system.

An animal in the blood without a skin indicates that the dreamer must concentrate on his goal and direct all his strength to the realization of his plans.

Why dream of a calf: interpretation of the dream?

Treatment of night vision depending on the actions of the animal:

Chasing the sleeping, runningThere is a person surrounded by a dreamer who wants to use his kindness for his own purposes.
BitesNayavu will be faced with a misunderstanding of relatives and lack of support from them
Attacks, buttsInfertility and irritability of the sleeper provoke him into conflicts with family members, friends and colleagues.
Drinking milkA dreamer, on his own initiative, will help a person in trouble, who in the future will thank him for his help.
Floating in water, sea, riverReflection of physical and mental fatigue, the body’s need for rest

Interpretation of a dream in Vanga dream book:

  • Seeing how a cow gave birth to a calf — to the emergence of favorable prospects. Everything that was planned asleep, will be implemented on time.
  • A young girl newborn calf foreshadows meeting with her future husband. A bull-calf with gentle eyes and devotional gaze promises a long and happy family life. If a black calf is dreaming of a jealous spouse.
  • For a person who is married, a white or red calf is the personification of harmonious relationships in the family.

Freudian treatment:

  • To a man, a dream indicates a subconscious desire to submit to the dominant partner in sex. He feels lonely, because he has not yet met a woman who shares his fantasies.
  • If the dreamer stretches his hand to stroke the calf, and he runs away from him, then in real life the object of the sexual fantasies of the sleeper is out of his reach.
  • One or several bulls looking at a man with large eyes is a reflection of his stiffness and bashfulness in sex. Dream interpretation recommends that the sleeping person find an experienced sexual partner in order to relax with his help and gain self-confidence.

In the dream book, Miss Hasse, the calf is the personification of self-doubt and indecision. Positive changes will occur in the life of the dreamer, if he can get rid of these qualities of his character and become bolder.

According to Miller’s dream book, young calves grazing in the meadow are a symbol of favorable changes in various spheres of life. The sleeper will be able to realize his plans and strengthen his position in society.

Businessman dreams of financial prosperity, the emergence of innovative ideas and the conclusion of lucrative deals with partners.

A dead animal dreams of trouble. In a difficult period of his life, the dreamer will be left without the support of loved ones and will have to solve his own problems on his own.

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