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Why dream of a bridge: across the river, above the water, cross the bridge in a dream

Sources offer many meanings of what the bridge dreams about, and they pay great attention to the details of the person who dreamed.

Dream Miller interprets a solid stone bridge as independence from external circumstances. Even in times of change, it will be possible to maintain a solid position. If you see a bridge and a river with calm, clear water — success ahead.

Muddy raging streams warn of complications in business.

According to the dream Wang the bridge is a symbol of hope. If he collapses under the dreamer’s feet, in reality he will have to endure the betrayal of a person who enjoyed unlimited confidence.

To build a bridge across the river means to undertake many obligations on our own initiative.

Why dream of a bridge: across the river, above the water, cross the bridge in a dream

Modern dream book personifies a bridge with a transitional period in life. Soon a new stage will begin.

When dream about bridge a girl, This means a change in social status. If he looks good, the marriage will be successful.

A shaky building warns that you should carefully look to the chosen one.

A good symbol of family harmony is a good bridge. married woman. In the relationship with the spouse harmony reigns supreme.

Career success foreshadows a strong bridge a man. Broken calls to be more conscientious in the performance of official duties.

Wide big bridge across the river — good sign. This is the embodiment of spiritual harmony, as well as the timely help of others, which was not counted on.

When dream about bridge above the water, It is important to recall its appearance. Durable and elegant — to the successful completion of the project.

Crumbling the bridge is a symbol of opposition. However, despite not too joyful emotions, the result of quarrels will be positive. After all, the destroyed bridge suggests that without regret you should exclude unpleasant people from the circle of close communication.

This will help get rid of the hypocrites. Broken bridge is a warning. Financial losses are likely.

Flooded with a fallen bridge in a dream means trouble. However, most likely they will happen to younger family members.

Railway the bridge symbolizes the facet of the transition to the future and parting with the past. To see a train rushing through is a call to the sleeper to consider whether some important business has been forgotten.

Solid wooden the bridge foreshadows a favorable set of circumstances. It will turn out without much difficulty to deal with the problem or to find money for the realization of a dream.

Some sources recommend to pay attention to what color the bridge is dreaming. Red indicates fright.

White Bridge over the water spells success.

Suspension the bridge portends that there is an important decision to be made alone. In the near future will have to rely only on their own strength. Also, a suspension bridge means complications at work.

Probably deprivation of bonuses and even dismissal.

Infinitely a long the bridge personifies the dreamer’s subconscious fear. This reflects the experiences of possible illness and death.

Tall the bridge points to inspirational romantic feelings.

Too narrow little the bridge symbolizes disagreements with a familiar person.

Old the bridge indicates that there will be obstacles on the way to the goal. To overcome them will not be easy due to lack of support.

New the bridge is considered a symbol of a succession of incredible coincidences. Thanks to the lucky chance to succeed.

Unfinished Bridge — a call not to rush into business and personal sphere. It is necessary to carefully plan projects, not to force the development of relationships.

Go on the bridge — to changes in life. They will be fateful.

Walking on the bridge and strongly afraid to fall — to surprise. A close person may unpleasantly surprise. If you dreamed of crossing the bridge over the water, and someone blocked the road, this is not a very favorable sign.

We’ll have to be disappointed in the prevailing romantic connection.

Why dream of a bridge: across the river, above the water, cross the bridge in a dream

To run on the bridge — a reflection of experiences. So the fear of parting with loved ones, the fear of not having time to fulfill the duties, is personified.

Stand on the bridge — opportunities to change life, choose a new job. Be under him — to act as an intermediary.

Go on the bridge by car without obstacles — to the simple resolution of complex issues. If the structure is destroyed, then in reality it will take titanic efforts to accomplish the tasks set for itself.

However, when I had to move the bridge of an unreliable type, and the crossing was successful — this is a good sign. All conceived will be implemented.

Jump from the bridge — an unfavorable dream plot. Surrounding condemn lifestyle, vicious relationships.

Fall from a bridge in a dream — to the lack of help. Some loss will cause strong negative emotions. Also falling from the bridge is interpreted as disrupting all plans.

See how to fall from the bridge happened to the child — a warning. Do not start a new business.

Build bridge over the river — to realize their own insularity. This reflects the desire to expand the circle of communication.

Finding out what a bridge is dreaming about means having valuable clues about upcoming events.

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