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Why dream of a black snake: interpretation of the dream?

Why dream of a black snake: the interpretation of the image of the famous dream books

A black snake in a dream is a symbol of fateful meetings, unexpected circumstances, fateful changes. Most often, such an image, seen in night dreams, promises something unkind to a sleeping person. However, according to well-known dream books, there are other interpretations that include positive values.

To compile the most accurate truthful interpretation, it is recommended to take into account even the smallest details of a dream: state, appearance, number of snakes, behavior, own actions, terrain, setting, plot.

The plot of the black snake may vary according to the sex of the person sleeping:

  • married woman — to problems in marriage;
  • unmarried girl — to the feelings, disappointments, disappointments in communicating with guys;
  • married man — to deception, meanness, conflicts with his wife;
  • unmarried man — to experiences about the search for his life partner, loneliness.

Why dream of a black snake: interpretation of the dream?

One should try to recall the state in which the dreamed black snake was in color, its appearance. Interpretations may be as follows:

Characteristic, appearance, state of the reptileInterpretation of sleep
Live, activeCompetitors are gaining full strength, which may interfere with the dreamer’s plans
DeadThe enemy of the dreamer will face great unpleasantness. The person will experience something very difficult that will drive him out of himself.
Sick, wounded, bloodiedThe plot promises problems, troubles, troubles with acquaintances who dislike the dreamer
Manual, homeWill be able to make friends with a man who was previously unpleasant
Wild, mad, dangerousThe image warns of the dangers coming from a person who communicates closely with the dreamer or the dreamer
PoisonousThe enemy, the competitor, the enemy is capable of causing great damage, so it is recommended to be careful in your decisions, actions, to share your plans with care

If the snake was huge — something will happen that will drastically change real life. If the average, large — something very upset person.

And if it is small, the dream foreshadows unpleasant troubles in reality.

It is also necessary to recall the kind of reptile that a man dreamed of. Interpretation options:

  1. one. Cobra — A sleeping person will cause pain, trouble to his close friend or girlfriend.
  2. 2 Oh — the dreamer is waiting for deception, lies and misunderstandings.
  3. 3 Viper — possible deprivation, gossip, deception.
  4. four. Medyanka — there will be a serious change in your personal life.

To see a snake ball is a sign that the dreamer will soon fall into an unwanted company. For some reason, there will be a need to communicate with evil, hypocritical people.

A few reptiles — to spend time in a circle of two or three unpleasant to man women or men.

Why dream of a black snake: interpretation of the dream?

A key detail in compiling the interpretation of a dream about black snakes are the actions of a reptile. Image interpretation options:

Behavior, reactionInterpretation
Ela, sawSomeone is planning to start a business that could hurt the dreamer’s plans.
Slept, lay, restedDetractors, rivals, competitors do not make plans against the person who saw the dream
Jumped, flewA person is waiting for success, good luck with an opponent or a rival
ShipelaSomeone will be a provocateur of a big scandal, a major quarrel.
Played, behaved gentlySleep warns about communicating with a hypocritical friend, familiar, hidden enemy
MultipliedIf you do not solve some minor problem immediately, then over time the situation will worsen
Crawled afterSomeone is very actively interested in the personal life of a girl or a man
Crawled awaySuch a dream — to the attempts of friends to get away from conflict with the dreamer, imposing their own opinions on someone
Attacked another snakeCompetitors quarrel among themselves

If the reptile bit the dreamer or the dreamer, then it is necessary to take into account the localization of the bite:

  1. one. Hand or foot — to decrease in working capacity for one reason or another.
  2. 2 Head face — to bad thoughts, obsessive ideas.
  3. 3 Sex organs — to shame, shame, awkwardness.

Why dream of a black snake: interpretation of the dream?

It is important to take into account their own actions committed with the reptile. Interpretation of the plot, in which a black serpent dreams, by this criterion:

Kill defendingIn a conflict with a detractor, a person will be able to fight back
Kill, hurt, beat for no reasonSleep warns of cruelty, aggressiveness, increased irritability and severe anger at someone
Kill for medical poison, skin, meatThe dreamer or the dreamer will do poorly with a friend, relative, lover
Hold on handsThere will be a girlfriend with a complex character
To breedThe man himself is to blame for his troubles
Take care, keep care as a petThe dream speaks of the man’s acceptance of his position, the enjoyment of life, satisfaction and inner harmony
Eat, cook snake meatThere will be a desire to try something exotic, new, dispel the usual routine and monotony.

A conversation with a snake means that a conversation will occur in reality, which will completely change the plans, goals, and life of a person. It is necessary to memorize the text said by the reptile in a dream — it may turn out to be prophetic.

But words should not be taken literally — they must be interpreted in a metaphorical context.

The location of the black snake in a dream also plays an important role and affects the interpretation of the plot as follows:

  • in the zoo, terrarium — to an unusual pastime;
  • on the tree — to wisdom, right actions, clever and consistent decisions;
  • in aquarium — to the appearance of strangeness in the character, thoughts, ideas, thinking that other people will notice;
  • in the house on the floor — to unexpected guests;
  • in water — to hazards;
  • in bed — to a situation in which someone learns intimate details about a person’s personal life;
  • in food — to disgust, disappointment.

Snakes fly from the sky — to unpleasant surprises that will radically change the current position of the dreamer or the dreamer.

Popular dream books interpret the image as follows:

Dream interpretationInterpretation
FreudFreud’s dream interpretation promises man troubles related to sexuality, romance relationship
MillerMiller foreshadows preparation for a fight, competition, as well as the trials and machinations of rivals, enemies, detractors
WangiVanga decodes the sign as a symbol of difficulties, vain troubles, problems and troubles
NostradamusThe dream interpretation of Nostradamus gives the following interpretation of a dream about a black serpent — soon we will have to face an unpleasant situation, arranged by some cunning and evil man
LofaAccording to this interpreter, soon a man or a girl will have a feeling of fear, insecurity, impending dangers or difficulties in his personal life.

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