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Why dream of a black kitten

What is the dream of a black kitten in the dream book?

How to find out what the black kitten dreams about, if you have never been involved in the interpretation of dreams? Everything is simple — study the forecasts that I have prepared in this article.

I often use dream books to understand what fate has prepared for me.

Dream Miller

Gustav Miller interpreted dreams from the point of view of psychotherapy. He rightly believed that the dreams of the human unconscious were laid to which one absolutely had to listen.

Why dream of a black kitten

Here are his predictions:

  1. If a little black cute kitten dreamed of a woman, then she too often allows herself to be deceived. And this sooner or later will lead to the fact that she will be trapped. Therefore, it is worth less to trust people, and more — itself.
  2. Dirty, thin and sick animals dream that in reality a dreamer becomes a victim of circumstances. Some person will involve him in an unseemly affair, from which he himself and his close people will suffer. Psychologist’s advice: do not get fooled by tempting prospects, analyze every action you take.
  3. Friendly kittens dream of troubles that you yourself will provoke with your habit of constantly getting annoyed and nervous over trifles. Because of this negative character trait, you are constantly attracting bad events, so you should work on your thinking, learn to enjoy the little things.
  4. If in a dream you killed kittens, this is an auspicious sign. Very soon, the band of bad luck will end, and your affairs will get better. Wait just a bit, have patience and do not act in a hurry.
  5. If in your dream kittens are killed by a huge voracious snake, it means that your enemies will soon be activated and will try to interfere with your plans. Be always on guard not to please the traps set by them.

English dream book

The interpretation of this dream book is based on astrological knowledge. Therefore, if you believe the stars, choose the appropriate prediction from the list.

Why dream of a black kitten

  1. A dirty and thin little kitty is a warning. Someone from your environment will wish to use you to their advantage. And in the end, you may be guilty, and the ill-wisher will remain «not in business.»
  2. An ordinary, unremarkable black cat dreams when someone tries to deceive a dreamer in real life. But he can avoid it if he shows common sense and remains cautious.
  3. If you play cute with a kitten that scratches and bites you, gets angry, it promises trouble in your personal life. You have to learn some unpleasant facts from the past life of the elect. Because of this, you look at it completely from the other side and begin to think about breaking up.
  4. If black kittens dreamed of a man, then he should think about whether he made the right choice of the second half. Most likely, the woman who is with him now is completely unsuitable for family life and the birth of common children.

Big Dream

It contains the most common interpretations that are universal and suitable for almost everyone.

Why dream of a black kitten

  1. Cute black kitten dreams to meet with a man who in the future will play a huge role in your life. Therefore, you should carefully consider new contacts.
  2. If you hold a kitten in your arms, caress it, this is a favorable sign. Something very joyful and pleasant will happen in your life. This event will give hope for a happy and prosperous future.
  3. Fluffy Persian black cat — to the emergence in the life of a dreamer reliable friends and associates. Moreover, his circle of communication can drastically change — unpleasant and toxic people will go out of it, pulling energy and strength.

Love Dream

Interpretations of this book are suitable for everyone who is in search of the second half or has doubts in relation to the partner who is now near.

  1. The set of miniature animals is a symbol of the same set of small problems and failures that will arise in the life of the dreamer in one moment. And all will be related to the relationship. Perhaps a crisis period will come in your pair, which will have to be courageously overcome.
  2. A strange kitten with physical defects is a sign for the dreamer. In real life, he is too indistinct in his connections, does not know how to choose friends, which is why he often makes mistakes in people. if you do not change your behavior, the flow of frustration will only increase with each passing year.
  3. A very small black cat, an adult, but the size of a cub, promises the perfidy, which your second half will show towards you. Most likely, you were very careless in choosing a partner, which is why you will suffer in the future.
  4. If a kitten frolics, running a lot of money, then in real life you will be faced with circumstances that will radically change everything. Open up to meet these changes — and become an extremely happy person.
  5. Kitten in clothes dream to financial problems. In the coming months you will have to stop chicing and tightening the belt more tightly. Learn to save and learn the basics of financial literacy, so that the situation does not worsen even more.
  6. If you are playing with a kitten in a dark and cramped room, then in reality you will very soon experience serious disappointment in a loved one. He will do very badly, making you suffer. But try not to be sad — one will leave, another will come.

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  • Black kittens in dreams is an unfavorable sign, but not always. Of great importance is how many animals there were, what size they were, how they behaved. Try to remember the dream in detail, and only then look for a suitable interpretation.
  • Most often, this dream will indicate some of the events that will occur in relationships with other people. Often this is a sign of deception, treachery or betrayal.
  • Sometimes a dream like this is just a sign that indicates your emotional experiences, as well as the direction in which you need to express yourself in life.

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