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Why dream of a black crow?

Why dream of a black crow?

The image of a mystical bird in many causes disgust. However, among the ravens there are birds with a fairly developed intellect, even talking.

Crows are birds of sorcerers and wizards, along with owls, they cause mystical thrill, and sometimes horror. Does the crow foreshadow death? What does the black crow dream of?

Consider all versions of interpretation of the dream book.

Why dream of a black crow?

Popular interpretation of dreams about the crow

The image of a crow in a dream is a warning — be careful, do not trust unfamiliar people. The caw of a bird in a dream warns about the spread of rumors about a dreamer, about a hostile environment.

A bad interpretation has a vision of a flock of crows — a warning of sadness, illness and trouble.

A raven is considered to be a harbinger of misfortune; however, in a dream it warns of danger — it does not prophesy. If you see a crow in a dream, you should look at your life and environment — remove rose-colored glasses.

Crow helps the dreamer to avoid trouble in life, warning about the evil against him.

The interpretation of the dream will also depend on the appearance and behavior of the bird:

  • how big was the crow;
  • what color was the plumage;
  • what did the crow in a dream;
  • how much raven the dreamer saw;
  • what the dreamer was doing

Crows unnaturally large sizes warned of cunning deception, which can lead to disastrous consequences in the life of the dreamer. It is important to recognize this deception in time.

If the crow was seen by a girl in love, she is expected to be deceived by a loved one, at what, very mean.

Coal black plumage Birds foreshadows sadness until depression. However, sadness is not necessarily associated with some kind of grief: it is just that the dreamer and despondency can flood the dreamer.

Bad sign is black raking dreamer: this is a warning about the onset of the disease. A cancerous tumor is possible exactly in the place where the raven pecked.

Why dream of a black crow?

If a black raven appeared in a dream in the company of a familiar dreamer, this indicates the dark soul of the person. Do not trust him: this is a dishonest person, capable of any meanness.

If a crow crows on the eve of a financial transaction or the acquisition of a large purchase, it is better to postpone a venture. This step will not lead to anything good — loss, loss, damage and theft.

Crow knocks on the window? This is a warning of impending danger. After what you see should not:

  • return home late;
  • get behind the wheel of a car;
  • to plan trips somewhere;
  • do not start major cases.

However, this only applies to crows with black feathers. A knock on the beak of a white bird foreshadows the receipt of favorable news.

Which means a bird that has flown through the window? If the crow had a dark plumage, wait for unpleasant guests.

If the plumage was of any other color — the guests will be a joy.

A flock of crows, circling over the dreamer, foreshadows evil. This may be a serious illness of the dreamer or even the news of the death of a relative.

Also, a flock of crows can warn about the trap that is being prepared by enemies.

A crow flying in the clear sky bad does not promise: this dream foreshadows good changes in the life of the dreamer. Moreover, the dreamer expects pure luck and tremendous success.

Try grab the crow with your hands — to disagreements with others. If the dreamer hunts a raven with a weapon (the same slingshot), this foreshadows success in the planned affairs.

Feed the bird from the hand — to meet with a reliable person who will become a friend and adviser for the dreamer. This is a very auspicious dream.

If a the raven sat on his shoulder — Get ready to attack enemies. The dreamer will have to make an effort to prevent the intrigues of the enemies and stop them.

Maybe something illegal is being prepared.

If a crow attacks the dreamer, in reality, he will receive unexpected news that will turn life upside down. If the raven hurt in a dream, expect meanness from someone who was considered a decent person.

Dead bird bird he prophesies good news: all troubles are over, all enemies are defeated, a bright band comes in the life of the dreamer.

Kill the crow in a dream — to victory over enemies. The dreamer will be able to calculate the evil plan of enemies and destroy their plans.

Crow Chick foreshadows good changes in personal life. Single people will meet their half, family strengthen relationships.

If a the crow was talking in a dream, should try to remember what he heard — this is very valuable information for the dreamer, which will help in life.

Why dream of a black crow?

Dream interpretation

  • ABC interpretation of dreams sees in the image of a black crow a harbinger of sorrow and unhappiness. A flock of crows foretells trouble or someone’s demise. Kill the crow in a dream — to get rid of problems and suffering.
  • Ancient Persian dream book Taflisi gives importance to the color of the crow’s plumage: a green bird brings good news, a white or yellow bird foreshadows a disease, a black bird is a messenger of trouble.
  • The newest dream book He considers the crow a harbinger of misfortune or disease. If the crow caws — the disease will take a protracted form, but healing will come.
  • Russian dream book believes that the crow dreams to lies. The crow foreshadows the death of a loved one, to kill the crow — to the overcoming of enemies.
  • Family Dream foreshadows sad events. Hearing croak is bad news and bad influence from people. Young men crow warns about deceit beloved person.
  • Dream interpretation 2012 He considers the crow to be the herald of otherworldly forces: search within yourself for strength and wisdom. Crow is the messenger of the world of spirits: expand your consciousness in order to know other spheres of being and other reality. Limited perception interferes with your spiritual development.
  • Dream interpretation of the 21st century interprets the image of the croaking crow as a bad omen. To kill a bird — to defeat a dangerous rival, to see a flock — for a meeting with a crook, a flying raven — for bad news, to eat poultry meat — for sorrow. A crow is considered a good sign with an object in its beak — the dreamer will receive money from an unforeseen source or win the lottery.

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