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Why dream of a black cat: interpretation of the dream book

Why dream of a black cat: the interpretation of the image of the dream book

To see a black cat in a dream is an ambiguous symbol indicating the presence of detractors in a person’s social circle. Also, the image in the nightly dreams can have positive values.

It is important to take into account even the smallest details of sleep in order to make up the most accurate, concrete and truthful interpretation of it: the reaction, behavior, appearance and other characteristics of the animal, its own actions, place, setting, plot. There are other interpretations of the dream, according to some well-known dream books.

The meaning of a dream about a black cat can vary depending on the sex of a sleeping person.

If an adult woman or a young girl dreamed of a cat with black hair — to the appearance of the envious. This may be a distant acquaintance or a close friend.

Whether she will perform any actions that could harm the dreamer is not known in advance. It is likely that she will not express her dislike and will behave in duplicity.

To see a black cat in a dream, and not a cat — a woman will soon be enchanted by some mysterious and charismatic man who will turn life upside down.

The plot of a black cat heralds the appearance of a sly companion to a young man. The girl will behave very closed, covertly, which will attract the dreamer.

The cat symbolizes competition with someone, rivalry, enmity. In the near future, the man will try to do something to get around his ill-wisher.

If a guy or a girl dreamed of a little black kitten — to minor problems that can turn into huge trouble. Now the dreamer or the dreamer ignore them, but later regret that they did not solve a question earlier, avoiding trouble in the future.

Why dream of a black cat: interpretation of the dream book

Initially, you should try to remember what the cat looked like, what condition it was in. Options may be as follows:

Appearance, condition and other characteristicsInterpretation
Active, cheerful, beautifulBy envy, the desire to change yourself and your life, motivation by someone or something
Sick, woundedTo the fact that a person will be able to prove to his rival that he is a strong opponent
Dead (dead, decaying, just killed)To victory over a sworn enemy or a strong competitor
Street, wildTo a bad mood, irritability, low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence and their actions, failures
Dirty, shabbyTo dissatisfaction with your partner or partner, conflicts, quarrels, disagreements and misunderstanding
LonghairTo empty the trouble and care about the little things
Purebred, homelyTo success in business, financial enrichment, peace in the family dreamer
Bald (with black skin)To the meeting with the harmful, capricious, unpleasant person in reality
Big fatTo the fact that someone who is unsympathetic to the dreamer has achieved success and is very happy about his current state of affairs
Small thinBesides the fact that an unpleasant dreamer has difficulty, is very worried about something, worries
With large black spotsTo threats and insults

Dreamed of a black cat or a cat with green eyes — to a fateful meeting with a man who will turn the life of a dreamer or dreamer. Impressions from dating will be so vivid that it will be extremely difficult to distract from them.

Sleeping rethink their aspirations, opportunities, priorities.

It is also necessary to take into account the number of dreamed cats:

  • One — to the appearance of the enemy, competitor, rival.
  • Two — to the fact that someone is plotting something unkind.
  • Three — to bad luck.
  • Seven — to the appearance of dishonest, deceitful comrades.
  • Many (ten or more) — to a series of failures and difficulties.

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