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Why dream member: interpretation of the dream

What dreams of the penis: the interpretation of the image of the dream-book

To dream of a penis in a dream — a symbol of concern about its attractiveness, beauty, as well as the desire for new acquaintances with the opposite sex. A dream can have both positive and negative values.

To compile the most accurate, specific and truthful interpretation, it is recommended to take into account even the smallest details of the image: appearance, condition, other characteristics of the penis, own actions, location, setting, plot. There are other interpretations of the dream of the genital organ, according to various popular dream books.

The value of sleep varies depending on who it is. For example:

  1. one. Woman A married girl dreamed of seeing herself with a penis — you will have to assume the obligations of your spouse, and a free girl will have the desire to find a strong man’s shoulder, to be loved. A woman dreamed of a young man with a bare penis — the birth of a child in his family or a loved one.
  2. 2 A man The young man dreamed of his genitals — to reflection, self-digging, thoughts about his own behavior. Someone else — to analyze the actions of a competitor or just someone you know, friends.
  3. 3 Child, teenager. There will be a desire to try something forbidden, vulgar.
  4. four. Elderly man. Sleep means that a man or a woman does not have enough love, intimate intimacy, and the person is very sad, remembering his young years.

Why dream member: interpretation of the dream

Initially, you should try to remember what the penis looked like in a dream:

Characteristics and nuancesInterpretation
With lots of vegetation, hairySoon some funny situation will happen that will be remembered by a person for a long time.
Bloodied, with wounds, scratches, abrasionsBlood on the penis is a symbol of problems in children, younger relatives
DirtyTo shame, embarrassment, shame, fear and strong feelings, torments — you need to monitor your reputation
Inflamed, reddened, with ulcers or soresTrouble, Difficulty, Feeling Unwell, and Health Problems
In soap, wetComing preparation for some event, event, meeting
Beautiful, sexyTo joy, love, new feelings and experiences
ErectTo love, the beginning of a new period in life, a new activity
Not erectTo fatigue, emotional burnout, discontent, fatigue
Artificial, silicone, plasticTo emotional dissatisfaction, bad mood
Strange, unusual appearanceThere will be a desire to change the sexual partner or partner

I dreamed of a penis and vagina, smeared in mud — to secret envy, anger, unkind wishes, gossip.

You should also consider the size of the body:

  • Small, short — to insecurity in themselves, their strengths, decisions, actions.
  • Average — to the implementation of plans.
  • Big long — a symbol of fertility and contentment.
  • Disproportionately huge — to the sense of self-worth, there will be a chance to prove himself in some business.

I dreamed of a very thin penis — to the disease, poor health.

Why dream member: interpretation of the dream

The key point in the compilation of the interpretation of sleep is what the dreamer did. Options may be as follows:

MasturbateTo increased libido, high sexual activity, the desire to diversify their intimate life
To helpTo the accumulation of large monetary debt, which will be difficult to return
Wipe off seminal fluidTo the completion of all affairs, satisfaction with the work performed, self-satisfaction and joy
Having sex with someoneTo changes regarding personal life, love, marriage
Hold in hand, considerTo self-digging, thoughts about their actions, words and deeds
Touch the genitals against someone’s will, desire, permissionThe person is too intrusive, annoying, and it annoys other people
Treat ulcers, soresTo attempts to correct some ambiguous situation
WashThere will be a desire to look good, be more attractive
Try to tear, hurtTo blame yourself for something, regret, longing and grief
See how the penis grew in secondsGreat luck in some business event
See a lot of genitalsTo attention signs from people of the opposite sex, flirting, new romantic relationships
Comb or shave hair on manhoodTo bragging, wasting time on meaningless pleasures
Castrate yourself, injure yourselfTo great shame, embarrassment, humiliation, getting into an ambiguous situation
To be measured with someone genitalsTo competition and rivalry in real life
Face impotenceSign of failure, disappointment, low self-esteem

If you dreamed of seeing or touching the penis of a particular person familiar in real life, then this should be taken into account:

  • The penis of the ex-husband, the boy is dreaming — to boredom, regrets, thoughts about the past.
  • The father, the senior relative — soon the person will learn some secret that will turn his opinion, views.
  • A friend or several friends — a close friend will share his secret, ask to give good advice.

I dreamed of a friend or an unfamiliar girl with a penis — this sign foreshadows a meeting with a woman who has a strong but not simple character. Who she will account for the dreamer is unknown in advance.

Why dream member: interpretation of the dream

Place and plot in a dream also play an important role:

  • To see the penis at home, in a private setting — to a frank conversation with someone, a dedication to their secrets, personal experiences.
  • On the street, in a public place — a dream means that soon everything intimate will become public.

If you had a dream about a job or an educational institution, then some kind of situation with the team will happen soon. To the dreamer or the dreamer will change the attitude for the worse or better.

There are other interpretations of the dream of the sexual organ, according to various well-known dream books:

Dream interpretationInterpretation
FreudFreud deciphers the dream as a symbol of rapid changes in sexuality, diversity, change of partners, betrayal
MillerA dreamer, consciously or unconsciously, dreams of diversifying his intimate life
TsvetkovaSoon, the person will change self-esteem: he will be either very pleased or dissatisfied with himself
GrishinaGrishina foreshadows the dreamer deception, betrayal, lies in real life — you need to be vigilant
Witch MedeaThis dream book promises new acquaintances, outbreak of feelings, passionate sexual intimacy to a man or woman.

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