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Why dream many dogs

What dreams of many dogs — interpretation

In this article I will tell you why many dogs dream, and how to interpret such a dream. I picked up the interpretation of the best dream books, which I use myself.

Read, analyze, check.

Family Dream

The authors of this dream book believe that dogs are the personification of friendship and appropriate quality. Their interpretation is based on this.

Why dream many dogs

Choose the appropriate forecast:

  1. If the dogs in the dream were small, just puppies, it means that in reality you will have a lot of trouble, which will put you in a state of vanity and endless worries.
  2. If the dogs were black, this is an unfavorable sign. He says that some of your friends really have a bad opinion about you. From him we can expect betrayal, deception. He planned to substitute you, so you need to be alert and more attentive to their surroundings.
  3. White dogs are a symbol of sincerity and faithful friendship. If you saw them in a dream, then you should not worry about how true your friends are. These are really close people, ready for you for many things.
  4. Red puppies dream of romantic adventures. This is a sign that someone from your environment has tender feelings for you, and will soon try to show them.
  5. Neutral sleep with a different pack of dogs foreshadows good news from a close friend. He can not wait to share with you some pleasant event of his life, which is indirectly related to your well-being.
  6. Decorative homemade doggies, small and cute, promise acquaintance with a person who in the future will become for you a very close and devoted friend who will always give a shoulder and give good advice.
  7. If dogs of large breeds, for example, Great Danes or Bull Terriers, and in a dream they behaved aggressively, it means that your friends are not. They are full of anger and just rubbed their trust in order to ruin your life in the future.
  8. Hunting dogs say that someone is using you to get material gain. This person does not treat you sincerely, and the motivation for friendship with you is only self-interest.
  9. Watchdogs dream of acquaintance not just with a friend, but also with a mentor, a patron. This person will teach you a lot, protect you in a difficult moment and give a shoulder.
  10. If the dogs in the dream tried to play with you, they bent and showed goodwill, this is a favorable sign. In real life, you will begin to like people, your attractiveness will reach its peak. Take a moment.
  11. Loud bark is a great omen. Expect success in business and good profit. Such a dream is always a dream in anticipation of financial well-being. This is a sign that you find yourself on the very crest of a wave, and luck will accompany you in every action and deed of yours.

Psychological dream book

The authors of this dream book interpret dreams based on knowledge of the possibilities of the unconscious. They believe that every dream is a signal from the subconscious, warning a person about some significant event in his life.

Why dream many dogs

  1. If in a dream you were attacked by a pack of dogs, and you were trying with all the forces to fight back, then you will have to resist the attacks in reality. You have a lot of detractors who will try to spread dirty rumors and gossip about you. You will need to make war to restore reputation and regain credibility.
  2. If in a dream a man attacked you, and the dogs tried to protect, this is an auspicious sign. You have a very strong guardian angel, a higher power protects you every second. Remember how often inexplicable events happened when you got into a difficult situation, and how easy it was in the end.
  3. An ominous dream in which you see wounded or dead dogs does not bode well. In the near future you will receive bad news about the death or serious illness of a loved one.
  4. Fed a pack of puppies in a dream? In real life, you are considered a reliable person you can always rely on. You easily take responsibility, always keep promises, so people love and respect you.
  5. A pack of huge dogs dream to the support of a close friend. Or, to get acquainted with a person who will become your helper and protector, will teach a lot and help you achieve success in life.

Ancient dream book

For the authors of this treatise, the dog was a symbol of courage and bravery, observation and loyalty, reliability and devotion. In accordance with this, they constituted interpretations.

Why dream many dogs

Here are their predictions:

  1. A pack of dogs that make loud and unusual sounds that have little resemblance to barking is an unfavorable sign. In reality, all your friends are not real. They are smiling in the eyes, and they say bad things behind their backs. You have to grow up and learn to understand people.
  2. A leisurely walk with dogs foreshadows acquaintance with a very pleasant person, who in the future may become your true friend and helper. This is a real like-minded person who will completely share your world view and views.
  3. If a lot of dogs accompany you in a dream, do not show active actions, but keep away, it means that in reality you will avoid some difficult situation. In time, solve the enemy’s cunning plan and neutralize it.

Important: when choosing an interpretation for sleep, listen to your intuition. She will tell you which prediction is right for you.

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  • Dogs — a symbol of friendship, loyalty and sincere intentions. All interpretations are based on this fact.
  • The more you liked the dogs, the more friendly you were, the more favorable the outlook would be.
  • If the dogs showed aggression, attacked and aroused fear in your dream, then in reality you live surrounded by enemies who, under the guise of friendship, are trying to harm you.

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