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Why dream little mice: the interpretation of sleep

Why dream of little mice: interpretation of different dream books

Most often, little mice dream of trouble. The number of rodents is usually taken into account: the fewer they are, the fewer expected problems.

But even if the mouse is one, for the correct interpretation of sleep, one must take into account the color of the rodent, its behavior, and the general situation. Play the role and the actions of the dreamer, the appearance in the vision of cats, dogs, birds of prey.

Famous dream books can interpret the same dream in different ways.

If a person dreams of little mice, need to prepare for a variety of troubles. Usually these small rodents do not bode well for the future.

In different dream books, dream interpretations are given, differing in details:

Dream interpretationWhat foreshadows dream
MillerTreachery of friends, trouble in real life. Kill the animal in a dream — in reality watching the victory of enemies. A runaway rodent promises to fight with troubles
WangiDream Vanga originally predicted a lot of damage in grain stocks. Today it can be interpreted as follows: a mouse in an apartment is a danger of material difficulties, in the workplace it is deprivation of a premium, and punishment in the form of fines. As an option — a quick rise in price of essential products. Advice from the dreamed animal — to make stocks of provisions
NostradamusA live mouse is a harbinger of war, famine, a dead one — a sign of impending financial losses
AesopThe treatment is multivalued: at the same time experience weakness, but apply ingenuity and dexterity. Kill the animal — face the challenge of fulfilling a complex mission, task, succeed with all your strength, skills, dexterity and courage
TsvetkovaTo dream a mouse — to lose a loved one in the near future. Sometimes it is a warning about the appearance in the life of a secret adversary.
White Maga LongoThe danger that a new acquaintance entails. Catch a small rodent — get a great inheritance, financial gain
HasseIt is a symbol of hard life. Hear the squeak of mice — the possibility of robbery
IdiomaticSuch a dream is a precursor of vanity, trivial problems, petty quarrels.
FrenchWarning about the insidious plans of the one who was given confidence
EsotericSmall nonsense, because of which there will be a chance to get into an awkward situation
JewishWarning about the intrigues of the hidden foe
ChildPeer ridicule or serious illness
GypsyA new friend will cause trouble and failure
Yellow EmperorDiseases on an emotional or psychological level. It is necessary to stop complaining, look for the guilty around, be nervous over trifles

The interpretation of an Islamic dream book differs from most interpretations. He promises only good things to the dreamer: joyful events, profits, good luck in solving problems.

Why dream little mice: the interpretation of sleep

The interpretation of a dream depends on how the dreamed small domestic rodents look. Here the role is played, what mouse color:

You should consider the age, size and type of animal, it is alive or dead:

The appearance of rodentsPredictions
  1. 1. Seeing yourself as a gray mouse is a hint that you should change your image, image, and manner of behavior.
  2. 2. It is time to step out of the shadows — the time to present the leadership to their full talents is just the question of career advancement being considered at the highest level.
  1. 1. The hidden foe is extremely cunning, therefore it is especially dangerous.
  2. 2. Someone using magic trying to damage the evil eye.
  1. 1. A strong marriage.
  2. 2. The number of white mice in a dream is proportional to the number of future successes and joys.
  3. 3. For married — effective support from the outside.

It is believed that these animals in dreams warn of dental disease

  1. 1. The cunning of the evil and strong rival, the intrigues and gossip emanating from him.
  2. 2. Trouble from a loved one or a loved one
  1. 1. Mice are forerunners of joyful events. For a young woman, this is a new fan, with whom she will have a long relationship, a successful union. For a man — a meeting with a betrothed.
  2. 2. A dream, where both mice and people are present at once, promises the dreamer a long-awaited pleasant meeting, a great holiday.
  3. 3. Sometimes a dream promises an unsuccessful marriage, problems of mutual understanding with children.
  1. 1. One mouse — loneliness, longing.
  2. 2. A lot of old mice — family troubles
  1. 1. Sign that someone wants the dreamer to die.
  2. 2. Victory over the enemy, the ill-wisher.
  3. 3. Dead mice — financial difficulties
  1. 1. The dreamer is too self-confident — this can cause trouble.
  2. 2. Unreasonable fear of competitors is the cause of failure
  1. 1. Attempting to commit a creative act radically turn the fate. Self-disbelief is not the best option.
  2. 2. Catch — get promoted, public recognition
  1. 1. Many small, easily resolved troubles.
  2. 2. A big party with lots of guests
  1. 1. In the house — a warning about possible loss of work or unforeseen major expenses.
  2. 2. Swarming in the ground — financial gain
Home (in a cage)
  1. 1. Energy and forces are spent irrationally. We need to look for another job, change the scope of activities, think about a hobby — is it a lot of finances?
  2. 2. Sleep promises to solve financial problems, career growth
  1. 1. To see — the presence of a rival (rival) in love.
  2. 2. Take in hand — to the imminent wedding or the appearance of the long-awaited child
  1. 1. Detractors prepare wiles. Need to be alert.
  2. 2. The presence of a family "skeletons in the closet"which, having opened, will prevent further measured life.
Mechanical or electronic
  1. 1. The detractor has great power and authority.
  2. 2. A creative approach to solving problems will help improve the situation.

Why dream little mice: the interpretation of sleep

To properly decipher sleep, you need to remember the actions of the dreamer:

Dreamer ActionsPrediction
Catch yourself
  1. 1. Getting an expensive gift, profit.
  2. 2. The situation when someone deftly manipulates the dreamer
Hold in hand, treating or caressing
  1. 1. The machinations of an opponent or rival.
  2. 2. Making a profit, a gift.
See on their clothes
  1. 1. The scandal, where the dreamer — the main character, gossip.
  2. 2. White mouse — quick wedding
Eat mouse
  1. 1. The likelihood of actions that will entail negative consequences.
  2. 2. The threat of life due to an accident, infectious or viral disease
See in bed
  1. 1. Adultery.
  2. 2. Trouble at work, at home.
  3. 3. For idlers — unwanted pregnancy
Rodent running around the room eating a dreamer
  1. 1. Disease of the dreamer himself or his relatives.
  2. 2. Invitation to the event, where the rich table will be laid
To catch a rodent who eventually got scared and ran away
  1. 1. Enemies temporarily lurk, preparing new machinations.
  2. 2. Good news from friends with whom there has been no communication
Crush foot
  1. 1. Defeat an opponent, an enemy.
  2. 2. To see blood at this time — one of your relatives is plotting machinations, which will soon open
Poison poison
  1. 1. Cunning and creative approach to the problem will succeed in defeating an opponent or rival.
  2. 2. In the near future, chronic diseases will remind you of yourself.
Feed yourself
  1. 1. Tip: for those who are weaker, you need to take a condescending attitude, assist and help.
  2. 2. The presence of people using the dreamer: his discoveries, projects, ideas, finance
Drown in water
  1. 1. Disposal of debts, credit obligations.
  2. 2. Bad Sign — to the drowned
Take in the hands of beautiful animals
  1. 1. For singles — a favorable meeting with the chosen one.
  2. 2. For childless — the birth of a long-awaited child or adoption.
  3. 3. Possible treason favorite
Put a mousetrap
  1. 1. Dreamer — an enterprising man, resourceful. With keenness and cunning, he will be able to find a creative solution to the problem, however complex it may be.
  2. 2. Exposing the ill intentions of detractors

Why dream little mice: the interpretation of sleep

For accurate prediction, it is very important to consider how mice behave, how they interact with other animals:

Animal activitiesValue of sleep
Mouse bites the dreamer
  1. 1. The threat of life.
  2. 2. Achieving the goal
Rodents swim in the water
  1. 1. Defeat the enemies will not succeed, they will find a way to minimize all the efforts of the dreamer.
  2. 2. To see in the apartment in the bath — a large gift from loved ones
Cat catches mice in the house
  1. 1. Effectively — great luck and profit. The more rodents caught, the more joy fate in the future.
  2. 2. To no avail — it’s time to put things in order
Cat brings a rodent host in the mouth
  1. 1. The beginning of the light period in life.
  2. 2. The patronage of a strong man
His cat eats rodent
  1. 1. The hour of reprisal against the dreamer’s enemies is near. This event will have an element of cruelty.
  2. 2. The position that the dreamer expects to receive may go to another. Should be more active in professional terms
The cat plays the mouse
  1. 1. The victory over detractors, a chance of revenge.
  2. 2. Losses due to the betrayal of a loved one who has been helped for free for a long time
Alien cat feeds the mouse
  1. 1. Without the participation of the dreamer competitors will be defeated.
  2. 2. Expected position "swim away" to a colleague
The little mouse ran away from the cat
  1. 1. A scandal in the family of loved ones, which the dreamer will have to witness.
  2. 2. Probability of avoiding trouble
Cat and mice live nearby
  1. 1. A fascinating journey.
  2. 2. Friendly animals — financial profit.
  3. 3. Warring — travel and making responsible decisions are better postponed.
Little mouse is sleeping
  1. 1. In the children of the dreamer, everything will be fine.
  2. 2. In the near future, the authorities will notice the zeal of the dreamer and will appreciate
Little animal in blood
  1. 1. News from distant relatives.
  2. 2. Meeting with relatives with whom communication has long been lost
Mouse falls from the ceiling
  1. 1. Troubles that nobody expected.
  2. 2. The enemy will reveal his face, will become known to the dreamer
Rodent says
  1. 1. Something amazing, strange will happen.
  2. 2. The meaning of the words of mice plays an important role, contains a prediction of the future, answers to questions
The mouse fell into the bosom
  1. 1. To the big trouble.
  2. 2. To illness or loss of a loved one
Mouse nibbled clothes
  1. 1. To the death of the owner of the order.
  2. 2. To financial losses for the dreamer
The mouse hit the mousetrap
  1. 1. The division of property through the court.
  2. 2. An event that will soon force to change its principles
The mouse is on its hind legs.
  1. 1. Fast achievement of the goal, realization of the conceived.
  2. 2. Transition detractors in the camp of friends

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