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Why dream i’m naked

I dreamed that I was naked — how to understand what it means?

Many women ask why I dream about being naked, can such a dream hint at deviations. Absolutely not.

Such a dream can have several meanings directly opposite to each other. Matters context and mood during sleep.

Interest, embarrassment, that I am naked in a dream, focusing on my nudity shows a willingness to experiment, an interest in self-knowledge, the discovery of new opportunities for the individual. Such a dream is positive.

Nevertheless, nudity, openness and cover removal is always a warning. If you are naked in a dream, and you are not embarrassed at all, you are busy with daily activities — you are amazingly harmonious and practically achieved perfection in understanding yourself and your interests. Perhaps you should pay a little attention to others.

Excessive selfishness is rarely beneficial.

Why dream i'm naked

If you are naked, you are shown a finger, and you indifferently turn away — some emotional coldness is possible. If you dream that you are a member of a bare protest demonstration, and you are detained by law enforcement officers — you are on the verge of and holding out of the last forces on the border of decency.

Values ​​of bare sleep

  • The pleasure of own nudity in a dream, despite the obvious pleasantness of a dream, unfortunately, does not bode well. This category of sleep also includes looking at yourself in front of a mirror, masturbation in front of a mirror in a dream. Such dreams signal complacency, personal stagnation, and possible serious problems in a relationship. We will have to make a huge effort to overcome the unfavorable situation.
  • Shame, public exposure, «everything was as usual, and suddenly everyone noticed that I was naked» — fear of exposure, rejection of myself. You need to learn to treat yourself better. This is not about body positivity, although attractive women are more likely to suffer from such dreams, but about willingness to accept themselves as they are. Perhaps you are too compliant, hiding your true nature, hiding emotions. Find a way out for your frankness. Keep a diary, talk with friends, with relatives. Go to a psychologist. Putting all about yourself to a stranger is a great therapy. Sleep rather good. In real life, you are sure to receive positive compensation for the humiliation experienced. Get ready to receive gifts.
  • Forced or involuntary nudity, when you try to behave as usual, despite the fact that you are naked in whole or in part — you are trying to hide a secret and are afraid of exposure. Do not be afraid. No one will know anything unless you talk yourself out.
  • The situation with the naked king. If it seems to you that everything is fine, but others see that you are naked and give you signs about it, suddenly you realize that you really are naked and have seen it all — your game is revealed. Your secrets are open secret. What you considered to be a tricky game no longer matters and the people around you laugh at you. Find the strength to smile with them. But do not disclose secrets directly. Even if they are known to all. Without your direct confirmation, it is still quite possible to settle.

Values ​​for the dream book

  • According to Miller, the dream book that I am naked is interpreted as an unexpected turn of events. To swim naked in clear water means to cause sexual desire among others. If the water is turbid — you have enemies.
  • According to Freud’s dream book, if a woman sees herself naked, she is ready for a new relationship. If nudity causes negative feelings, you can see the disadvantages — you are too carried away with self-criticism. To see a lot of naked women in a dream means danger to a woman. Perhaps your partner is not completely honest and frank with you. Many naked men — you choose a lover, even if you yourself do not know about it.
  • The dream interpretation of elements treats nudity as an indicator of spiritual purity and openness. If you talk to people, give instructions, manage, you have tremendous mental strength and authority.
  • Lao dream book promises disease. Be especially attentive to your health.
  • The meaning of naked sleep according to the dream book may vary depending on traditions, habits and upbringing. Even the most accurate interpretations will become a reality only if you allow yourself. Perhaps you are subconsciously ready to seduce the man of your dreams. Sleep shows you this. But whether you will do it or not in real life depends only on you.


To dream that I’m naked is a signal from your soul that desperately needs attention. Nudity, including defiant and demonstrative — a sign of defenselessness.

Perhaps in the face of the crowd, colleagues, their own sexuality.

Try to draw attention to yourself. Change the music in the player, enter the interest club, find a new interesting partner or arrange a romantic evening with your loved one in an unexpected entourage.

Does sleep mean change? Make a change for yourself.

It will be better if you take the process into your own hands.

Test the strength of your surroundings. Probably, among friends there are unwelcome truth-seekers who want to expose you.

Do not give them a reason.

Remove the negative of naked sleep can be a simple visit to a nudist camp or a public bath. Direct realization of the meaning of sleep completely eliminates any negative meanings.

You dreamed that you were naked — here you are naked, among other naked people, and this is absolutely normal. Rough and direct realization of dreams with double meaning is the best way to neutralize the negative.

SPA salon with massage is also a good option.

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