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Why dream haircut on the head

Why dream haircut on my head?

Why dream haircut on my head? Hair has a symbolic meaning of vitality, so cutting hair in a dream can prophesy negative events.

However, in some cases, going to a hairdresser in a dream may symbolize the successful development of life situations. Let’s see what they say dream books on this topic.

Why dream haircut on the head

General interpretation

The meaning of this dream depends largely on the emotional perception of cutting hair. What did you feel?

Joy or regret?

If the general emotional state was negative, sleep foreshadows a series of troubles, mainly related to health. You will lose vitality.

It is important to remember how your appearance has changed after shearing. If hairy balms formed or the tips of your hair turned out to be uneven, it means you are in for big trouble.

This may be a loss of prestige among the circle of familiar faces, and for a woman this dream may mean a loss of reputation of a decent woman.

If you like a new haircut in a dream, then expect favorable changes in life. There comes a bright streak of luck in everything.

However, if you dream of cutting off beautiful long hair, and you feel regret or fear at the same time, beware of trouble.

If you see yourself in a dream as a hairdresser, it means that in reality you will help the person to whom you have done your hair. Remember, was it a familiar person or a stranger?

In any case, you give him support.

Shaving hair to a stranger

A very unfavorable sign is considered such a dream in which a stranger cuts hair (not a hairdresser). This means a loss of independence: someone will greatly affect your life and deprive you of much.

If you cut your hair against your will, then expect soon meanness and treachery on the part of other people. Be vigilant and careful in contacts, apply protective measures.

If the haircut and hairstyle does the hairdresser, then the meaning of the dream will depend on your inner feelings when experiencing this plot. Joyful feelings at the sight of a beautiful hairstyle promise pleasant changes and success in life.

Disappointment in a dream predicts that things will not go well.

If you did a haircut in a hairdressing salon with a large gathering of people, in reality, you are expected to participate in the discussion. The subject of discussion will be you and your activities. A bad interpretation of this dream has in the case of your experiences during the haircut — you can deprive of something valuable.

This may be the loss of a job or the appearance of a mistress in her husband.

If you cut a hair familiar person, in reality, there may be a conflict with this sleep character. However, if you feel a sense of pleasure in this, then a friend will help you get rid of something unpleasant in life.

Cut hair yourself

The common sense of this dream is that experiences and frustrations are coming. Something will change in your personal life and bring sadness.

If you are self and focusedo clipped the ends of the hair with scissors, this indicates complete control of the situation on your part. Expect good luck in the enterprise!

If you cut a pile of hair on your head, it means that something does not suit you very much in life — you are trying to get rid of problems on the path of life.

Why dream haircut on the head

Short haircut

If you see yourself with short-cropped hair, this dream does not bode well. The meaning of sleep may be:

  • loss of strength and energy;
  • future illness;
  • fear of the future;
  • inability to act actively;
  • inability to make decisions;
  • hope of helping others.

If you see yourself trimmed to zero, then expect adverse changes. You have lost control of the situation, and now it remains to go with the flow.

For women, this dream is especially unfavorable.

If you shave your hair to zero, This means that cardinal changes in life will soon await you, and it will be you who will initiate them.

If you are shaved bald by someone else, it means that someone will soon burst into your life and change everything beyond recognition. For good or for ill, your emotional reaction to this action will prompt.

In the esoteric tradition, hair symbolizes a connection with the cosmos and higher powers. Any manipulation with curls on the head predicts some change in life.

Remember carefully — where and when your hair was cut, who did it, what feelings did you have during the haircut?

To lose hair in a dream is to lose everything in life. If a stranger shaves you, then beware of the meanness of strangers.

If a relative cuts you, expect trouble from him. The shorter the haircut, the more intense adverse events will develop.

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