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Why dream flour

What dreams of dream of dream

How to find out why dream flour? You can browse a lot of dream books and get confused. Or read this article, in which I collected for you the best predictions.

Read to understand what will happen to you after a certain dream.

Psychological dream book

These interpretations will please those who like to delve into their subconscious to know themselves better. They are based on knowledge of human psychology.

Why dream flour

  1. Flour — a symbol of human desires. If they dream of pure, white, top grade, then your dreams will soon come true. And from you practically any efforts will not be required.
  2. Baking flour from bread — in real life, you too often impede your own success, slow down yourself in the process of achieving goals. Because of this, desires don’t come true as quickly as you would like.
  3. Gray flour second grade — to a happy life. You do not have to worry about anything. And your happiness will not be associated with money. Life can be modest in material terms, but, nevertheless, bring you tremendous satisfaction.
  4. Flour sales — the case in which you are now involved, can lead to unpredictable consequences. There is a huge risk of losing the invested funds, so be careful in your actions.
  5. Bake cakes or muffins — you will find the long-awaited peace in your personal life. No more searching for a soul mate or solving family problems. Everything will be fine, as if by magic.
  6. Black flour — financial situation will deteriorate sharply. You can either lose your job, remain without an airbag or lose money the other way. But remember that all troubles are temporary, and you are able to cope with them.
  7. Soil your hands in flour — you will become the object of heated discussions in society. Your name will be the subject of gossip and rumors. which can tarnish your reputation a little.

Dream interpretation Hasse

The author of this dream book is a medium. He made his predictions based on observations of folk traditions, signs, and also relying on ancient esoteric knowledge.

Why dream flour

Here are his predictions:

  1. To see flour in a dream — to material well-being. Very soon you will reach a level of income that will allow you not to think about money, but to devote your free time to more spiritual things.
  2. Flour flour — you literally boils energy. Forces so much that you are able to move mountains. Your potential in this period is on the rise, so be sure to use it to achieve your goals.
  3. Grind flour — to a long, happy and secure life. This forecast is not for the very near future, but for the long term. But you can lay the foundation for future well-being now.
  4. Flour flour — you spend a lot of money in vain. The desire to possess some thing will eclipse your mind, and you will make some kind of spontaneous, expensive, but very useless purchase.
  5. Big mountain of flour — beware of losing money. In no case do not lend and invest in questionable projects. You need to keep your bills and wallet.
  6. Make flour — if you have been looking for a job for a long time, you will soon get a lucrative offer. You will be offered a position with a good salary, but you will have to work very hard.

Dream Cananita

This dream book contains modern predictions, which are based on the ancient Greek «Book of dreams.» The authors rewrote the ancient prophecies and adapted them to our reality.

Why dream flour

  1. Flour — a symbol of well-being. The more she is in her dream, the more prosperity will be in the life of the dreamer. But there is a nuance: he will earn any money only through hard work, he doesn’t get anything easy.
  2. To scatter flour or dispel it to the wind — you are entering a favorable life period. You will be full of strength and energy, you can realize any project. Any business you undertake will be successful.
  3. Grind flour — unexpected wealth will fall on the dreamer. It is worth trying to buy a lottery ticket — the probability of your luck is very high.
  4. Rice flour for baking — a symbol of peace and comfort at home. Such a dream suggests that at home you will always find support and understanding, whatever events happen in the outside world.
  5. Flax flour is an unfavorable sign. Your financial situation will deteriorate greatly due to mistakes made in the past. You need to draw the right conclusions in order not to bring the situation to a global personal crisis.
  6. Sell ​​flour on the market — you are an adventurous person and love to take risks. But now in your life a period when this should not be done. Try to analyze your decisions. Be guided by the motto: “Measure seven times — cut once”.

Alphabet Dream Book

  1. A bag of flour is a symbol of stability. After a series of hardships and failures, you will find the long-awaited peace. More will have to survive and save.
  2. The mill is an unfavorable sign. There will be a period of permanent anxiety in your life. You will become anxious about the future, which will prevent you from concentrating on business in the present.
  3. Cornmeal — your personal life will improve. Such a dream promises tremendous success in love affairs. You will accept signs of attention and courting, compliments in a quantity that has not happened before.
  4. Fall into the flour — you are a great hostess, mother and wife. Your loved ones are nice and warm with you. You are an example of a real woman who decorates a house, creates comfort in it and transforms the space around you for the better.
  5. Flour with bugs — to quarrels and conflicts with a loved one, which may in some time lead to separation.

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  • In most dream books, flour symbolizes a person’s material status, the level of his vital energy and the likelihood of fulfillment of desires.
  • To determine which interpretation is closer to you, just listen to your intuition — it will prompt the right answers.
  • For a clearer understanding of your dreams, keep a diary of dreams: put a pen and a notebook next to the bed, and in the morning when you wake up, immediately record your dreams in the smallest detail.

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