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Why dream evil dog: the interpretation of the dream book

What does a wicked dog dream about — detailed interpretation of the dream books

As a rule, an evil dog foreshadows bad events: conflicts, quarrels, fights, disappointment and betrayal. The exception is a dream in which it protects a person or indirectly helps him avoid trouble. If on the eve of a collision with an aggressive dog in real life, his image may be unrelated to predictions for the future, because in this way the subconscious tries to erase negative emotions from memory.

The interpretation of a dream depends largely on the size and color of the animal, its actions and the reaction of the sleeper on the danger resulting from the dog.

  • A married angry dog, seen in a dream, predicts a quarrel with her husband, the initiator of which will be herself. If a woman was pursued by a pack of dogs, the whole family would be opposed to her.
  • Free to go through attacks because of their status. Perhaps she will become a party to a conflict with a family where there are children.
  • Pregnant such a dream is a warning about the problems during childbirth. The bite of a mad dog promises birth trauma or premature birth of a child due to the influence of factors independent of a woman.
  • Divorced will have to defend their property rights in the division of common property. A dog that got attached to her and barked loudly, symbolizes relatives who will criticize the decision to leave her husband.
  • Married meeting with an evil dog foreshadows disappointment in the chosen one. For some time she was kind and sweet, but now she will show her true nature.
  • A single person should not seek the attention of a woman who is cold to him, since relations with her will not develop anyway. The bite of a little mongrel means an attempt by a lady, with whom he previously had intimate contact, to achieve something by blackmail.
  • A divorced animal to a divorced person says that the former spouse is eager for revenge and is ready to resort to any methods to annoy the man who left her.

Why dream evil dog: the interpretation of the dream book

The place and circumstances in which the dreamer saw a vicious animal, tell about how events will develop in reality.

A placeValue
In the boothA negative situation will not affect a person or members of his family, but will leave an indelible mark in his memory and teach him to be more careful.
On a leashSomething is holding back trouble
Behind the fenceSomeone from the number of loyal friends or close relatives will have problems that cannot be resolved without the help of a dreamer.
On the chainIrritation and fatigue. The sleeper will have to perform many tasks.
In the HouseIn the dwelling of a sleeping person is a man who is plotting something bad. For some time it is worth limiting the range of contacts.
In the carIf the car is in motion, and the sleeper is sitting in the cabin next to the dog, the negative situation will develop incrementally; an evil dog is guarding his car in the parking lot — a good sign, soon everything will get better in life
BesideSomething unpleasant will happen to the dreamer soon
Long awayCircumstances will not be well. You should not make plans for the distant future, because it is highly likely that the actions of other people will destroy them

Why dream evil dog: the interpretation of the dream book

What the dreamer is doing indicates his attitude to what is happening and suggests a way out of the situation.

TeasingA person loves risk, is not afraid of the dangers that can be expected in the course of his life. This can be either a good sign or a bad one (for example, if the dreamer stirs the dog while intoxicated)
FeedsAttempts to cajole a dog with food indicate that the problem can be solved by giving a bribe. It should be remembered that this method is illegal and is likely to entail new troubles. Giving poisoned food — the dreamer intends to fight injustice in all possible ways.
IroningIf the dog calms down from touch, diplomatic skills and the ability to negotiate will help the person to avoid conflict. Otherwise, all actions aimed at finding a consensus will be fruitless.
Talking toGiving an evil dog to the team is an attempt to reason with the interlocutor who does not listen to reasonable arguments. To persuade the dog, to distract him with his voice is necessary in cases where the situation is indifferent to the sleeping, but he is forced to show interest in a successful outcome
Runs awayIncorrect assessment of their strength makes them pull away at the slightest difficulty
KillsDecisive confrontation. To kill a dog with a stone or a stick abandoned from afar is a hidden influence on events; unwillingness to advertise their help; blundered act
CallingThe person understands that trouble has arisen due to his actions, and tries to correct the error.

If in a dream a person resolutely entered into a fight with a dog and threw it to the ground, it means that he will also emerge victorious from the confrontation with enemies. The absence of any damage suggests that in reality he will not suffer any material or moral damages.

The dog still managed to catch the clothes with his teeth or grabbed them for some part of the body — the damage would be insignificant.

Why dream evil dog: the interpretation of the dream book

The actions of the dog symbolize the development of the situation.

Menacing roarsSomeone will try to intimidate the dreamer. A huge growling dog means blackmail. Hearing a growl behind his back, but not being able to look back — people about whom the dreamer had a good opinion made him the subject of his intrigues
BarkingUnpleasant news. If the sleeper hears barking, but does not see the dog, someone spreads false information about him
Grinning teethBy his actions, a person offends close people, colleagues or acquaintances, or infringes upon their rights. They strongly hint to him that they do not want to put up with a similar state of affairs, but he does not notice discontent.
Catch upSurrounding people are trying hard to make their opinion decisive in the life of the dreamer. Do not follow someone else’s advice or take obviously unprofitable offers.
  • For the hand — a warning. It is necessary to reflect on their actions, perhaps there is a risk of harming yourself physically or materially.
  • Behind a leg — trouble will happen on the way, you should postpone the planned trip, a walk.
  • Before blood — a blood relative will commit an unfair act towards the sleeper or become a source of trouble.
  • Bloodless bite — a stranger will try to shift his guilt to the person who had a dream
RushesQuarrel with a friend, not implying the resumption of good relations
ProtectsSign that the people around are ready to defend the dreamer. Huge dog guard symbolizes the help of higher powers

The appearance of the dog indicates what happens to the dreamer in real life.

LargeDestruction of long-term relationships (both business and love) at the initiative of the partner. A giant hunting dog attacking a male dreamer says that he needs to be more courteous with women
SmallMinor conflicts and troubles associated with the case, which in the end will bring pleasure
WhiteMeans small family quarrels. They will arise due to misunderstanding in the family, but the situation will quickly settle
GrayBetrayal of the best friend. If a dog of this suit reacts aggressively to protect its puppies, this may indicate that the spouse or spouse of the dreamer is cheating on his partner with someone from good friends or close relatives. That person is also married
BrownCommunicating with an unpleasant and rude person who is nonetheless distinguished by honesty, fairness and unbreakable moral principles.
BlackUndisguised hatred
RedheadSymbolizes a colleague who plunders the property of the company. Perhaps the dreamer, without even noticing it, witnessed his unlawful actions. Now an unclean person wants to intimidate him in order to avoid publicity. Also, the dogs of the red color indicate a conspiracy on the part of relatives.
SpottyThe troubles, which managed to cope, will remind myself again
ShaggyHe who dreamed of such an animal is inclined to exaggerate the extent of his experiences. He is always tuned to the worst case scenario and does not want to bring at least a bit of positive into his life. A black shaggy dog ​​indicates superstition, which, combined with pessimism, makes such a person unbearable. And if the wool is felted, hangs with mats, you should seek help from a psychotherapist, as it is no longer possible to get rid of obsessive and at the same time contradictory thoughts
EmaciatedInfectious disease in the latent period. If the dog barks, it is a sign that a nervous breakdown may occur. The bite of a very thin dog denotes the impotent rage of enemies
ToothlessThe negative that surrounds a person is not capable of causing him harm. A dreamer who struggles against such an animal with all his might, in reality, suffers from excessive suspiciousness and most of the problems simply invent
DirtyRecently, the sleeper has done something that is censured by society, and now he is afraid that other people will know about his act. If the dog tried to bite and tear off the leg or sleeve, these fears are not in vain.

To dream of an unrealistic aggressive dog (animated, animated toy) — a tendency to exaggerate risks and senseless fears.

The most common dream scenarios.

Mad dog attackThe sleeper had to spend a lot of time and effort to overcome the troubles, now he needs rest. If an animal with which a person is familiar or lives in the same house has gone mad, one will have to endure the betrayal of a friend. It will be a real shock, and trust in people will not return soon.
Dog pulls out of the hands of the package with foodCareless statement will give enemies the opportunity to rebuke the dreamer. Many dogs are tormented by a pack — reputation will be spoiled due to scandal raised in the media
Surrounded by a flock of evil dogsLack of like-minded people. Staying in an unfriendly team
The dog rushes to his masterThe source of trouble should be sought in oneself. Character traits or perceptions of the world make you act to the detriment of your own interests.
Evil dog bit his manYou can not defend personal opinion. Circumstances can break the sleeper, and he will give up the case, which previously seemed easy and promising. Poor state of mind after communicating with an unpleasant person. If a dog bites a neck artery in one bite, trouble will happen unexpectedly and the person will not be able to cope with it.
The dog has a human faceThe problem could be solved at the initial stage with the help of discussion and search for compromises. Now there is no such possibility
The dog reacts aggressively to the catSenseless quarrels at work, in which the dreamer is better not to stick. If a dog in a dream knocked a man down, take a neutral position will not work
The dog is trying to jump the fenceEnemies will stop at nothing to make meanness
Dogs are fighting among themselvesIf the reason for this behavior was the division of prey, you will have to deal with a real miser. In other cases, fighting dogs dream of as a harbinger of hostilities or large-scale personal conflicts unfolding in the immediate vicinity of the dreamer’s residence.

The compilers of dream books interpret the appearance of an angry dog ​​in a dream in different ways.

Dream interpretationDecryption
FamilyBad news will come to a house whose owner heard a barking angry dog ​​in a dream. If a person is afraid that he will be bitten, in reality he will have to resist those who convince him of helplessness. A woman sees a dream in which she is protected by a big dog, if she is to marry with a strong and strong-willed man who can stand up for all family members.
MillerThe evil dog is the embodiment of deceit. Opponents will refuse to fair struggle, competitors will try to do what will harm the business of the sleeper. A pedigreed and well-groomed dog, barking loudly at the dreamer, promises him problems with fiscal organs. Snoop follows the trail and aggressively yelps — a warning against the disastrous temptation
HasseGnawing dogs symbolize a family quarrel, an evil chain dog foreshadows the appearance of enemies, and the bite of this animal indicates dissension over money. The attack speaks of the danger that awaits the dreamer
WangiBeing attacked by a dog is a bad sign. The sleeper is corrupted or cursed. Failures will result from the influence of dark forces. If you succeeded in fighting off the dog, it means that the person has a chance to avoid trouble, but only if he turns to God for help in time.
LoffeThe character of the dog reflects the dreamer’s relationship with friends and relatives. An evil animal is a clue that among them there is someone who wishes evil to a person who has seen a dream, so you should not trust everyone blindly.

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