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Why dream evil dog

Why dream angry dog ​​dream

To determine what the evil dog is dreaming about, read the interpretations of the dream books that I have selected in this article. Try to remember the breed, color and behavior of the dog in your dream.

This will help you choose the most reliable prediction.

Family Dream

According to this dream book, the tailed animal symbolizes a friend and a relationship with him. Almost all interpretations are based on this statement.

Why dream evil dog

  1. A petty brehlivny dog, which by its aggression can cause only emotion, dreams of good news from old friends. It is possible that you will even meet with some of them.
  2. A flock of small dogs that can fit in the human palm, dreams of many small troubles and worries that you have to do in the near future. But this fuss will be pleasant — it is connected with the preparation for some significant celebration for you.
  3. The black big dog is an unfavorable sign. With the help of such a dream, the Supreme forces warn: the person whom you consider to be a friend, has started something evil against you, be vigilant.
  4. White big dog — on the contrary, a good character. A dream confirms that your close friend can be trusted, he is a truly loyal and devoted person. Always give a shoulder in a difficult moment, give the last to help and sacrifice their own lives, if necessary.
  5. And if the pass has red or brown hair, it’s just the image of the second half, the person for whom you have romantic feelings. Nothing such a dream foretells, it is an “empty” dream.
  6. Decorative breeds of dogs, for example, poodles, dream of the appearance in your life of reliable and loyal friends, like-minded people and comrades. Moreover, familiarity with them will happen at some not quite ordinary events.
  7. If a huge dog in a dream showed aggression to you: he grinned or barked, it means that in reality you have a serious enemy who can do a lot of harm. You need to be constantly on guard so as not to get problems.
  8. But graceful hounds or other hunting dogs dream as a warning: there are a lot of greedy and selfish people in your environment who are constantly trying to take advantage of you. If you interpret this sign, you will be able to hold them and get your own benefit.
  9. If evil dogs in a dream are trying to catch up with you and tear to pieces, it means that in reality you have lost your sense of security. It seems to you that many traps are set on your life path, which you constantly fall into.
  10. But an evil dog that protects you, and shows aggression towards other people, dreams to meet with a person who is very important to you. He will become your patron, friend, soul mate and protector. You can rely on him in everything.
  11. If you dreamed that you were walking a cruel dog, it means that a romantic date with the person to whom you have the most tender feelings will soon take place. Together you will spend a lot of pleasant moments and enjoy each other to the fullest.

Psychological dream book

These predictions are suitable for those who do not like to seek mysticism in the surrounding space, but prefer to rely on logic and science.

Why dream evil dog

  1. A dog attacking you is a symbol of detractors who will attack you in real life. Remember: you have enough strength and ability to repel any attacks. Therefore, you can be sure of yourself and not worry about anything.
  2. A killed or injured dog is a very unfavorable sign. He promises the sad news of the death of someone you know.
  3. If in a dream you tried to feed the dog, and he began to bark at you, it means that you are a very reliable person. You can be a good friend, so those around you love, respect and support. Continue in the same spirit.
  4. Giant aggressive dog — soon you will find yourself in a difficult situation that seems hopeless to you. But the matter will be solved in the best way, if you ask for the help of an old friend, and he will come to the rescue.
  5. A black dog that barked loudly, but did not attack — much to the disappointment of a loved one. But the blame for this will lie not only on him, but on you too. You yourself have created too many expectations — the other is not obliged to justify them.
  6. A rabid and extremely inadequate dog is a warning sign. Save up strength, you will need them soon. There is a serious struggle ahead.

Ancient dream book

The dog on this dream book is a symbol of man’s best friend. Therefore, the behavior of the dog can tell about upcoming events that relate to your friendship.

Why dream evil dog

  1. A walk with a bullshit is a good sign. This is a confirmation of the subconscious: you have a great friend that you can always count on. And you always see people through, so you choose those who are worthy of communication with you.
  2. If in the dream the dog itself did not appear, but you heard its loud barking, then in reality you have no true friend. You trust everyone you meet too much, so you yourself have brought yourself to this situation.
  3. If in a dream your own dog was angry, then reality is full of people who are desperately jealous of you. But these are harmless gossipers who are not able to seriously harm you, so you can not attach any importance to sleep.
  4. If you watched in a dream for two dogs that fought with each other, this suggests that in life you often show greed. You should learn to share, become more generous, so as not to get problems.
  5. Angry dog ​​with a cat’s tail — a sign that says that you constantly wear a mask and hide your true emotions.

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  • The dog is a symbol of friendship, loyalty and reliability. It is not surprising that sleep with aggressive dogs is considered to be an unfavorable omen.
  • However, forecasts of dream books are not always bad in this case. A large role in the interpretation is played by the breed of dog, its coat color and size.
  • Often sleep with a dog is empty, that is, it does not carry any meaning. Therefore, do not attach negative predictions of great importance.

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