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Why dream duck: white, live, duck with ducklings in a dream

In determining what the duck dreams about, it is necessary to recall all the details.

Dream Miller treats ducks swimming on the clear water as a symbol of a pleasant journey, probably a cruise on the sea or river. White birds — to prosperity.

Nayavu there will be dramatic changes in the plans, if you had a chance to hunt game.

Why dream duck: white, live, duck with ducklings in a dream

By the dream book of the Hasse medium if the duck is alive, the relationship will be improved. Even with the enemies will find a common language.

The dreamed duck carcass, which has to be plucked, is faced with unpleasant gossip.

Dream Interpretation Felomeny suggests that if a duck bites in a dream, you must behave especially carefully. In addition to the old ill-wishers, new ones will appear, even more insidious.

Russian and newest dream books treat the duck as a lie. The duckling warns that in reality it will try to deceive the child.

By Dream Grishin floating duck — to get rid of problems. If a man enjoys the taste of roasted game — in reality he will have a beautiful passion. For a lonely girl, a story with a caught drake is of particular importance.

Soon there will be a chance to marry successfully.

Plump the big duck is a wonderful symbol. In the near future you can not worry about material well-being.

Live a duck in a dream personifies routine chores and worries. If there are a lot of them, guests suddenly descend, but the worries associated with the reception of visitors will be pleasant to the sleeper.

A long life foreshadows wild duck. A pair of waterfowl symbolizes harmony in the family.

Chicks or small Duck interpreted positively. A close person will present a souvenir, not too expensive, but very pleasant.

Duck with eggs foreshadows a period filled with communication. As a result, the dreamer will learn a lot of valuable information, which will be useful later.

When dream about a duck with ducklings in love, this is a sign of the correctness of the choice made. Nearby is the perfect person for marriage.

In general, a bird with a brood foreshadows good luck in all endeavors.

White duck symbolizes prosperity. If it is located on the land plot and the sleeper’s compound, there will be a rich harvest.

Black duck is treated positively. There comes a life stage filled with pleasant events, and no obligations and restrictions will overshadow the joy.

For adult ladies, a waterfowl with such plumage prophesies the appearance of a young but persistent fan.

Why dream duck: white, live, duck with ducklings in a dream

Home duck personifies prosperity and material wealth. For farmers, summer residents and farmers, a well-fed bird promises a bountiful harvest.

Appetizing roast duck means positive events in your personal life. In the near future, a fateful meeting may take place with lonely dreamers.

Family people, a baked duck in a dream foreshadows a lucky set of circumstances, which will help to dispel all misunderstandings. Relationships with households will be very harmonious.

A warning of a fatal mistake is killed duck with a gun. Before you commit any act, you need to consider its consequences.

Slaves — to the intrigues of enemies.

Unpleasant news symbolizes dead duck. It is also likely that problems that you cannot cope with on your own will arise, and you will have to ask for help.

A gift from destiny is considered flying duck in the sky. There comes a successful stage, when everything will develop successfully.

There may be a happy marriage, the birth of a beautiful baby.

Duck in water — to an exciting trip filled with impressions and interesting knowledge. However, the diving bird warns about the monotonous work and dependence on others.

A life without debts is personified by a dream duck on the shore. This symbol also has a warning meaning: excessive pride prevents the sleeper from interacting with society.

If a duck dream in hand, financial difficulties will soon be in the past. Black bird plumage warns that in the implementation of the plans will need the support of loved ones.

Good sign — duck in the House. There comes a prosperous life stage.

The symbol of wealth is a duck in the courtyard. This vision is especially positive for people engaged in animal husbandry and agriculture.

If the dreamer dreamed is hunting on a duck, in reality some event or intervention of third parties will force to change plans. Catching the bird with your hands will turn out important information.

To chop, Cook duck is a reflection of the breakdown, moral fatigue, financial turmoil. After a short break, coping with problems will be much easier.

Beautiful plot — there is duck. Material problems will recede.

Feed ducks — it means to make a series of mistakes in reality, which will negatively affect the state of current affairs. It is important to realize that the cause of failures is their own carelessness and lack of necessary experience.

This will help correct the situation.

Having learned why a duck dreams, you can get valuable advice for the near future.

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