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Why dream chase: the interpretation of different dream books

What dreams about the pursuit of different dream books

Did you ever wake up in a cold sweat, seeing in a dream that they were chasing you? Want to know what the dream chase?

Then I suggest reading the following material.

Why dream chase: the interpretation of different dream books

Dreaming with a chase

Since childhood, we are familiar with the feeling of trying to catch up with us, and we are running away. When this happens, the maximum stress of all the forces of the body occurs, adrenaline is released into the bloodstream, and we simultaneously feel both excitement and fear.

In adulthood, it is unlikely that the chase will cause you as many positive emotions. It is more obvious that you will feel a sense of horror, panic, or helplessness, waking up from such a dream.

What is the meaning he carries in himself?

Dream pursuit, what does it mean?

In order to interpret the vision which has dreamed up with the element of the chase as reliably as possible, one should get acquainted with the opinions of various dream books. What is the pursuit of dreams?

According to the dream book of the 21st century

When you saw in a dream that someone was running behind you, it means that in reality a rapid development of the situation is foreseen. Such a dream recommends «add gas», because otherwise you will not cope with the tasks.

In addition, according to the specified dream book, the chase, from which you are trying with all your might to break away, speaks of too much haste on your part. Be not so fast, otherwise harm yourself.

According to the dream book of Medea

What is the dream of pursuing me in the meeting of night dreams? She testifies that everything is very restless in your heart.

There is a constant internal discomfort. It is possible that a certain person provokes in you those feelings that you fear: for example, falling in love, aggression or shame.

According to the dream book of Medea, a more positive version of the pursuit sleep — when you yourself act as a follower. In this scenario, it is assumed that it is necessary to work long and hard, but in the end you will get the desired result.

And also the symbol of persecution in a dream is the personification of the inner contradictions of the sleeper, who still cannot be resolved.

Why dream chase: the interpretation of different dream books

According to the Nostradamus dream book

The famous seer described the night dreams about the chase as follows:

  • When in a dream you take part in it — in reality you are overcome by an obsession. Alas, it is not possible to translate it into practice.
  • Chasing your relative or friend? It means that you are striving to complete a certain business, constantly worrying about it. In principle, similar to the previous interpretation, unfortunately, but nothing will come of it. Such an outcome will sadden you greatly and make you pretty nervous.
  • Seeing how unpleasant a person is chasing a stranger is an inner fear. This dream recommends that you analyze your phobias and get rid of them.

According to Freud’s dream book

The well-known psychologist, a sexologist of the 20th century, deservedly called «the father of psychoanalysis» Sigmund Freud had his own opinion regarding such night visions.

So he believed that pursuit dreams indicate that the dreamer has a specific goal, for which he puts a lot of effort. The problematics of sleep lies in the fact that the goal is categorized as unreal.

And a person simply consoles himself with the help of vain expectations and illusions.

As a rule, such dreams witness the personality, a long time seeking to achieve the desired and wasting the sea of ​​energy on this process. And already being in a state of internal desolation and despair, as a hint from above, such a dream comes forward.

In addition, Freud put forward another interpretation of sleep — the sleeper may be threatened. Moreover, this “something” is both spontaneous and deliberate.

The specified dream falls into the category of warning, calls for maximum caution and vigilance.

According to the dream tarot

Dream interpretation chasing me Tarot in variations:

  1. If you see how an adult person is catching up in a child’s dream — something like this indicates missed opportunities.
  2. When adults overtake a teenager — it means that you will soon move up the career ladder. Thanks to the new position, you will receive a good income, although it will not bring moral satisfaction.
  3. The police are catching up with the criminal — a clear indication of your anger about the other person. It is necessary to let off steam, not to undertake any actions, and to learn to take control of your emotional sphere.
  4. Sometimes dreams get completely bizarre trends. For example, it may be that a housewife is chasing a homeless person. This means that in reality you are trying too hard to change the situation. The chance to achieve the desired is present, though not very big. It is more likely that circumstances will be stronger than you.
  5. Watched in the night vision, how did the police chase a whole criminal gang? So, you will be forced to perform certain actions in a great rush. Someone from your close circle will take part in the situation.
  6. Do you pursue a known personality in a dream? Warn that she is in danger. Vigilance and discretion should be exercised.
  7. Seeing the parents catch up with the cops is a sign that relationships with others will deteriorate as a result of your arrogance. Try to show more loyalty to others and quickly remove the «crown» from the head.

Why dream chase: the interpretation of different dream books

In conclusion

You can make a number of conclusions regarding night dreams with the chase:

  • as a rule, such a dream is a warning;
  • tells about the presence of unrealistic goals, the expenditure of energy on their achievement, the fear of certain feelings, the threat;
  • you yourself are catching up — it means you have to work hard to achieve the desired.

Finally, watch the thematic video:

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