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Why dream cake in a dream — the interpretation of the various dream books

What is the meaning of the cake in the dream — the features of interpretation

You had a rather “sweet dream”. How insulting was the dreamer, who was on a rigid diet during the dream, and indeed, everyone must have wanted a cake in real life.

So why dream cake in a dream? Dream interpretation will give the necessary answers.

Try to remember all the actions that you performed with the cake and only then we will be able to give the necessary information that will help you live on. Every dream is a message from the subconscious, a huge storehouse of information that must be interpreted correctly.

Why dream cake in a dream - the interpretation of the various dream books

Interpretation of a dream for individual subjects and circumstances

You just have to synchronize with your subconscious and remember the basic details of such an interesting dream, otherwise you will not be able to predict anything at all. If you really want to remember everything, then start with relaxation.

As a rule, after this stage, the subconscious itself gives you all the memories.

So, if you could make a complete picture, then we can proceed to the interpretation of the dream with this plot. One has only to warn. that it is impossible to think out our own details, since this is fraught with it — we can lead the interpretation in a completely different direction. Our site provides the necessary information, correlate your memories with the interpretation options below:

  • You greedily ate a cake. A dream with a similar plot personifies your ability to accumulate both emotions and material means. Most likely in the near future you will be able to raise the level of your material well-being many times;
  • Abandoned cake. The opposite of the previous version of the dream — this time you did not even touch the extremely high-calorie product. Such a dream predicts a dreamer in the future travel and business trip, as well as other ways to know yourself. But it symbolizes perfectionism and arrogance in some matters, obstinacy;
  • They threw a flour product at someone. Such a dream symbolizes your fervor and openness to the world, you have been striving for a long time to show your own prowess and are not going to back down; in the near future, most dream books with a similar plot foreshadow that you can find a soul mate;
  • You decided not to finish the cake, you left it to your comrades or close people. Such good behavior even in a dream symbolizes your diplomatic behavior, courage and dedication, you always think of yourself as the last thing. In the near future, after this dream, you can enjoy the fruits of these magnificent qualities;
  • As soon as you ate the cake, you immediately became ill. So to say the «poisoned» cake has become your fate. After such a dream, you should be alert and think about your own health, whether you are following him well. If not, then it is worth doing its prevention, otherwise you risk getting one of the most dangerous diseases;
  • Very good feeling after eating a yummy. But such dreams symbolize the right choice, you always know what exactly you want from life and you have something to protect. You can find positive qualities in people and always strive to give them everything you need. It is you who are the bridge between relationships;
  • You threw a flour product at someone. This is — a classic of American films, this could happen in a dream. But beware of your anger. since in the near future you may suffer from the consequences of its expression, as a rule you will not be able to find obstacles and will destroy everything that gets in your way;
  • You didn’t just feel bad after you choked while eating this product. A dream with a similar plot warns you about the precarious position among the environment, you should check your environment for the presence of parasites that are only trying to profit from your income and achievements, you should not leave them in your life;
  • The sweet product was poisoned, you knew that. This time, the problem is again connected with the environment, but at that time the reason is your arrogant behavior, you do not allow anyone to come near you, and you think that you should not get close to these people. This is wrong, it is worth giving a chance to every person; it is impossible to level everyone under one;
  • There was a huge variety of cakes, you were at some party. But such a dream is a direct projection — you will receive an invitation to a celebration, you will be able to observe such a turn of events literally one week after such a dream. But do not relax, the invitation may be a trap;
  • It was a huge sweet product, you didn’t know how to “get rid of” it, how much you need to open your mouth for it. One should not immediately take such a dream as God’s given, it’s not a fact that the events will be only good in the near future.

Why dream cake in a dream - the interpretation of the various dream books

How to interpret the dream of famous personalities, dream books and experts

  • According to Vanga. Bulgarian seer warns that the dream dreamer is not a good dream, it indicates gluttony and greed, you will not help your neighbor when he needs your help most of all, which will bring a certain imprint to your life;
  • According to Sigmund Freud. Uncle Freud sees the root and states that your energy is already over the edge, you are full of energy, but some complexes still do not allow you to fully enjoy life. However, it is just such in the near future that your subconscious will predict new events for you that will help you realize a place in life;
  • Modern dream book. According to the modern dream book, an extremely tasty product symbolizes the beginning of a new life, a happy streak. You will be joyful and merry as ever, you will not be able to remember your failures anymore, forget about all adversities and just be happy;
  • According to the Miller dream book. Henry Miller is confident that such a dream symbolizes some of the dreamer’s swagger and greed; nevertheless, these qualities will help protect against external threats in the near future. There is nothing good to expect, therefore, according to Miller’s dream book;
  • Dream Interpretation XXI. According to this dream book, you should wait for changes in your life, since it is they who lead a person to success. And in this case, you can also expect the complexity of all the work that has fallen on you. But one should not immediately give up, since it is such trials, exactly like the temptation before a cake in a dream, that leads us, people, to the long-awaited success and achievement of the goal;
  • According to the eastern dream book. As a rule, dreams of food in the Eastern dream book lead to the appearance of the second half in the life of the dreamer, which will never leave him, throughout his life.

Why dream cake in a dream - the interpretation of the various dream books

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