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Why dream apple tree with apples: interpretation of different dream books

What dreams of apple tree with apples: the interpretation of the popular dream book

According to the dream books, an apple tree in a dream is a double symbol. Interpretation is closely intertwined with the life of a sleeping person, his love relationships and destiny.

It is necessary to pay attention to the number of apples, their color, size and other details. A blooming apple tree and a tree on which ripe fruit hangs have a different meaning for the dreamer.

The plot, in which a person tears apples from a tree, collects ripe fruit under an apple tree, modern interpreters consider favorable.

The interpretation of the dream of the apple in popular dream books:

Dream interpretationInterpretation
MillerThe plot means a favorable period for the implementation of the plans of a sleeping person.
FreudA sleeping woman cannot satisfy the sexual needs of her partner and feels unhappy because of this.
NostradamusThe dreamer soon learns something and will be very happy news
ChineseSoon peace and tranquility will come
EsotericSuch a dream promises a surge of vital energy and an elation
HasseSuch a dream promises a woman to participate in a profitable venture.
FamilyThe dreamer is waiting for the well-being in the family and good luck in all your endeavors
VelesovFruit tree foreshadows family discord
FemaleApple tree personifies femininity and sexuality of a sleeping girl
SlavicA dream indicates a pastime with the family, a family holiday
SpringThe dreamer will soon be at someone’s wedding

Why dream apple tree with apples: interpretation of different dream books

The tree seen in bloom means that the sleeper’s innermost desire will be fulfilled in the near future. If such a story dreams of a woman of childbearing age who dreams of becoming a mother, she will soon find out that she is pregnant.

Dream interpretation gives several interpretations of sleep, in which there was a blooming apple tree:

  1. one. Apple blossom in your own garden in a dream foreshadows mutual love in reality.
  2. 2 Apple orchard in bloom promises a bountiful harvest and rich life.
  3. 3 Blooming tree in winter foreshadows surprise in real life.

Why dream apple tree with apples: interpretation of different dream books

If an apple-tree covered with red large apples is dreamed up, a great joy will happen in the family of a sleeping woman. Seeing large green fruits is an auspicious sign.

Such a dream foreshadows success in love and professional affairs.

There are many apples in the apple orchard — the dreamer will live in wealth. Few fruits on the trees — to poverty and material need.

If an unmarried girl dreams of ripe fruits that she plucks from a tree, the dreamer will marry a wealthy and respected man.

If you dreamed of ripe and large fruits that grow at the very top, and the sleeper fails to pick them, then the person sets impracticable goals and cannot soberly assess his own capabilities. He is very disappointed after another defeat and loses faith in himself.

Why dream apple tree with apples: interpretation of different dream books

The spoiled, rotten fruits on a tree are dreaming — deceivers and traitors surround the sleeping person.

To see a felled tree is a bad omen, promising death for the dreamer. Cutting trees with apples — to make a fatal mistake, which then can not be corrected.

A withered tree with fruits is a sign of fading feelings. The beloved of a sleeping woman does not feel love for her partner and wants to break this relationship.

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