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Why dream about the interpretation of dream books and the basic meanings of the dream?

Dreamed too — what does his appearance in a dream mean, decoding nuances

Already in a dream brings good luck, it is a sign of loyalty and devotion. It is not a poisonous snake, it feeds on frogs and mice, loves to swim and often gets friendly relations with a person. A snake living in a house or nearby usually means good prosperity.

Snakes in a dream almost always have erotic overtones.

It is likely that sleep means the imminent appearance of a good and loyal friend. Snake is often different good-natured and docile nature, likes to bask in the sun or under the lamp, in his hands, relax in the shade and in cool, wet places. Like all snakes, so can not tolerate sudden movements and perceives them as a threat.

Consider, why dream already in dream books.

Why dream about the interpretation of dream books and the basic meanings of the dream?

Basic Values

According to ancient legends, too — the ruler of the water kingdom, who chooses to marry a beautiful girl, with whom he then lives in peace, happiness and prosperity. For young girls, dream means a quick and happy marriage.

  • Pouring milk or yogurt in a dream for the uzhik — lure good luck. To feed a homemade snake — to the joy, the appearance of a reliable protector. Creeping to you a snake — a meeting with a good friend.
  • Snake swims in milk — to profit. You will be able to create a competitive product and successfully implement it. The larger the snake, the greater the luck.
  • If you dream of a snake, but when you look closely, you notice a yellow or orange color at the neck — your fears have no reason to stop worrying and seek out guilty and suspicious personalities. The person whom you most suspect and fear most of all worries about you and protects you. If you want, you will be able to develop affection into a stronger feeling.
  • Swimming snakes — to good good health, speedy recovery.
  • If you settle down to bask in the sun, and you will join the snag — to complete well-being. A serpent young curled up on your body — expect happy news, don’t worry about anything, don’t take active steps and don’t let fuss.
  • Snake, settled on the neck or shoulders, unsuccessfully trying to protect you from the influence of false friends. Over time, you will see that the old ideals are completely untenable and excessively naive.
  • Play with a snake, let it crawl around, rub the scales, take care — you work for your future success.
  • A tangle of uzikov — quite possibly, you will be accepted in an elegant society. Try to make a good impression. For this you need good clothes and discreet manners. Do not try to shock new acquaintances, to shock them with advanced or revolutionary views. Most reptiles value body heat in humans most of all. For new friends, the most important thing is sincerity, calm and warmth.
  • For men, a harmless, non-poisonous and well-dressed snake can mean serious trouble — this is also a successful rival in business, a possible lover of a wife or chosen one, a dangerous person who is ready to defend his opinion, property. Usually it is an influential person with great potential, who, without the slightest hesitation, sets them in motion to secure their interests.
  • A bite of a bite means that you are doing something wrong, making a serious mistake.
  • Looking in the eyes of snakes incessantly — trying to provoke unnecessary aggression. The most annoying thing is that your efforts may go unnoticed in the case of snare.
  • If the snake does not pay any attention to you, this is a sign to change tactics, to show more attention to business partners and people around you.
  • Nodding a snake or almost any reptile — your manners can be taken in good society, you can find a common language with almost anyone. Do not immediately push the situation in their favor. Be sure to wait some time, but not too long, so you do not have time to forget.
  • If snakes settle down to warm themselves on warm stones or snags — you are safe, enjoy your rest, things go on their own.
  • Watching the hunt is a success if you can react on time and catch your prey.

Why dream about the interpretation of dream books and the basic meanings of the dream?

Interpretations of authorities

  • Freud’s dream interpretation claims that a dream shows your complete ignorance in a relationship. You absolutely do not understand people, do not know how to see the real danger and attribute dangerous qualities to completely harmless, although rather slippery and intelligent people. Revise your views so as not to be disappointed. It is also desirable to pacify envy towards a lucky mate. In this case, part of the luck goes to you.
  • Dream Miller with his usual gloominess warns of possible deception by a close friend. Interpretation refers to sleep, in which the snake breaks free from your hands and slips out.
  • Female dream book advises to catch luck by the tail and get ready for the wedding. The main thing is not to make a mistake, because there are a lot of suitor, and only one has real feelings. Take your time with a choice, but do not tighten the pleasure.
  • The erotic dream book interprets the man in a dream as a sign of tender and sensual passion, which will pleasantly surprise even experienced people.

Why dream about the interpretation of dream books and the basic meanings of the dream?


To dream of a snake is a good sign. Already — a great hunter, absolutely not prone to manifestations of aggression towards people without a serious reason. Since ancient times, people have lured luck, feeding the grass near the houses, barns.

To kill a man was considered a great folly. The hides of the snakes, which were collected after changing the skin of the snake, were used as a talisman against diseases and the evil eye.

The appearance of this snake in a dream — fortunately and for good luck.

Why dream about the interpretation of dream books and the basic meanings of the dream?

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