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Why dream about a holiday on the main interpretations of dream books

What can mean holiday — interpretation of the celebration of dream

A holiday in a dream usually serves as a backdrop for some important event. In children’s dreams, a holiday is important in itself and as a point of reference — Birthday, New Year, May Day, November Holidays — all this helps children navigate through the seasons and somehow relate to reality.

Cut snowflakes — it means soon the New Year, gifts, Christmas tree. Red balls and spring — May Day. For adults are relevant weddings, corporate parties and, possibly, a birthday.

Holidays in the dream of adults are impersonal, unless it is the Carnival in Venice or some exotic ritual on the Borneo Islands. We will understand what dreams of a holiday for adults.

Children dream of waiting for holidays, gifts of delicious food, sweets, special treats. These simple dreams we will not consider now.

The only thing that I would like to remind parents is not to arrange a holiday for the children every day. In this case, the holiday will become an ordinary weekday day, without any joy, regardless of the effort and money spent.

Why dream about a holiday on the main interpretations of dream books

Basic Values

  • To see a holiday in a dream is to see a not quite ordinary day, some significant event, a break from everyday reality. People laugh and embrace, behave like abnormals, social norms of behavior are crumbling. Probably in real life you are at a loss. The world was a little different from what you were inspired in childhood. Not always the mind and patience, diligence is rewarded, the prince chooses a beggar mamarashka, not the most competent person achieves success, and so on. You can do evil deeds and enjoy life to the fullest without a hint of suffering and remorse. Shock from reality and permissiveness can be expressed in the form of a holiday in a dream.
  • If you are in the service of the holiday — you distribute drinks, mix cocktails or sweep confetti — see the meaning of sleep in the interpretation of cleaning and work of the waiter. In this dream you will not see any abnormal emotions, you will not experience excitement, you will not be surprised at the costumes. A dream about a good restaurant will be different for a dishwasher that goes into it every day, but from the back door and from a girl who only wants to go there, but from the front door. The same place, the same entourage can mean an unavailable holiday, a dream, or exhausting, hard, dirty daily work. Such moments must be considered when interpreting dreams. A holiday for one person may not be a holiday for another at all. The same images, the same words have different meanings, for example, for a football fan or a policeman in a cordon.
  • Masquerade, carnival means a change of social role, fake goals and not real relationships. It makes sense to seriously look at the people around them.
  • Due to the many complex interpretations, it is logical to perceive a holiday in a dream as a change of rules, reality, a change of point of view. It is not always a holiday — it’s fun.

Why dream about a holiday on the main interpretations of dream books

Interpretation of authoritative dream books

  • Almost all dream books connect the holiday in a dream with a quarrel, stormy trial, scandal. Perhaps consciousness is trying to hide the true meaning among the merry figures and soften the inevitable unpleasant facts. Violent emotions associated with the scandal, can also be related to fun. The scandal is associated with an attempt to return the elusive reality, to find common points in different truths and world views.
  • Dream Miller warns that the holiday in a dream will be a violation of a sense of reality in everyday life. You decide to arrange a small personal holiday, on which you are allowed a little more than other people. Try to contain this impulse, so as not to provoke the development of psychosis. The splitting of consciousness is a clinical symptom of a number of complex states and it is better to try to keep on the edge on your own.
  • Dream Vanga warns of a lack of understanding with other people. You care too much about your own pleasures and risk losing support.
  • Freud’s dream interpretation treats triumph as the search for a suitable partner, the time of marriage dances and rampant sex. In addition to fun, Freud promises quarrels and stormy showdowns.
  • The English dream book recommends seeing a holiday in a dream or in life as a splash of your ego. The rules for the holiday are different than for life. That which is possible on a holiday may be unacceptable in ordinary life.
  • Exception from the general strip of disruption — a traditional holiday with a feast. No gaps in reality, no displacement of behavior patterns, everything is fine, calm, nice. Such a dream, with the traditional, a little boring, but familiar and close heart holiday celebration — to a good family, prosperity, satiety, money. If there is a lot of delicious food on the table — the whole year will be full and joyful. Fights foreshadow small family quarrels. Ladies dream of gentlemen dreams and vice versa.

Why dream about a holiday on the main interpretations of dream books


To see a holiday in a dream means to leave the usual rut. What will you choose?

Moving on, already with new knowledge and turning a blind eye to the revealed truth, will you start looking for new ways, denying old connections, will you take advantage of what you already have for the launch pad? In any case, without conflicts, quarrels, partings difficult to do.

You will have to re-search your place in the world and choose a new role. New knowledge does not always contribute to the rise of a career.

The ability to play by the rules is not always appreciated. Be careful, attentive, do not talk about understanding the essence of things.

Always there may be someone who understands more or even sets the rules.

Why dream about a holiday on the main interpretations of dream books

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