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Why dream a lot of money?

Why dream a lot of money?

The dreamed money personifies well-being and happiness. Therefore, such a dream is most often favorable.

But not always. Why dream a lot of money?

Let’s try to understand the meaning of a pleasant, money night vision.

Why dream a lot of money?

Try to remember the smallest details of the dream plot. How much money have you seen? Large bills, small or coins?

Russian rubles, US dollars or other currency? Have people surrounded you?

What did you do with the money in your sleep? The more details you recall, the more accurately you can interpret the dream.

Why dream of counting money?

If you dream that you not only see, but recalculate bills, the values ​​may be as follows:

  • The more bills, the better everything will be in your life.. If this is a huge amount — wait for a huge well-being. And not only in financial affairs, but also in personal ones. Of course, happiness will not fall from the sky — fate will send a chance to be used. Follow the signs and do not miss the luck!
  • In a dream, you suddenly become a millionaire? Are you starting to count the money that has fallen on you? This dream — a sign that you want to get rich without effort. The ultimate dream is to win the lottery or find the treasure. Think again — it does not happen. Want to become a rich man — work
  • Recalculate bills, but can not find out their exact number? Such a dream foreshadows minor changes in financial well-being. They will be positive — you will receive a bonus or an expensive gift, you may win the lottery
  • If you are around while you count the bills, there are a lot of people who are closely watching your actions, in life you are a leader. Your opinion is authoritative for many, they listen to it. You are an example to follow for your own children and an ideal man for your wife
  • If in a dream a stranger gives you a lot of money, In real life, expect to return old debts. This will happen unexpectedly — the money will return after a few years. Most likely, you forgot to think about these debts
  • If there are a lot of people around you who count money, in life you are a good organizer. You can easily organize any number of people into a single system that will work like a clock. Think about a job in a management position — this is your vocation

There are practically no adverse values ​​in “monetary” sleep. But it is important in which mindset you live.

If the money for you — only a means to achieve life plans, fine. If the money is a goal in itself, there is a risk that the favorable value of sleep will not come true, you are too obsessed with the desire for profit.

Why dream a lot of money?

What dreams of different bills?

The interpretation of a dream depends on how much money you dreamed. Paper or metal, dollars or euros, perhaps it was some kind of rare currency.

Try to remember.

Why dream a lot of money?

And the values ​​may be:

  • If you dreamed a huge amount of paper money large denominations, this is a good sign. But with reservations! In the near future, you are waiting for minor problems in the material sphere, but you will solve them by increasing your capital several times.
  • Is all the money in a dream big coins? Expect tremendous life changes. Perhaps in the near future you will meet a person who will drastically affect your life. This could be a future husband, an employer or a good friend.
  • If in a dream you see a large amount of money in precious coins, but you cannot approach them, touch them. This means that you need to carefully monitor all financial affairs in the near future. Do not perform spontaneous actions, do not lend money, keep bills in a safe or other safe place
  • If bills in a dream paper, expect attractive financial job offers. Possible career growth. Perhaps there will be a new profitable partner or a large client. Do not miss the chance
  • The value of sleep with paper money can be unfavorable, if he had a dream at the weekend. Then it is worth waiting for an early quarrel, family scandal, or even separation from your loved one. Try not to provoke scandals yourself and do not be fooled by the provocations of loved ones, then you will avoid conflict
  • If in a dream you give someone a lot of money, be careful. You expect major financial losses. You will not be guilty of this — detractors will try

Try to memorize dreams «from» and «to» to make the most accurate interpretation.

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