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Why do you dream that you were swimming under the water, according to the dream books of the Wanderer, Lofa

In the dream, you swam under water: you should be afraid or rejoice

If in the real world you can only scuba dive at a fashionable resort, then in a dream even this device will not be needed. You can easily walk through the streets of Atlantis, sink to the bottom of the sea or be in the heart of the underwater metropolis. But does the dream book look favorably on such visions?

Why dream of swimming underwater in different contexts?

Why do you dream that you were swimming under the water, according to the dream books of the Wanderer, Lofa

The overall interpretation of this «deep-sea» sleep

  • Swim under water in a dream — to overcome some kind of problem. This does not mean that you are unlucky in life — but you will have to thoroughly push through to this luck.
  • If you looked at people from under the water, the dream says: you need the help of relatives or friends.
  • If you are suffocating under the water, it foreshadows the fear that will cause an unusual situation in you. It is also possible that sleep speaks of your difficulties in communicating with people.
  • On the contrary, you saw yourself as a real Ichthyander — not only you swam, but you also breathed in the water column? Your subconscious assures: your intuition is akin to the third eye. Do not ignore her tips. Also, such a dream promises a happy life.
  • You worked as a lifeguard, and therefore dived a lot? In real life, you are brave and smart. These qualities will help you break through in life.
  • Did you go ashore at the end of the voyage? Sleep promises a good ending to hard work.

What was this water like?

  • Why do you dream that you are swimming under water that is clear and transparent? Your life will be serene and bright.
  • It was so transparent that you saw pebbles at the bottom? This is not the best dream: several “rakes” are on the way to your goal (dream).
  • Was she dirty, and bustling? Something can knock the well-established financial «soil» from under your feet.
  • It was a river: you are in love with someone, but you have not yet understood it yourself. Did you swim in the sea? Exciting changes will fill your life.

Have you seen buildings and other objects near you?

Why do you dream that you were swimming under the water, according to the dream books of the Wanderer, Lofa

  • Have you walked around the flooded world and saw your own house in the water? This is a good dream, it promises a happy family life, the “boat” of which will not break on life.
  • Was there a church under the water? Such a dream speaks of your sinfulness. It is time to correct their bad deeds.
  • Have you seen the track, along which the car also rolled? Sleep promises a business trip.
  • Was the boat floating above you? Your life will change drastically.
  • Are you confidently heading towards something? The subconscious mind says that you are a purposeful person. However, if your goal was a man (or a certain woman), a dream can talk about the sexual desire that this person gives you.
  • On the contrary, did you swim away from something in the water? Your desire to get rid of the “nerves” and problems that plague you in real life has been transformed into this dream.
  • Did you swim with someone together? Oddly enough, this is not a good dream, even if it was your favorite (beloved). The dream says you’ll be parted soon.

And what did popular author dream books write?

Why do you dream that you were swimming under the water, according to the dream books of the Wanderer, Lofa

Do quotes from dream books “with names” differ from popular interpretations? Today you will learn about it!

Dream interpretation of the Wanderer (Smirnov)

  1. As this dream book says, swimming under water and bumping into a stone: there will be an obstacle in your way, which you inherited from your past life.
  2. Walking through the flooded city or the whole underwater world can people who dream to see the world, but are afraid to do so.

Dream David Lofa

  1. If in a dream you see your free movement under water, it means that you are a citizen of the world, that is, you can easily get along in any country.
  2. Was it a classic snorkeling — with flippers, a mask? Life has finally “driven” you, and the subconscious mind very subtly hints: it’s time to relax!
  3. Did you dive into the depths? Soon you will know a strong cordial affection. And it can be both a love for a woman (man), and adoration of a child or deep respect for his teacher or parent.
  4. Have you enjoyed this pastime? Such a dream promises you the fulfillment of a wish (perhaps even a few). Perhaps one of these desires will finally see the sea.
  5. You could not breathe? Sleep warns of danger that will threaten you in the near future.

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