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Why do the dead live in dreams (relatives) in the dream books of Miller, Lofa, Oriental dream book

Interpretation of dreams in which the dead appear alive

Dreams, in which we see deceased relatives alive, can inspire us with a lot of anxiety, fears and other not very pleasant emotions. However, the interpretation of such dreams is very ambiguous.

In order to understand exactly what the dead live for (relatives), it is necessary to recall the dream in detail, open the dream book and check with it all the nuances of the dream.

General interpretation

Night vision, in which a sleeping person talks with his deceased grandmother in reality, foreshadows significant events that will occur in the foreseeable future. It is necessary to recall as much of the conversation as possible, because the words of the deceased relative, pronounced in a dream, may turn out to be prophetic.

Especially if they had the character of a request or advice.

There is another version of what the dead people who appear alive (relatives) in a dream foreshadow. According to her, this is not always an unfavorable sign.

If in your dream they were joyful, and even more so — having fun, such a dream foreshadows success and prosperity.

Why do the dead live in dreams (relatives) in the dream books of Miller, Lofa, Oriental dream book

The dream, in which the late relative was featured, dancing and singing, foreshadows a quick invitation to visit, where the dreamer is waiting for a feast. If the dead relative gave something to the dreamer — in fact, we should expect good news from the workplace.

An eerie night vision, in which the deceased relative, lying in a coffin, suddenly opens his eyes, is in fact a good sign. He promises a sleeping man, who saw him, a sudden large profit.

This may be a lottery win, inheritance and other similar circumstances.

Interpretation on interaction

The correct interpretation of the dream, which helps predict future events and prevent them, or, on the contrary, helps them to come to life depends on how the dreamer interacted with the deceased relatives who had come to life in the dream.

  • Night vision, in which the late relative, as if alive, embraces the dreamer, nothing, while not speaking, is a favorable omen. In the near future, a sleeping person will get rid of many painful experiences that have not given rest for a long time. All concerns will be empty, vain and contrived.
  • An unpleasant night-time picture that inspires fear to many people is a dream in which the late relative calls the dreamer with him. If the sleeping man agreed and followed the dead man, this is an unkind sign. He foreshadows a serious illness in the near future.
  • A dream in which a departed relative talks to a dreamer, telling him that everything is fine, is favorable. Such a dream suggests that the soul of a dead person has found peace.
  • If you had a chance to argue with a deceased relative on raised voices in a dream, swearing and listening to his reproaches is a symbol of the fact that you need to reconsider your attitude towards the surrounding reality as soon as possible. It should be more supportive of the people around them, look more positively at life.

Why do the dead live in dreams (relatives) in the dream books of Miller, Lofa, Oriental dream book

Who was the deceased relative

The meaning of the dream will also vary depending on who you are for the deceased relative. Grandfather, grandmother, father or mother, as well as other relatives, all of them appear in our dreams with their own symbolic meaning.

  • The late father appears in a dream in order to protect his child from danger. Those who have had a dream with his participation should refrain from dubious actions, frauds, financial fraud and other dangerous and risky activities.
  • The departed mother appears in the dreams of her child, to warn about the disorder in the marriage life and possible adultery.
  • Dead grandparents appear in a dream of a sleeping person at the most crucial and crucial moments of his life. It is worth listening to their words, as the advice and cautions given by them can help make the right decision at the most difficult moment.
  • If the parents dream of their deceased son and talk to them, he tries to convey some important information to them. It is worth remembering his words as detailed as possible — they may relate to the upcoming family changes.
  • The late daughter dreams of parents to please them — soon all the troubles and hardships will end, and a bright streak will come in their lives.

Why do the dead live in dreams (relatives) in the dream books of Miller, Lofa, Oriental dream book

Dream Miller

If you rely on the interpretation, which leads this dream book, the dead alive (relatives) appear in a dream for many reasons:

  • hugs with a dead mother foreshadow a serious illness;
  • the late father, who asks for money from the dreamer, foreshadows financial turmoil;
  • if you dream of a call from a deceased brother — soon someone close to you in reality will need your help;
  • the late sister, cutting the cake, foreshadows an unexpected visit of guests;
  • conversation with the grandfather or grandmother — to hear from distant relatives;

Dream loft

The dream book of a famous pastor gives a very practical interpretation of such dreams. According to him, a conversation with living in a dream, but deceased relatives in reality, symbolizes the predicament in which the dreamer is.

To get out of an unpleasant and intractable situation, you should seek advice from more experienced people.

East Dream

A dream in which the late relative calls for a sleeping person behind him is a warning. A sleeping person who has received it should check the state of his body — in the near future, exacerbation of chronic diseases may occur.

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