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Why do tears dream: bitter, salty, alien, many tears in a dream

Of particular note are the strong emotions experienced in the dream. The most popular opinion is that these are turning dreams, and they should be interpreted in exactly the opposite way.

However, if one examines why tears are dreaming, one can find out many other meanings depending on the nuances of the dream.

Why do tears dream: bitter, salty, alien, many tears in a dream

The dream of Gustav Miller interprets the sleeper’s tears as a warning about troubles, most often concerning the material sphere. It is also an indication of excessive suspiciousness, which prevents the construction of constructive relationships.

A dreamed female tantrum with a loud cry — to the scandal.

According to Wangi Tears in a dream — a very good sign. The more abundant they are, the better they will be in reality.

May be promoted at work or housewarming.

Interpretation by Veles’ dream book also positive. After crying in a dream, the dreamer is waiting for joy.

Wash the tears from your face — to a major celebration.

To see the tears on the face of the child — to a pleasant surprise. A lot of people are crying at the same time, it means a grand celebration is coming, maybe a wedding.

According to Sigmund Freud’s Dream Book tears — a symbolic reflection of ejaculation. For men, crying in a dream is an indication of a passionate desire to enter into an intimate relationship with an interesting woman. According to the famous psychologist in female dreams, pregnancy and tears are inextricably linked.

Having dreamed a cry, he interprets it as a signal of readiness for the birth and upbringing of children.

Dreamed tears a girl considered a sad omen. Partner to be disappointed in relation to her.

Tears pregnant interpreted the opposite: it expects joy from the birth of a healthy baby. However, the dream warns that during this period she is too tense and anxious.

Tears married woman — a good sign. The relationship with the partner will improve after the compromises found.

Lonely ladies crying promises familiarity with a frivolously tuned suitor. Perhaps he will be married.

When do tears dream a man, and their cause is joy, this is a sign that the time has come for accomplishments in the business sphere. Workaholics of both sexes crying in their sleep — an indication of some stagnation in their careers.

It’s time to move forward.

Why do tears dream: bitter, salty, alien, many tears in a dream

Own tears are interpreted depending on what caused them. To roar from grief — to fun in reality.

Crying in pain — an indication of excessive mistrust and a tendency to look for problems where there are none.

When do tears dream another person, then sleeping awake will be able to please a friend. To see a crying girlfriend — will have to help others in solving unpleasant issues.

Some sources interpret strangers tears as soulfulness. The dream suggests that you need to learn compassion.

Crying relatives has a special meaning. Mother’s tears warn of health hazards. A crying father means that there will be delays in business.

The tears of a sister or brother are also an important signal. Nayava sleeping someone will try to involve in a quarrel. The best solution is to maintain neutrality.

If a loved one cries, it is to positive events.

Good news foreshadows tears baby. However, it is necessary to prepare for the fact that immediate action will require numerous minor matters.

Tears the former may mean his worries about the separation that happened once. However, the dream reminds that the reason was mainly in a contemptuous attitude towards the dreamer, and it is better not to try to return to the past.

In the case of dreams tears of happiness, in reality there is also a reason for it. The long-standing problem will finally be safely resolved.

Laugh to tears — an indication of some lightheadedness. Thoughtless deeds and broken words can actually put the dreamer in an awkward situation.

Favorable interpretation has hysteria and tears in a dream if a pretty woman cries. If the dreamed tearful person is ugly, you should beware of trouble.

Bloody tears personify a sense of shame. Some act from the past will cause remorse.

Ok if strong the tears poured himself asleep. There will be luck in everything.

Bitter Tears in a dream is a wonderful sign. They foreshadow great happiness in reality.

Too many tears — to a strong emotional shock. However, it will serve as an impetus for positive change.

Salty Tears are a warning. Probably, the financial situation will worsen.

Nayav happen many incomprehensible events — this is what dreams about tears due to cutting onions. Spraying small things, you can miss a good chance.

Sleep calls for a revision of priorities.

Tears are a complex symbol, but after deciphering the dream and using the received hint, you can change your life for the better.

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