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Why do not dreams a man — the reasons for the lack of dreams

Why do not dreams a person — what does this mean from the point of view of psychology

Why do not dream a man? The reasons may be different, try to understand them.

Dream mechanism

In fact, every person dreams every night, but not everyone remembers them. Every night you see 4-5 dreams, depending on the duration of sleep.

Why do not dreams a man - the reasons for the lack of dreams

It works as follows: sleep consists of several alternating phases:

  1. Slow is a deep sleep. The phase lasts from forty minutes to several hours. If you look at a sleeping person in a slow sleep cycle, then it can be noted that his breathing is deep, his posture is motionless. No dreams at this time.
  2. The fast phase lasts from twenty to forty minutes, and it is at this time that a person sees dreams. If you look at the sleeper, you will notice that he moves his arms or legs, his breathing becomes intermittent, he changes his postures

Remember whether you dream or not, depends on what phase you were awakened. If in fast — you can tell what you dreamed.

The reasons for the lack of dreams

Why do not dreams, and what does this mean from the point of view of psychology? There are several reasons why you do not remember what happened to you during your stay in the realm of Morpheus.

Why do not dreams a man - the reasons for the lack of dreams

The reasons may be as follows:

  • You are very tired, experiencing chronic fatigue. Then your brain tries to break free from mental or physical overstrain while you sleep, you fall into a deep sleep. It is necessary to unload the mind as much as possible and rest. You will wake up in the slow phase
  • Dreams can stop dreaming if you fall asleep in an uncomfortable position, your bed is too hard or too soft. In such conditions it is impossible to completely relax, so your subconscious mind simply cannot transform the emotions accumulated during the day into colorful pictures of sleep.
  • Almost never dreams after using sleeping pills. Their mechanism of action aims to completely turn off the brain. Nerve impulses are blocked, because of which you do not fall into the «fast cycle»
  • There are no dreams even if you are very nervous, have experienced a full range of negative emotions. Strong stress deprives a person of a quick sleep phase and worsens its quality.
  • Sometimes the reason for the lack of dreams lies in health problems. Most often it is diseases of the cardiovascular, nervous and respiratory systems.

Important: if a person turns off the sleep phase, he will not be able to fully relax and rejuvenate. Through dreams, the brain tries to unload the body and psyche from the experienced emotions.

Therefore, it is very important to correct the situation, otherwise chronic fatigue is inevitable.

How to learn to dream?

If you are worried about the lack of dreams, you can return them using simple ways.

Why do not dreams a man - the reasons for the lack of dreams

What can be done:

  • Develop imagination by doing creativity. Draw, embroider, sing, dance, do something with your own hands. Creativity «includes» the brain area necessary for the formation of dreams
  • Work with positive affirmations after you go to bed. You can repeat the following settings: «I see colorful and pleasant dreams,» «I memorize all my dreams in the morning.» Try to formulate your desire and yourself
  • Do not overeat at night, avoid alcohol before bedtime. So you not only solve the problem of lack of dreams, but also eliminate nightmares, which are also unpleasant
  • Keep a «morning diary.» As soon as you wake up, take a notebook in your hands, a pen and write three pages of handwritten text. Write everything that comes to your head, even if your thoughts seem crazy to you. This technique develops the imagination and includes the right areas of the brain.
  • Practice lucid dreaming. How to do this, we wrote in this article
  • Keep a diary of dreams. If you managed to remember a dream, describe its plot on paper, share your emotions and impressions about your experiences in the realm of Morpheus.
  • Practice meditation and other spiritual practices. They help to learn to relax the mind, concentrate and release unnecessary emotions.
  • Make sure that the duration of sleep was at least six hours. Ideally, you need to sleep at least eight hours a day. Then the dream cycles will not be disturbed.
  • Engage in calm sports. Good fit yoga, pilates, stretching. Choose what you like and like

Watch a video on how to make a dream:

How to wake up during the fast phase?

Experts who study dreams, conduct experiments. They watch the sleeping person, and then wake him up when the fast phase comes.

Then the subject remembers and can tell about what he saw.

You can also do:

  1. Experiment, set the alarm at different times. Go to bed at a specific hour, and in the morning track what time you remember your dream and what time you don’t.
  2. If someone from the household agrees to the experiment, ask him to follow you. As soon as he notices that your sleepy breathing became intermittent, you began to stir or began to mumble something, let him wake you right away. Then you remember what you dreamed
  3. If you wish, you can track how external factors affect dreams. Here are some examples:
  4. The subject was tied up at the ankle, and he dreamed that he was riding a bicycle
  5. Changed the air temperature in the room to a cooler one, and the person saw himself in a dream surrounded by snow, ice or floating in cold water along the river

Remember — have you ever dreamed that you were falling into the abyss, and then, when you woke up, did you find yourself falling out of bed? Such memories most often occur in childhood.

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