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Why do nightmares — special cases and causes

Why nightmares dream every night — what hurts horrors

Why are having nightmares? And what if this happens all the time?

We will understand the reasons for not the most positive dreams and talk about how to deal with them.

Than nightmares can be useful

When you wake up in cold sweat and remember with horror what was happening in your dream, the thought of the benefits of nightmares seems absurd. But in fact, from such an unpleasant phenomenon one can learn a lesson and learn something.

Why do nightmares - special cases and causes

Any dream is a product of your subconscious mind. Through sleep, it sends you certain signals that you can learn to read and unscramble.

And nightmares are a huge reboot of the subconscious, the release of negative energy and experiences. Agree, it is much better if the dark side of your personality will manifest itself only in a dream, and not in real life.

What else can be useful horrors in dreams:

  1. Your subconscious signals: there is a problem. In real life, you can ignore it or not attach importance to some important circumstances that can end badly. Try to understand what the brain tells you. Analyze what you need to focus on.
  2. The nervous system is unloading. All the negative, stress, overwork and tension are released from consciousness, turning into nightmares. If bad dreams stop dreaming, it will all come out in real life, causing you great damage.
  3. Sometimes terrible dreams — a symbol of the completion of the current life phase. You have to move forward in your development and go further. This is an indication of a tipping point, a sign that you need to free the living space from everything that interferes and destroys your personality.

Analyze this information and think about what your subconscious mind is trying to communicate with using creepy dreams? If you find the cause, the nightmares will stop dreaming every night very quickly.

Than harm horrors in a dream

Constant nightmares that recur every night can do much harm. Especially if you are a very emotional and sensitive person.

Why do nightmares - special cases and causes

The harm of nightmares can manifest itself in the following:

  • Sleep becomes restless, you often wake up in the middle of the night. The body does not receive proper rest due to insomnia, which is why real life suffers.
  • You wake up in a terrible mood, because of what during the day everything goes upside down. To avoid this, try not to think about what dreamed. Use your will to change your thoughts for more positive ones, do not focus on the problem.
  • If the human psyche is shaken, terrible dreams can cause fear, phobias, in rare cases — mental illness. It is easy to notice in children: the child dreams of a monster, and the child begins to be afraid to sleep in the dark

If your nightmares lead to serious negative consequences, it is very important to wake up and cure your sleep in time. Contact a psychologist or psychotherapist, so as not to suffer even more.

Causes of terrible dreams

So, you understand what nightmares can dream, and what consequences they can lead to. It remains to understand the causes of this phenomenon.

Why do nightmares - special cases and causes

Why are nightmares:

  • In children, the cause is increased emotional sensitivity. This condition occurs for a reason. The problem lies in family relationships. Children see terrible dreams after physical or moral violence (dad beats the belt, mom exercises stinging jokes), parents divorce, problems in the team
  • If a person lives in a permanent state of physical or mental fatigue, gets very tired and unable to cope with a lot of problems, his subconscious will be unloaded from an overstrain in a dream
  • Prolonged depression can also lead to nightmares. This also includes strong stress, bright negative emotions that a person has for a long time. This is a tremendous burden for the mind and brain, and dreams solve the problem, freeing the mind from negative
  • Nightmares dream after a strong emotional upheaval: rape, traffic accident, moral mockery. Or, for example, a person witnessed a murder — this event then haunts him for a long time in dreams.

It is worth noting that people with a strong psyche do not ever have horror. Therefore, for the prevention of eerie night visions, work with your subconscious, strengthen the psycho-emotional state, watch your thoughts.

Learn how not to react sharply to negative events taking place in the outside world.

Watch a video on why we have nightmares:

Special cases

The reasons that we discussed above are regular nightmares .. If a bad dream is a “one-off event,” perhaps the impressions of the past day affected your mind and transformed into scary pictures at night.

  • You have a cold, you have a high temperature that you haven’t managed to knock off for a long time. You fall asleep and see in your dream a terrible fire-breathing dragon
  • You eat well at night. As a result, the digestive organs, which need to rest, are very heavily loaded, for which the brain takes revenge on you with nightmares
  • Sleep in adverse conditions: with the lights on, loud sound, in a room with dead air
  • In the late evening, you experienced some kind of strong emotion: perhaps you were inspired by creative inspiration. Or are you trite with her husband banal
  • You overdo it with alcohol, drank drugs, smoked a lot of cigarettes, or took a dose of medication more than necessary

To stop nightmares, try to be calm for an hour before bedtime, do not overeat and put away gadgets. Better walk or meditate to relax and prepare your mind for sleep.

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