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Why do leeches dream of Freud’s dream, Miller, Tsvetkov

Leech in a dream — the prediction of famous dreaming

Leech — is one of the representatives of annelids, which is able to cure a person from the mass of diseases. What dreams leech, we learn in the popular dream books.

General interpretation

Medical leech is considered unique in the fight against many ailments. But when it comes to our dreams, the situation is a bit different.

Many dream books personify this blood-sicking worm with a kind of parasite who tries to cling to the dreamer to get various benefits and privileges.

For a man, a leech attached to the body in reality may reflect the essence of a woman close to the dreamer. This lady seems to you very intrusive and shameless in their desires. You make the decision to get rid of this person, but you do not know how to do it in the most delicate way.

The problem is that in an intimate sense, it suits you perfectly, but it demands too much for your love.

Women watch blood suckers in the bank — to patronize a large number of children or disadvantaged. This mission is exhausting you, taking away the last of his strength and resources. For some of those in need, such assistance and patronage is an extra reason to care for their laziness, talking about a heavy share and hopelessness.

Be discerning in people, paying attention to those who really need support.

Why do leeches dream of Freud's dream, Miller, Tsvetkov

I dreamed about this slippery creation on the eve of a deal with your surety — in reality, the event would not be in your favor. Postpone the moment of signing the papers to full confidence that you will not become the main and only debtor to the credit organization.

A successful entrepreneur to see a lot of slippery worms sucking blood on himself is a sign of the accumulation around him of those dependents who are trying in every way to tear off their piece of cake. These individuals are easy to see, they will fall asleep with compliments, endlessly flatter and demand increased attention.

Do not rush to get rid of everyone, sometimes such connections are also useful if you know exactly how to manage and control them.

What else to expect from leeches

  • saw on their feet — someone is trying to influence your choice of further life path;
  • dreamed of a woman — to a happy pregnancy;
  • catching in a dream — trying to control those who fell into the field of your suspicion;
  • watch them in the pond — your influence on the situation will be in vain;
  • stuck during the voyage — heralds the beginning of the test, with which you will definitely cope;
  • bought at the pharmacy — expect health problems;
  • to see on a friend — to the greed and cunning of the one whom you consider to be a close person;
  • carry with you in a glass jar — too much control over your own children, who should have long since fluttered out of the parental nest;
  • they themselves stuck to someone of their loved ones — they showed character and forced the household to listen to you.

Why do leeches dream of Freud's dream, Miller, Tsvetkov

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

The interpretation of this predictor is very different from the rest. Leeches in this case are associated with children. The girl dreamed of leeches in the living environment of a natural reservoir — this is her hidden desire to conceive a child from her sexual partner.

The dreamer does not matter at all whether their relationship will be sealed by marriage, or she will remain for her lover just another mistress. She wants from this prolific male to give birth to healthy offspring.

Hold in the hands of this representative of the fauna — find out that in the near future you will become a parent. For a man, such a sign can bring him a sedentary lifestyle. If up to this point you have led a free and unencumbered lifestyle, now there is a period of worries and improvement of family life.

Your sexual exploits and achievements will be a thing of the past.

Put leeches in a flask with water and watch them all the time — in reality, too much care for your child, without paying due attention to the spouse. This incorrect prioritization in the family can significantly affect your sex life with your husband.

He will simply look for an intimate relationship on the side.

A man trying to catch a slippery bloodsucker — in reality, dream of a relationship with a girl who has not reached the age of majority. This propensity can manifest itself in the reluctance to have a permanent sexual partner of your age.

Such addictions and excessive sexual abstinence can affect the psyche, mood and state of health in general. To avoid this will succeed if you find a very youthful companion who skillfully watches her figure, face, will be very temperamental and passionate in bed.

She will be a reason for you to change views.

Gustov Miller

The leeches personify enemies or those who wish to be realized at the expense of you in this life. You saw how a few pieces stuck to your body — a serious reason to think about, and whether there are any people who are blatantly deceiving you among the entourage, spending various financial machinations behind your back.

This state of affairs may concern both business people and ordinary citizens, couples, groups of friends. Among them there is someone who lives beyond their means, buying expensive household items, clothing, equipment, real estate.

You can quickly bring to the clear water of these persons, paying more attention to their regular income and sources of income.

Use healing worms, inflicting on someone’s body — expect the deterioration of the health of someone close. This is a sign that the representative of alternative medicine will really need you soon.

Why do leeches dream of Freud's dream, Miller, Tsvetkov

Evgeny Tsvetkov

These bloodsuckers in a dream are a clear hint to the dreamer that in his life there are people who parasitize at his expense and use to their advantage. For some, they can personify the envious, who can not cope with their despair in all of you to imitate and try to get ahead.

These people can not live in peace if they do not leave their negative feedback to your next achievement. They track your every move, trying to hinder, taking away your time and effort.

Yuri Longo

These bloodsucking worms are an omen of a difficult period associated with hard work, overwork, loss of vitality and energy. During this period, it is easy to fall into depression, losing interest in life in general.

The state of stress, exhaustion become familiar to you, and you, it seems, cannot escape this rhythm of a large, dynamic metropolis.

But by discarding various factors that annoy and interfere freely exist, you will feel freedom and deliverance from your own prejudices. Analyze the causes of your depression and apathy to find and gain strength for new victories.

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