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Why do earthworms dream?

Why do earthworms dream?

Earthworms perform the function of loosening the soil, are used as bait for fishing, and always appear before the rain. The benefits of arthropods are obvious.

And why do earthworms dream — for the worse or for good? Most interpreters define for them the role of harbingers of change in relationships with relatives and acquaintances.

Why do earthworms dream?

General public interpretation

Before turning to the dream books, it is necessary to recall in detail the picture of the seen plot:

  • where the earthworms were located;
  • what was happening in the dream;
  • what the dreamer was doing.

The image of arthropods in a dream tells about the inner experiences of the dreamer, if in his life there is a misunderstanding or conflict with relatives. If there are no such experiences, sleep is considered a harbinger of an exciting journey in the near future.

See the worm digging the soil, — to profit. This is a good omen, because the worm is engaged in his usual business: fertilizes the soil.

However, the profit will not appear if the dreamer does not make adequate efforts for this.

If animals do not dig the earth, but simply fumbling and wriggling on the ground, — expect a protracted conflict with close surroundings. If you do not reach out first, a quarrel threatens to turn into a scandal.

Collect worms from the ground — to improve financial affairs: either a salary increase or a lucrative contract. However, this story in a negative manifestation can predict and fruitless work, consuming a lot of time and effort.

See balls of worms — to a good profit.

Use the worm as bait — get life lessons from detractors. Good or bad, you decide.

However, if the dreamer is in a conflict zone with opponents, the plot heralds a triumphant victory over enemies.

Earthworms crawling over the body? This plot symbolizes your position — to achieve the goal by any means.

However, in pursuit of the goal, you can seriously squander your own health: think about it.

Also worms crawling through the body can predict a worsening of an unresolved problem if you continue to remain inactive. In other dream books, this picture predicts a disease of precisely that part of the body on which it was found.

Worm in food dreaming about the unkind: the enemies have prepared a trap for you. If animals are crawling on fruit, wait for a conflict situation in the family — or try to prevent it.

There are worms — gossip around the dreamer.

Crush animals — an unpleasant explanation with a meticulous person. If a woman sees a dream, is it not time to think about parting with a man she does not need.

With this decisive action, you will make room for another man who will soon appear on the horizon of your life or has already appeared.

Why do earthworms dream?

Interpretation of dream images about worms

  • Dream Miller Considers: a dream is a dream for troubles from a close environment. However, the troubles will not be long and will not lead to an open conflict.
  • Esoteric dream book interprets this dream for an emergency trip. The journey will be long and prosperous. If animals digs in the soil move, it foreshadows quick profits and financial success.
  • The dream of psychologist Lofa He sees in the plot a manifestation of the future dreamer’s concern, uncertainty in the chosen path and experiences about it. Such a psychological attitude adversely affects the relationship with the close environment: it can provoke a conflict.
  • Modern dream book treats what he saw from the negative side: hangers are surrounded by the dreamer. You should not count on the support of false friends in difficult times, they are close only for the time being.
  • Dream Grishin sees in a dream a symbol of sadness.
  • The newest dream book says: to see worms — to a rash on the body and allergies.
  • The dream of Winters spells petty misunderstandings with relatives.
  • Chinese dream book regards the plot as good luck in agricultural work.
  • Dream Interpretation From A to Z foreshadows disappointment in love.
  • Dream Vanga treats the plot from the mystical side: there will be a meeting with negotiable and evil spirits. In another version, the interpretation foreshadows a meeting with witches or witches. Keep the worms in the palms — to the disclosure of the magic gift.

If you dreamed of earthworms, correlate the plot with real life. What are you more concerned about — finance, personal relationships, or career?

The dream gives the answer to the question of interest to the dreamer. The picture of worms crawling in the fertile soil promises a rich harvest.

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