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Whispers in the morning and evening to make a good dream come true

Whispers in the morning and evening to make a good dream come true

Whispers are simple plots of good fortune that are easily remembered and do not require additional training or a ritual part. Whispers for a good sleep are very popular.

We all love to see dreams when they are good and colorful. This is especially true of prophetic dreams, which are associated with 5 famous stories.

Whispers for the evening

In the evening, conspiracies are important, as they are read just before bedtime. Memorize these simplest lines to pronounce them every day:

  • Washing before bed: “I wash off all my troubles so that the dream does not betray me”;
  • Going to bed: “Clearing of problems, I go to bed, I am captured”;
  • If you woke up at night and you cannot fall asleep: “Give me a dream, nature-mother, I should get up early in the morning.”

Thanks to these plots you will be able to provide yourself with a sound and healthy sleep. Those pleasant dreams that will visit you will come true with a high probability. If you do not see anything concrete, then you should not worry, because emotions are important.

If the dream was good, then it is not necessary to remember it — everything will be so good.

Whispers in the morning

In the morning, it is also important to read whispers, and immediately after waking up. So the likelihood that prophetic dreams about which we wrote earlier will come true will be much higher:

  • Just when you wake up, close your eyes again and say: “The appearance will be, not a dream, what will be this day”;
  • When washing, say: «I wash away the night, I, and not dreams.»
  • If you forget about what was a dream, then you need another whisper: «I will never forget what I always feel.»

In addition to all the above-mentioned whispers, simple plots of good sleep for a child are very popular. Caring mothers should say the following words at night to the child when he is sleeping:

  • “We sleep tightly like a cat. Let others suffer, and my baby rest «;
  • “Go to the light, my fish, let a smile be waiting for you there”;
  • “At night time stands still. No one will scare you. I’ll come to you in a dream. I will steal from myself. ”

Each whisper will be much stronger if you put your soul into it, and not just pronounce it as a spell. They are especially effective during the growth of the moon.

We wish you pleasant dreams and that good dreams always come true. To correctly interpret your dreams, use a Muslim dream book. This is a universal means of predicting the future. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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