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When do dreams come true and what do they mean by days of the month, days of the week: interpretations of dream books

Dreams not only reflect the experienced events of the day, but can also prophesy the future, warn a person about the danger, give an answer to complex questions. In order to learn the meaning of dreams, it is necessary to pay attention to what day of the month and week he dreamed.

It is important to remember that the interpretation will be complete in the case when the day of the week according to the Lunar calendar is taken into account.

Among all dreams, prophetic dreams should be noted. They can be seen on the eve of big church holidays, every month of the third day, and also from Thursday to Friday.

The visibility of visions can be determined by dates. On one day of the month they mean nothing.

On other days, dreams are prophetic and can warn of dangers. There are dreams on the dates of the month, which suggest that the meaning may be literal, but negative. The interpretation depends on the exact date when the vision appeared:



On the night of 1, only positive plots come true, and negative ones call for a closer look at the family situation.

Visions do not carry any meaning. If an unpleasant story dreamed up, then it does not foretell any negativity in the dreamer’s life.

On this night, prophetic dreams may occur. They are executed either very quickly or they will have to wait long for their execution

Visions warn of dangers and future troubles.

Night dreams are important and come true quickly

If you see a nice plot, it will come true pretty quickly. Negative dreams come true for a long time. During this time, a person can adjust events.

Dreams foretell nothing, the likelihood that bad plots will come true is very low

A pleasant dream foreshadows joyful events. A bad dream suggests that it’s time to tackle old problems.

Only colorful visions matter. The treatment must be connected with the career of the dreamer. Come true pretty quickly

Vision warns of unforeseen obstacles in affairs that will appear within 10–14 days

A dream can only come true for three days.

Visions do not come true and do not portend anything significant

Dreams of love and long journeys that will bring only pleasant memories. Come true with great precision

Visions with a positive storyline come true pretty accurately. If something bad was dreamed, it could be a hint to make the right decision in any area of ​​life, except romantic relationships.

Visions relate to the health and well-being of the dreamer. Performed fairly quickly

You can see the prophetic nightly dreams about success in professional activities or social life. Performed within 20 days

Dreams have a pleasant story and concern the material well-being of a person, his property

Visions warn of possible confusions in the family. Performed for a long time, so the dreamer has time to change the situation

The dream will come true, provided that the person does not tell anyone the plot

From 20 to 21 the dreams come true about the achievement of goals

From 21 to 22 you should pay attention only to good symbols for the career of the dreamer.

Visions warn of impending problems and troubles

Good dreams take place in two weeks

A vision warns of deception, however, it will not be easy to determine where it will occur.

Dreams about the small joys of life come true

Visions foretell nothing

Dreams speak of the dreamer’s feelings and emotions.

Empty night dreams

Only dreams of accomplishments come true. Other visions mean nothing

Night dreams provide clues to improve financial well-being.

When do dreams come true and what do they mean by days of the month, days of the week: interpretations of dream books

It is important to pay attention to the distribution of dreams by day of the week:

Day of the week


On Monday night, visions speak of the emotional and psychological state of the dreamer. Stressful day life causes strange and confused night dreams.

Do not pay attention to these visions. Even if they come true, only certain small details

Visions reflect the creative abilities and creative thinking of a person. Vivid visions that need to be carefully analyzed are being made.

If the plot was pleasant, then it means that the time has come to implement your wildest ideas. All beginnings of the dreamer will be quite successful.

Bad sleep suggests that you should postpone the new projects. To see yourself as a winner — to win in real life within 10 days

On this night all night dreams are very confused. Do not expect their execution. Even if they come true, only some of the small details of the dream

On the night of Thursday dream significant images and scenes. At this time, you can get an answer to important questions regarding material well-being, the dream career, and relationships with your loved one

There is a high probability that the dream, dreamed from Thursday to Friday, will come true. Visions this night are addressed to those to whom personal experiences are much more expensive than careers and money.

Only visions with positive plots are performed. Dreams matter not only for the dreamer himself, but also for the people who surround him.

On this night only good dreams come true. Come true in a very short time

When do dreams come true and what do they mean by days of the month, days of the week: interpretations of dream books

For the correct interpretation of dreams, it is important to turn not only on the months and numbers, but also on the lunar day. The moon affects the physical and emotional state of a person. There are certain cycles when the lunar calendar in a dream you can find the answer to an important question:

  • DecreasingMoon. During this period of the month, you can see what will soon become unnecessary. If you dream of a bad dream, then this should be taken as a good sign. It means that all the negative will go away once and for all. All insults, problems and troubles will remain in the past. Do not expect the performance of good dreams.
  • Waxing Crescent. This period is associated with the strengthening of strength and energy. Dreams on the growing moon speak of changes in the life of the dreamer, which will occur very soon. Dreams are often prophetic. They tell a person what to expect in the near future, what steps should be taken to achieve success and what should be discarded. Dream interpretation argues that you need to interpret dreams in integrity, and not separately every detail.
  • Full moon. Dreams at this time become colorful, bright, emotionally colored. It is necessary to memorize everything that was dreamed during this period, to analyze your feelings and emotions. Dreams will give a hint that a person can use in unusual situations.
  • New moon. Visions on a new moon are reminiscent of something forgotten, but soon necessary. Visions can help get out of a difficult situation. During this period, a person can have a dream about what needs to be done for happiness and well-being in the future.

When do dreams come true and what do they mean by days of the month, days of the week: interpretations of dream books

It is important to pay attention not only to the phase of the moon, but also to the lunar day, when the dream began:

Lunar day


A vision will come true if you tell a loved one about it

On this day, dreams are often prophetic and come true quickly.

Dreams are not fulfilled. Don’t be wary of a nightmare

Dreams do not carry anything bad. Come true, but not soon

This is a period of doubt and uncertainty. Dreams do not carry a special semantic load

Visions are performed. To be successful, you should not tell anyone about the dreamed story.

Pleasant visions come true

A dream of trouble will come true. It should remember the plot to avoid them. Good dreams are dreaming of luck

This day dreams of prophetic dreams. Should be vigilant

The best time for prophetic dreams. The vision is straightforward.

It is necessary to remember the plot of a dream to avoid problems and troubles in the future.

Only short and clear dreams are performed.

Only vivid dreams come true

Dreams are prophetic these days. You can not tell anyone the plot of sleep

Only vivid dreams come true. Vague and muddled scenes are not performed.

Visions are necessarily performed

Dreams come true. You should pay attention to the smallest little things in real life to avoid trouble

Visions are fulfilled, but not soon. Should write the plot of the dream

If this day had a nightmare, he will help find the answer to an important question.

Vision is prophetic, come true in a short period

Doubtful scenes, visions do not come true

Only positive stories come true.

Dreams come true that have a clear and understandable plot.

Dreaming prophetic dreams

Visions are not always fulfilled.

Visions are fulfilled that dream before waking

For the vision to be fulfilled, you need to tell your loved one about it.

Only positive visions are fulfilled.

Prophetic dreams can be seen in the period of seven days between Christmas and the Baptism of God. These days are called Christmas time.

On Christmas dreams suggest how to achieve the desired goal and avoid failures in life. Most often, visions are performed within 7 days.

However, they can be fulfilled in 5 years.

AT Christmas time dreams are performed within 6 months. They characterize the actions of man and are related to the daily affairs of man. Special attention should be paid to dreams dreamed in the following nights:


What can dream tell

From January 7 to January 8

The dream speaks about the plans of insidious enemies and envious

January 8-9

This night do not make a question

January 9-10

Dreams answer the questions of women about the family, the fate of loved ones

January 10-11

Visions will tell about material well-being and career

January 11-12

If a man is interested in issues related to business development and material well-being, then you need to pay attention to dreams from 11 to 12 January

January 13-14

Vision will answer any tormenting question.

January 14-15

Vision tells tactics behavior with an opponent

January 15-16

This night do not guess anything

January 16-17

Dreams will tell about problems and adversities over the next year.

January 17-18

Vision will provide information about a romantic relationship with a beloved man, family and children.

Guessing on svyatochnye dreams, we must not forget to repent, as the church considers fortune-telling to be one of their sinful activities.

On baptism Visions are related to the whole life of a person, his fate, and they can be fulfilled within 20 years.

In any church holiday a vision may be a dream, but it must be fulfilled before noon (lunch) of that day.

Every month of the third day should expect prophetic dreams. Visions on the 25th are blank.

Dreams from Thursday to Friday almost always are truthful. Especially it is necessary to pay attention to Fridays on the eve of some church holidays.

When do dreams come true and what do they mean by days of the month, days of the week: interpretations of dream books

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