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What you need to do to a bad dream does not come true

What you need to do to a bad dream does not come true

Some dreams tend to come true, and lucky those whose dreams are pleasant. But if you had a nightmare, you need to prevent its implementation with the help of effective methods.

Nightmares have a negative effect on our emotional, psychological and physical condition. The negative obtained after a bad dream depletes the energy forces. The person becomes nervous, irritable, he begins to pursue anxiety and obsessive thoughts.

However, this is not the worst. Sometimes the horror of a dream becomes a propulsive dream. You can get rid of the nightmare with the help of an effective method.

Bad dreams are harbingers of unhappiness

Since ancient times, people were attracted by the theme of dreams, which was intertwined with mystical introduction to the great mysteries of the universe. It was believed that during sleep a person goes to astral to communicate with the Supreme or otherworldly force.

Dreams were considered guides of information about the past, present and future. Legends say that in ancient times this state was available only to the seers, but later dreams began to visit ordinary people. Good dreams foreshadowed good luck, gave a great mood and faith in the best.

Bad dreams were heralds of disease, death and unhappiness.

Today, we all know that thought is material. Therefore, the more time you spend on memories of a bad dream, the greater the chance that it will come true. Therefore, the first thing to do if you have a nightmare is to let go of negative experiences and tune in to a positive wave.

Conspiracy from a bad dream

If you have seen a nightmare, and especially if such dreams often haunt you, you should read a strong conspiracy. When you wake up in the morning, say the words:

“Good dreams — come true, nightmares and horrors — do not torment me anymore. Lord God, save and save your servant (name). What I saw / saw in a dream will never come to me.


This conspiracy will help you lock up all the negativity and prevent a bad dream from coming true. Say these words every time you have nightmares.

Ritual for nightmares

If you had a bad dream and during the day obsessive thoughts about him do not leave you, an effective ritual will help you, which by its strength will save you from heavy thoughts, nightmares and the embodiment of sleep. The most important rule — do not tell anyone that you dreamed.

For the ritual, you will need a metal, wooden or stone object. You must be all alone or be engaged in magical acts while everyone is sleeping. Touching the object that you chose as a talisman, you should repeat three times the words:

“Where the night goes, there is a dream. Behind me stands the holy Guardian Angel, able to protect from evil power and bad thoughts. May the Lord help Him to intercede for my life and return a bad dream to where it came from. Let it be so.


Prayer that bad sleep does not come true

The priest-martyr Cyprian will help you defend oneself from spoilage, witchcraft, and black magic. And prayers for bedtime save you from the consequences of a bad dream. A prayer should be read before the icon of the martyr, with sincere faith and trembling in the soul:

“Oh, saint of God, the great martyr Cyprian. You respond to all prayers calling for help and intercession for yours. Hear the words of the unworthy servants of God, and pray before our Lord our sins.

Ask for me (name) before the Lord of Heaven the souls of strengthening, in the prayer of healing, in sorrows of consolation. You, Saint Cyprian, can guide us on the right path, save us from the captivity of devilish, unholy spirits and someone else’s influence. Do not renounce our prayers and come down with your light in our lives.

Praise the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen».

Sleep can be very realistic, and sometimes even point out the hidden signs of the universe. However, sometimes a bad dream is a harbinger of horrible events that can be prevented with the help of prayer, conspiracy and ritual. And the dream catcher will help you to protect your dreams from negativity. Be happy, success, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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